A Brand-New Mental Health Facility to be Built on the Gold Coast

The State Government of Queensland has made a significant investment in mental health care with the announcement of plans to construct a brand-new mental health facility on the Gold Coast. The facility that will rise at the Gold Coast University Hospital, will provide much-needed support to individuals with severe and complex mental health disorders. They will offer a secure environment for recovery.


Moreover, the facility will be on two floors and feature 40 beds. Everyone expects the construction to finish by 2024, pending favorable weather and construction conditions. This state-of-the-art facility will provide additional critical support to the area and help to address the growing demand for mental health services in the region.



Background on Mental Health in Australia


According to the State Minister, Meaghan Scanlon, mental illness is a prevalent issue in Australia. There is an estimate of one in two Australians suffers from a mental health condition at some time in their lives. Recognizing the magnitude of this issue, the State Government has made a significant investment in mental health care. They committed $1.6 billion to mental health care in the budget and building a brand-new mental health facility on the Gold Coast.


Individuals with firsthand experience with mental health conditions and carers are helping to develop the facility. They will ensure that the facility has a design that meets the community’s specific needs. Additionally, these individuals have provided invaluable input in developing cultural guidance.


Moreover, these professionals will deliver services and adopt recovery-oriented practices. This approach ensures that the facility will be a welcoming and inclusive environment. Also, it will prioritize the recovery and well-being of the individuals who access its services.



The state government’s commitment to mental health will not stop at the construction of this facility. The efforts to ensure that the services and treatments provided are designed with the needs of the patients in mind and implemented with evidence-based practices. It will help ensure that the facility can provide high-quality, effective care that leads to positive outcomes for individuals experiencing mental health conditions.


Partnership with Metro South Health


The new facility with the moniker Secure Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit (SMHRU) will run in collaboration with Metro South Health. It is to meet the rising demand for secure mental health rehabilitation services throughout South East Queensland. The State Government has committed to a number of health-related projects on the Gold Coast. Among those are the 404-bed Coomera Hospital, and the modular $72 million expansion of the Gold Coast University Hospital. As well as the 134-bed Robina Hospital.


On the other hand, the most recent budget delivered a massive capital injection of $1.388 billion for health infrastructure on the Gold Coast. It will provide an extra 608 beds in addition to the SMHRU.


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