What Is the Most Number of Days You Should Spend on the Gold Coast?

Planning how many days you should spend on the Gold Coast? Since there are so many things to do on the Gold Coast, deciding how long you’ll stay can help you get the most out of your trip. One common mistake I once made during my trips, was not listing an itinerary before the trip. As a result, I arrived at my destination clueless about what to do first. The problem is you burn precious time trying to work out what you’re going to do, and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen to you.


What is the most number of days you should spend on the Gold Coast? At least five days on the Gold Coast is what most people recommend if you want to experience the beautiful surroundings and the city before you go home.


No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on the Gold Coast! You can try surfing on one of the Coast’s renowned beaches, enjoy a fun-filled day at an iconic amusement park, or take in the stunning natural scenery. Before you go on the Goldie, I’ve made a sample five-day Gold Coast trip itinerary for you below:


Day 1: Get A Taste Of The Gold Coast


After an early morning flight and landing at the Gold Coast Airport, you want to eat a brekky first and be refreshed at Cafe D’Bar. You have many days you should spend on the Gold Coast, so, make sure to energize yourself first. This place serves energizing breakfast and lunch, open until 4 pm. It has a traditional vibe, and it’s located on the most tranquil surfing beach, just near Snapper Rocks. This will also give you a chance to look around Coolangatta.


Afterward, get your bearing by spending some time at Snapper Rocks. If your main reason for visiting the Gold Coast is surfing, it’s your chance to start.


Once you’re done riding the waves, you might want to have lunch at Choofas Smokehouse & Seafood, 4 minutes away from the Snapper Rocks. There are also many dining options near where this restaurant is located. Afterward, it’s time to visit the renowned Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.


The park has many shows and activities to offer, but try to visit the park around 2 pm to watch a Free Flight Bird Show. Then in the evening, explore the nightlife at Surfers Paradise.


Day 2: Visit The Popular Places


Kickstart your day by having breakfast at Surfers Paradise’s Skypoint Observation Deck. This place offers stunning 360-degree views from the Coast to the Hinterland, giving you a real sense of what this city offers.


After breakfast, try an hour of the Skypoint Climb. If you’re travelling with kids, treat them to an unforgettable experience at Holoverse, among the best Gold Coast theme parks, or Ripley’s Believe It or Not! I know you’ll end up super hungry after hanging out with the kids, so you might want to have lunch at Love Italy Restaurant & Bar.


Day 3: Try The Unusual


The Gold Coast isn’t’ only about surfing and swimming. So, on your third day, try catching the sunrise while riding a hot air balloon from Surfers Paradise to Gold Coast Hinterland. Then, discover the World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest. You might also want to relax for the rest of the day, so stay at QT Hotels Gold Coast and dine at Bazaar.


Day 4: Shop And Have Fun


With the days you should spend on the gold coast, make time to shop at Pacific Fair Gold Coast. Do not forget to get some souvenirs for your family and friends, too. Then, feel the thrill of a jet boating ride that will take you through Moreton Bay Marine Park. When you get back to Surfers Paradise, dine at The Island Bistro and dance the night away at the Underground Nightclub.

Day 5: Make The Most Of Your Gold Coast Trip


Spend your fifth day on the Gold Coast snorkeling at Kirra Reef. If you still have time, you might also want to see glow worms light up the rainforest at Mount Tamborine.


Five Days On The Gold Coast Isn’t Enough?


As you can see a five-day trip to the Gold Coast is a packed itinerary. If you have more days available, you should spend them on the Gold Coast as there is a lot more to do than is outlined above.