What Country Is Surfing Most Popular?

Aren’t you curious about where in the world is surfing most popular? With more than 35 million people surfing around the world, it makes me wonder where most of them prefer to surf. Since there are many popular surfing destinations worldwide, my curiosity got the better of me, so I recently researched which country has the most surf lovers.


What country is surfing most popular? Australia is where surfing is most popular. It is due to its thousands of miles of beautiful coastline. Also, it has unique waves, clear waters, and tropical waters.


Aside from Australia, many countries around the world are considered the best-surfing destinations. Add these popular surfing spots to your bucket list and not miss out on any information about them below:


Gold Coast, Australia (Country Where Surfing Is Popular)


Queensland’s surf mecca is the Gold Coast, the sixth-largest city in Australia. Gold Coast is renowned for its lengthy beach breaks. It also has an artificial reef at Narrowneck, and numerous right-hand point breakers.


This metropolis of approximately 600,000 people is a pleasant marriage of the attractions of the Australian environment. Thanks to its mountainous national parks, it has all the perks and amenities of a highly developed urban holiday resort.


The best surfing conditions in Australia happen from January to July. Among the most popular surf spots in Gold Coast, Australia includes Snapper (Superbank), Straddie, Main Beach, and The Spit. Greenmount (Coolangatta beach), Currumbin (The Alley), and Surfers Paradise are also among them.



Oahu, Hawaii (Country State That Made Surfing Popular)


Oahu, Hawaii, makes it to every list of the best surfing locations in the world. The Pipeline of Oahu is named by CNN as the number 1 surf spot in the world, although only professionals will be able to surf these famed 6-meter waves.


Thankfully, the island that is the origin of contemporary surfing also has a multitude of different breakers. North Shore comprises 7 miles of surf spots. Among those are Waimea Bay, Backdoor, Ka’ena Point, Pupukea Beach, Sunset Beach, and Kahuku Point.


On the other hand, winter is the best time for experts to visit Oahu, Hawaii, for surfing. Meanwhile, spring is the time for the best surfing in the world for beginners. Waikiki is another excellent surf spot for beginners, as it has calmer waves.



Bukit Peninsula, Bali, Indonesia


The north-west shoreline of the “Bukit” is home to some of the best beaches in Bali and among the best surf spots in Asia. These spots offer a variety of waves for all skill levels. From a beginner like Padang Padang Right. To Uluwatu, Padang Padang left for experts and professionals.


Aside from surfing, visit the ethereal aesthetic of the Uluwatu temple. It overlooks the same-named world-class surf break. It is worthwhile to explore the Bukit. You can enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape along the shore, and determine which break is perfect for you. Dreamland, Bingin, Balangan, and Impossibles are some of the world’s most famous surf spots located on the Bukit.



Malibu, California, USA


This iconic area of California culture, the very first dedicated World Surfing Reserve, is renowned for its waves and cameos in Hollywood television series and films. Malibu is a fantastic surf site for both novice and experienced surfers. Aside from that, its proximity to Southern California attractions like Los Angeles makes it ideal for anybody looking for a traditional experience on the U.S. West Coast.


Although Malibu’s Surfrider Beach is perfect for longboarders and novices, it can become very crowded. It can make it difficult to enjoy the waves and scenery that the beach has to offer. 


California generally experiences around 300 days of fantastic surfing conditions annually. Going to Malibu is like making a journey to the spot where surfing first gained popularity outside its Polynesian birthplace and where modern surf culture was born.



Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa (Country Town Where Surfing Is Popular)


Jeffrey’s Bay also called “J-Bay”, is a town in South Africa. It is home to Supertubes, the best and longest right-hander in the world. Experts say that Jeffrey’s Bay is famous for professional and high-level surfers. It is also famous for longboarders, and intermediates because of its ten sections.


Be cautious of the current flow, bring a strong board and wear booties. Aside from the Supertubes ideal for pros, Jeffrey Bay’s also has other sections for other surfer levels like Magnatubes, The Point, Kitchen Windows, Salad Bowls, Impossibles, Boneyards, Albatross, Tubes, and Coins.



Ericeira, Portugal


Portugal is also a country where surfing is popular. Ericeira, Ribeira d’Ilhas beach hosts the ASP World Tour Surf Championship, a stunning surfing location by any measure. Ericeira was designated Europe’s first World Surfing Reserve in 2011 because of its high environmental standards and nine world-class surfing beaches.


Additionally, there are over 30 other surf destinations nearby, and Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is easily accessible and well worth a couple of day trips. In addition to beginner-friendly waves like Foz do Lizandro, Praia do Sul, and So Julio, Ericeira’s 8 miles (5 km) of coastline also has breaks for intermediate and advanced surfers, including So Lorenzo, Coxos, Ribeira, and Cave.


Ericeira is a beautiful Portuguese fishing village with stunning waves and abundant natural scenery. The village has a charming, traditional atmosphere, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.



Santa Cruz, California, USA


This surfing hotspot, which Alex Wade ranked number one in the London Times, provides something for every level of surfer and is a classic slice of surf history. The gentler waves of Cowell are perfect for beginners, while Steamer Lane’s right-hand point break is a challenge for pros. The Hook and Pleasure Point are two right-handers for those in the middle.


Santa Cruz is a breath-taking town located on the central coast of California. It is home to many people, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. The boardwalk is popular for tourists and locals during the summer months. San Francisco’s proximity makes day excursions to this amazing city easier.



Hossegor, France


Hossegor, is another hub for European surfing located on the Landes coast of southwest France. France is also a country where surfing is popular as it offers kilometres of stunning beach breaks in addition to some outstanding pro-level tubes. Despite the fact that mansions border the shore, there are several campgrounds for surfers on a tight budget.


Professional athletes compete at Quicksilver Pro France in Hossegor every September. Les Culs Nus, La Graviere, Hossegor Plage Central, Les Estagnots, Les Bourdaines, and Le Penon are among the locations.




Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Looking for top-notch barrels, welcoming waves for beginners, stunning landscapes, and delicious food on a budget? You can have it all at the world-class beach break in Puerto Escondido, the “Mexican Pipeline” on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca State.


Mexico is also a country where surfing is popular. So, get ready for a fantastic and affordable surfing vacation by renting a cheap beach cottage. You have a wide range of options for visiting throughout the surfing season, which runs from March to December.


The Point, Kiddie Break, and Zicatela Beach are among the breaks you can find here. Using Puerto Escondido as your home base, it’s also advised to drive to several surf sites around the coast.



San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Nicaragua is among the top 10 countries for surfing. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, is an expanding tourist destination in Central America. It provides various activities, surfing beaches, and adventure and water sports. Among the activities you can do are bicycling, sailing, ziplining, and dining. You can also try yoga, and nightlife in this place.


Although growing in popularity among surfers, there are still fewer tourists here than in places like Costa Rica, Mexico, and El Salvador. San Juan del Sur is an inviting cosmopolitan town popular with American expats. The best surf spots at San Juan del Sur include Playa Remanso and Playa Coco, ideal for beginners. You can also find Playa Maderas for all surfer levels, Playa Yankee for advanced levels, Playa Hermosa, and Colorado. Better visit this surf spot during spring and summer.



Which Country Is Surfing Popular For You?


Overall, Australia is the country where surfing is the most popular. So, if you’ve seen the list of top countries for surfing around the world, as well as where is the best surfing and why, which of your favourite surfing destinations should be on this list?