Where Do Gold Coast Coffee Lovers Get Epic Coffee

It’s more than just a caffeinated beverage; it’s a lifestyle! Coffee lovers on the Gold Coast understand there is no better way to begin the day than with a steaming hot cup of coffee. When you first drink, the freshly roasted beans’ aroma will take you to a happy place.


Where do Gold Coast coffee lovers get epic coffee? Buoy Oh Buoy, Café Catalina, Hot Shott, Darrk Espresso, Bear Boy Espresso, Brickworks, Stairwell Coffee, ESPL., Paradox Coffee Roasters, No Name Lane Cafe, Bon Choix, Nook, and Espresso Moto.


With skilled baristas slinging flat whites, foamy lattes, and long blacks on a regular basis, the Gold Coast’s coffee scene places the bar high. I traversed the Gold Coast from south to north to find some of the best coffee available. Here are some of the places where you can get the best coffee on the Gold Coast.


Buoy Oh Buoy


Every day starting at six in the morning, the welcoming staff at Buoy Oh Buoy serve steaming mugs of Blackboard Coffee straight from their Paradise Point nautically themed café. Don’t be shocked if you decide to include one of their freshly made muffins. Another option is to add halloumi breakfast rolls to your order while you’re waiting.



Café Catalina


If you want to be in a cafe with a view then one of the places with the nicest views for your morning coffee is Café Catalina. This place is perched on the edge of the Gold Coast’s beautiful Broadwater. It is a charming location, which serves incredibly smooth Dimattina Coffee. They also welcome dogs so that you may have your daily brew with your canine companion.



Hot Shott


Coffee aficionados travel from far and wide to Hot Shott, a northern Gold Coast tradition, for the superior brews and outstanding service. Enjoy a cup of Single O coffee when your four-legged pal downs a puppycino at this Main Beach coffee shop. The trio of breakfast sliders (cheeseburger, BLT, and egg & bacon) are something you should try if you have room.



Darrk Espresso


Head straight for Daark Espresso if you need a caffeine boost on the Northern Gold Coast. Thanks to a sizable wraparound deck, you may sip on their assortment of single origins and distinctive beers outside. Their iced coffee, is locally sourced and lovingly made. It’s a doppio espresso served over ice and covered with vanilla bean ice cream. Learn more about this specialty coffee pioneer on their website http://www.daarkespresso.com.au/.



Bear Boy Espresso


Considering its Scandinavian-style minimalist chic decor, you’d be excused for wishing to recreate Bear Boy’s look in your own house. The wonderful news is that the quality of their design work and coffee is equal. Suppose you’re hunting for some of the top coffee venues on the Gold Coast, look no further than this establishment, which serves Single O’s Killer Bee blend daily.





Among the best Gold Coast coffee roasters is Brickworks. Be sure to fuel yourself with one of Southport’s Brickworks’ silky coffees from Italian caffeine aficionados Merlo Roasters before going there to complete your weekly grocery shopping or get some cheese for a charcuterie board.



Stairwell Coffee


Get the best coffee in Surfers Paradise at Stairwell Coffee. Visitors and locals alike can’t get enough of this hidden gem serving top-notch coffee daily in the centre of Surfers Paradise. Every type of milk you can imagine is available at Stairwell Coffee, including Bonsoy, Milk Lab (almond, macadamia, and coconut), Norco lactose-free, and great local roasts for everyone to enjoy. Simply add one of their delectable toasties to complete the breakfast experience.





Just across the street from Surfers Paradise beach is ESPL, where you should go if you enjoy amazing views of the ocean with your cup of coffee. It’s not surprising that ESPL serves a distinctive Colombian/Brazilian mix (along with bulletproof coffee) and excellent foods like flaky handmade sausage buns and twice-baked sourdough croissants. ESPL. is among the greatest places to get coffee on the Gold Coast.



Paradox Coffee Roasters


If you’re serious about your coffee, Paradox Coffee Roasters is the place for you. It’s also a perfect place if you’re wondering where to buy coffee beans on the Gold Coast that will give you many options.


Paradox Coffee Roasters has one of the largest selections of coffee blends on the Gold Coast. The roasting team at Paradox has more than 15 years of experience importing, choosing, and roasting the best coffees from across the world that are sourced sustainably. For every coffee enthusiast, taking a drink of black gold from this location is a spiritual experience.



No Name Lane Cafe


No Name Lane is a chic espresso shop that wouldn’t seem out of place in Melbourne’s inner city streets and is intended for people who are severe caffeine addicts. This cafe is one of the top coffee cafes on the Gold Coast and starts serving Black Sheep Coffee at 6 a.m. every day. Pro tip: Their stacks of fluffy pancakes go great with a cup of coffee.




Bon Choix


With its stylish decor and in-house handcrafted delicate and flaky pastries, this boulangerie and patisserie will instantly transport you to France. What is the ideal beverage to pair with a macaron or Croque Monsieur? Of course, one of their superb flat whites, lattes, or long blacks.





The huge line of individuals waiting for their morning caffeine fix. Some of them are still soaking wet after their surf. The line makes this hole-in-the-wall, sitting on the edge of Burleigh Hill, easy to locate.


You’ll carry a hot cup of coffee in your hands in no time. It’s thanks to Nook’s expert baristas, who produce Byron Bay’s Bun Coffee at an astounding rate. A short distance up the hill will get you some of the nicest coastal views to go with your coffee.



Espresso Moto


The Espresso Moto team, a Gold Coast institution for coffee aficionados, will make you grin as soon as you enter their Palm Beach location. This place first opened in 2014 and has been serving its creamy, Allpress coffees ever since. They are dog-friendly and always loaded with a cabinet full of delectable snacks.


Craving a Cup of Coffee?


Get your daily energy boost from these Gold Coast cafes. If you’re more into brewing your coffee, you can buy from the abovementioned best coffee bean roasters on the Gold Coast.


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