Which Is the Nicest Part of the Gold Coast to Raise a Family

The Gold Coast, Australia, has many residential areas ideal for raising a family. Even the most prestigious suburbs on Gold Coast are ideal for families planning to move on the Gold Coast for their holiday-like vibe and weather.


Which is the nicest part of the Gold Coast to raise a family? Currumbin is the best area on Gold Coast to raise a family if you want to be near the beach. There are other family-friendly suburbs like Broadbeach and Coolangatta. If you don’t mind being right in the centre of the rat race, then Surfers Paradise is good but there are definitely trade-offs to be made here. If you prefer hinterland living, then Mudgeeraba is a great choice for you.


Since there are too many nice places to visit on the Gold Coast, my list can help you find the right one depending on your needs. Let me show you some of the best family suburbs Gold Coast 2022 first before you decide which suits your family most:




Currumbin is the best area in Gold Coast to raise a family. Whether you’re planning to live in Currumbin or just spend a holiday vacation, this place has the ideal atmosphere.


Quieter and more peaceful than many other areas of the country, this is the perfect place for people searching for a more relaxed lifestyle. Currumbin is also a safe place, an important factor when choosing a place for your family. To top it all, this suburb also has world-class beaches, cool eateries, a relaxed seaside atmosphere, and breathtaking natural beauty.



The Hinterland – Mudgeeraba


Hinterland, Gold Coast is the green behind the gold. If you want to skip the favoured beaches on the Goldie, step into the Hinterland’s rolling hills instead. The best place to visit in the Hinterland is the National Parks, such as Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park.


O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat is also a nice place on the Gold Coast, which serves as the starting point for several trails. It includes their treetop walk, created by nine suspension bridges suspended above the canopy. 


Producers are also around this place, everything from fruit to fudge. The Hinterland is also the home of the most famous former volcano on the Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine.





When visiting for the first time, the nicest part of the Gold Coast where you should head to is Broadbeach. Aside from its pristine beaches, Broadbeach is a great destination that offers a variety of amenities. It has great restaurants, a shopping centre, a casino, and a tram that can take you to Surfers Paradise to experience the best nightlife on the Gold Coast.



Surfers Paradise 


Surfers Paradise is among the most prestigious suburbs in Gold Coast. Your family will definitely love this place. Aside from its three-kilometre breathtaking strip of sand, Surfers Paradise also offers a lot of opportunities for families.



If you enjoy the nightlife, this place is also for you. This suburb is home to the hottest nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise has everything you need for what is sure to be an unforgettable night out.





The Goldie has many famous surf spots, too. But if you’re into lowkey surfing, Coolangatta is the nicest part of the Gold Coast to visit.


Coolangatta is a popular surfing destination. With some decent swell, the most devoted will get up early to catch the waves at the north end of Cooly Beach and Duran. Snapper Rocks is a famous surfing spot that can be found on the northern side of Point Danger. It’s best to stay away if you’re not an experienced surfer and don’t know what you’re doing, as it’s a point break inside a sandbank.



So, Which of the above is the nicest?


For me, the best part of the Gold Coast to raise a family is the Hinterland. This place is a fresh way to appreciate the Gold Coast, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, buzzing food spots, and crowded beaches. Nature lovers will pick the hinterland as a place to live everytime.