AFL or NRL Which Is More Popular On The Gold Coast?

Sports are an essential part of the culture in Queensland, especially on the Gold Coast. The state is home to several professional sports teams, including rugby league, cricket, and soccer teams. In this article, we would love to explore which code is more popular on the Gold Coast. Is AFL more popular than NRL on the Gold Coast? Read on to find out.


What is the difference between AFL and NRL? Some people might say that the Australian Football League (AFL) is more popular, while others might say that the National Rugby League (NRL) is more popular. It would be interesting to hear what locals feel about the topic of most popular football codes in Australia. We’ve also talked about the other popular sports in Queensland.


Sports play a vital role in bringing people together and promoting a sense of community spirit. According to a study of social media activity, the National Rugby League (NRL) has overtaken the Australian Football League (AFL) as Australia’s most popular sporting code – at least on Twitter. In 2021, Australians tweeted more about the NRL than they did about the AFL, according to data released by Twitter. This is a significant shift in popularity for the two codes, as the AFL had been more popular on social media.


Australian Football League’s Gold Coast Suns


Since the game was first introduced to the state, it has become one of the most popular sports in Queensland. Over the years, many great players have emerged from Queensland, helping to make the state a powerhouse in Australian Football. Today, Queensland is home to some of the best teams in the country, and its fans are among the most passionate about the sport.


The introduction of the Gold Coast Suns in 2011 was a significant event that highlighted the game’s growth in Queensland. The Suns are now one of the most popular teams in the AFL and have helped to grow the sport’s popularity in Queensland. The Gold Coast Suns are an AFL team based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, in the suburb of Carrara. In 2011, the Suns joined the AFL as the seventeenth team. This made them the newest addition to the league at that time.  


The Gold Coast Suns have worked tirelessly to promote the growth of AFL in Queensland. Through participation in junior football, the women’s game, and Auskick programs, they have seen an 82% overall increase in interest. This is an impressive feat that will surely continue to grow the sport throughout the state.


This significant increase results from the SUNS’ tireless efforts to develop AFL in the state and bodes well for the future of the sport in Queensland. In the past nine years, both the club and players have committed to more than 45,000 hours of community volunteering. They have focused intensely on critical social projects addressing domestic violence, youth homelessness, and other regional needs.


National Rugby League’s Gold Coast Titans 


Rugby league is said to be the most spectated out of all the sports in Queensland. This is likely due to the state’s strong rugby league culture and history. Queensland has produced some of the game’s greatest players, and the state created a name in the city and regional communities. 


The Gold Coast Titans are a professional rugby league football club, and they are based on the Gold Coast. The club competes in the National Rugby League (NRL), Australia’s top rugby league competition. The club is the newest, and it commenced its inaugural season on 18 March 2007. The Titans have played their home games at Queensland since 2008.


Other Popular Sports in Queensland


Basketball: Basketball is a popular sport in Queensland, providing an alternative to outdoor sports during rainy weather. Basketball can be played competitively or recreationally, making it a versatile option for those looking for physical activity. The National Basketball League has seen at least one team based in Queensland since it began in 1979.  


Cricket: Cricket is a popular sport in Queensland and has been played for many years. It is a trendy summer sport enjoyed by people of all ages. With Cricket, their matches are mostly held at the Gabba. Most people enjoy cricket while rooting for the two most popular teams; they are based in Brisbane and represent Queensland in Australia’s domestic cricket tournaments.


Rugby Union: Rugby Union is a significant sport in Queensland, with over 55,000 registered players in 210 clubs. The first rugby games were played in 1876, and the Queensland Reds have represented Queensland in rugby union since 1882. The Reds currently compete in the Super Rugby competition.


Swimming: Swimming is a hugely popular activity in Queensland, with many Australian team members and international medalists from the state. It’s an amazing feat how Queensland won all six of the country’s gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The warm climate and abundance of coastline make it the perfect place to enjoy a dip all year round.

So, What Is More Popular: AFL or NRL?


Now that we’ve discussed the favorite teams on the Gold Coast for both leagues, the question remains on who’s more popular in the area. Is AFL or NRL more popular in Australia, in particular on the Gold Coast? As the most spectated sport in Queensland, the Rugby league has the advantage. 


The National Rugby League has surpassed the Australian Football League as the most popular sporting code on Twitter. This is a massive achievement for the NRL, trailing the AFL in popularity for many years. The NRL’s success on Twitter is due to its clever use of social media to engage with fans and promote the game.


How popular is AFL in Australia? AFL is not only one of the most played sports in the area, but it is also one of the most watched. Despite this, it is said to be only ranked third in Queensland. The Queenslanders still love their league, though. Another issue for the AFL in Queensland is that free coverage is poor compared with other sports. It’s said that most Queensland sports fans perceive AFL as a sport full of southern teams, which results in a lack of engagement with the code.


Surprisingly, AFL has been beaten down into third place in Queensland. Queensland and New South Wales have always been seen as NRL strongholds, and AFL has been the dominant code in the other states. Regardless of who you support, AFL and NRL bring pride and entertainment to Gold Coast, that’s for sure.


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