Will Surfing Make My Cold Worse?


For some people, having a cold can’t stop them from riding the waves. But, I’m wondering, shouldn’t they just rest at home if they’re sick? Doesn’t being exposed to water make their cold worse? Especially during the biting weather.


Will surfing make my cold worse? Surfing doesn’t necessarily make cold symptoms worse. But, it’s better not to surf while you’re sick because staying in the water for an extended period can hinder your recovery.


There is a study that says moderate exercise will not make common cold symptoms worse. But I’m not saying surfing while having a cold is totally okay. Let me make things simpler for you with the discussion below:


Should You Surf With a Cold?


Should you surf with a cold? Better not. Staying in the water for a long period can hinder your recovery. Stay at home if your symptoms are below the neck (fever, etc.) and go for a relatively easy and shorter surf if you’re experiencing a head cold, as long as you feel fine after the first 10 minutes.


One study found that moderate exercise did not worsen people’s symptoms. But, the group’s retention rate decreased considerably. Underneath the neck, signs should be treated 72 hours before striking the waves, and a paddle-in session out at Main Beach, Gold Coast, should be avoided.


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Stay Home & Rest Up


According to various studies, getting a good rest and staying hydrated can help speed up the process of getting over a cold. Making sure to have enough rest will help your body conserve energy so that it can put more effort into healing, and drinking lots of fluids will ensure that your body has the resources it requires to fight off infection.


If you’re not feeling well, staying home and taking care of yourself is probably best rather than surfing with a cold. Pushing yourself when you’re already sick can make you feel worse and could prolong your illness. Plus, taking care of yourself should be your priority when feeling under the weather.


You can help protect yourself and others by staying home when you are sick with a cold. Colds can be contagious for around one to two weeks, so it is best to avoid infecting others during that time.


Surfing Don’t Make Cold Worse But Surf Some Other Time


Ultimately, the waves are still there once you get better. So, stay home, take a chill pill, watch some of your favourite surfing movies, and eat some soup to recover fast. You should also wash your hands and wear a mask to avoid infecting others in your home.


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