You Must Try Delicious Asian Food on The Gold Coast

Have you tried the best Asian food in Gold Coast? If not yet, then you’re missing half of your life. Asian food has its own place in everyone’s heart, no matter the nationality, so it makes sense that the Gold Coast has been invaded with restaurants offering the taste of Asia. To save time searching for the best restaurants that serve Asian food on the Gold Coast, I made you a list.


Try delicious Asian food on the Gold Coast at Ally Chow, Mamasan, Kiyomi, Jimmy Wah’s, Yamagen, Rick Shores, Grand Dynasty, Etsu Izakaya, Hideaway Kitchen and Bar, and Fu Manchu Oriental Kitchen.


Fu Manchu Oriental Kitchen


If you haven’t heard of Fu Manchu Oriental Kitchen yet, don’t worry – it’s a pretty new joint. But it’s already making waves as one of the best Asian eateries that serve Chinese food on the Gold Coast. The menu is a true fusion of Asian and European influences, with traditional dishes alongside ones with a unique twist.


Try the Singapore chilli crab of Fu Manchu to make the most of your visit. Also, include their Asian beef short ribs in your must-try delicious Asian food on the Gold Coast. This place is incredible and exactly where people want to stay on their next bonding night, with a moody and dark supper club-ish design that lends itself to getting cozy and just a little bit boozy.



Hideaway Kitchen and Bar


Searching for the “best Asian restaurants near me?” If you’re in Broadbeach, make sure to stop by Hideaway Kitchen and Bar. This restaurant serves sharing dishes inspired by Asian street food, perfect for enjoying with friends over drinks. Its lively atmosphere is ideal for catching up with close companions.


With an extensive menu that includes dishes from Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine, Hideaway is a veritable melting pot of flavours. I recommend beginning your meal with the raw bar selections, sugar cane prawns, Thai-style ceviche, the tempura whole fish, or Wagyu beef dumplings. When summer comes, you will spend a lot of time in your backyard beneath the umbrella.



Etsu Izakaya


Etsu Izakaya is a trendy venue that has been successful since it opened. It is not surprising that it is so popular, as it is a great place to visit. Etsu is an establishment popular for its seductive decor, lively atmosphere (it is not ideal for a night of tranquil conversation), and hospitable owners and their chic employees. In addition, Etsu serves some of the most delectable contemporary Japanese cuisines the Coast has ever tasted.



Grand Dynasty


Grand Dynasty’s Sang Choy Bow is a must-try delicious Asian Food in Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Aside from this dish, you can enjoy delicious yum cha meals at this Gold Coast favourite, open for lunch and dinner daily.


To make your meal complete, make sure to leave room for dessert. Grand Dynasty’s deep-fried ice cream and banana fritters are the best! Take note of that. You can peruse their menu at



Rick Shores


Rick Shores is among the best Asian fusion restaurants on the Gold Coast you should visit. This Burleigh Beach favourite offers stunning views across the table and some of the most delicious dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond. With a carefully curated menu that will tantalize your taste buds, you won’t be disappointed with what this restaurant offers.


The focus here is on quality rather than quantity, but you won’t be disappointed with dishes like egg net salad with cuttlefish and pork belly, Rick’s fried bug roll, soft shell crab on betel leaf, and king prawn yellow curry. It is one of the best Asian restaurants on the Gold Coast because of its beautiful location during sunset.



Yamagen (Where to Have Asian Food Prepared by Famous Chef on the Gold Coast)


Chefs are increasingly swapping cities, with the newly revamped Yamagen being a prime example. Remember the starred restaurants in London, Nobu and Nahm, Saké and Sushi E, and Tetsuya’s? Their chef, Adam Lane, has come on the Goldie to satisfy the locals’ and tourists’ cravings for Asian food.



Jimmy Wah’s


A partnership between two experienced Gold Coast hospitality professionals with a background including The Fish House, Verve, and Social Eating House, means a delicious new restaurant for us!


At Jimmy Wah’s, you can enjoy Vietnamese food with a modern twist. They serve mouth-watering rice paper rolls, crunchy banh mi baguettes, and bowls of ph. Also, look forward to salty, sweet, and sour delicacies such as scallop dumplings, blackened quail with slaw, and braised beef steamed baos. There are also Kingfish sashimi, and soft shell crab and papaya salad. What a feast!




Kiyomi (Japanese Asian Food Restaurant Gold Coast)


This restaurant, located inside Jupiters Hotel, is a great example of modern Japanese cuisine. The main appeal of Kiyomi is the seven-course omakase menu developed by Chase Kojima, an internationally-renowned Executive Chef. The Omakase menu takes diners on an unexpected journey into deliciousness.


If you’re on a tight budget, why not have some choco tower dessert, a signature dish of chef Chase called Goma Street after Binchotan slow-grilled charcoal chicken instead? Let me tell you, this dessert is heaven on a dish.





Mamasan is the kind of place that immerses you in a whirling array of Asian flavours. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit – the pork buns are incredible, but to get the full experience, you need to bring some friends and let Mama take care of you with her selection of shareable dishes that look like art.



Ally Chow (Restaurant to Eat Chinese Asian Food on the Gold Coast)


If you ever needed proof of Nobby Beach’s burgeoning restaurant scene, then Ally Chow would be a prime example. The stylish decor and list of refreshing drinks are just the beginning at this restaurant, where you’ll find a modern twist on Chinese (and other Asian) cuisine. Dishes like the Kingfish Ceviche on Betel Leaf and Tempura Moreton Bay Bug Bao are sure to tantalize your taste buds.



Satisfy your Asian Food Cravings on the Gold Coast Today!


Are you in the mood for some delicious Asian food? Satisfy your cravings at one of the many great restaurants on the Gold Coast today! From Chinese to Thai to Japanese, there’s sure to be something that will hit the spot. So what are you waiting for? Head on out and enjoy a fantastic meal!