Who is The Best Triathlon Coach in Australia?

Coach Joel Filliol is one of the best triathlon coaches in the world.


Since he was a teen, Joel Filliol has taken part in triathlons. He started competing when he was 11 and quickly became a star athlete. When he was 18, he won his first national title. He won six more national titles after that before giving up racing in 1999.


As a coach, he has done a great job. Before being the Olympic Program Head Coach at Triathlon Canada, he worked for Federazione Italiana Triathlon and British Triathlon. He has been training Triathletes for more than 25 years and has helped them reach great heights.


He lives with his family on the Gold Coast and works as Triathlon Australia’s Olympic Program Head Coach. Let’s look at what makes Joel Filliol stand out.


Coaching Style


Filliol’s coaching style is a unique blend of motivational encouragement and technical expertise. He knows how to motivate athletes to perform well. He can break down techniques so athletes can improve and perform better.


When it comes to coaching triathletes, Filliol stands out from his peers. He teaches athletes how they can accomplish anything they set their minds to and then helps them build confidence in themselves so the client feels like they can do it.




He is known for his philosophy of training that emphasizes the importance of having fun while pushing yourself to your limits. He believes that you should never feel like you’re working too hard—you should always be having a good time, even when you’re working hard.


Filliol believes it’s essential to train in a way that inspires confidence, so he includes drills and exercises in his workouts that allow his clients to develop skills they can use in races. His approach is unique because he doesn’t just focus on getting faster—he focuses on helping people have fun while they get faster at their own pace.


Training Methods


Joel bases his triathlon training method on “endurance training.” Endurance training is an exercise where you perform long periods of activity that increases your heart rate but doesn’t necessarily lead to exhaustion or injury. You can build up your cardiovascular system by doing this type of exercise in many different ways.

One way Joel does this is by doing long-distance runs with his clients. He might have them run for an hour or longer on trails or pavement, depending on their fitness level. He also teaches them how to pace themselves, so they don’t overdo it and get injured before the race begins!


Another way Joel trains his clients is through weightlifting. He teaches them how to lift weights safely and effectively so that they don’t injure themselves during their training program—or worse, during their actual race!


Finally, Joel makes sure that all of his clients eat healthy foods throughout the day so that their bodies can maintain good energy levels during workouts or races without having to rely too much on supplements like protein shakes or energy bars.


Learn From the Best To Be the Best


Indeed, the best triathlon coach in Australia is Joel Filliol. His methods and coaching philosophy have helped many athletes achieve top performances in multisport and duathlon competitions. His philosophy is to focus on hard work and perseverance, but he also teaches them how to be humble and gracious in victory—something rare in sports today.