Ulu Hye Launches Revolutionary Barista Range of Almond Milk: Making Sustainable Choices Convenient for Coffee Lovers

Plant-based milk company Ulu Hye Launches Revolutionary Barista Range of Almond Milk. Founded in Sydney by childhood best friends Vasia Vogias and Heidi Peuten in 2017, Ulu Hye has announced the release of its new almond-based barista line. Six months after its initial launch in Woolworths stores, the company is expanding its product offerings. It is to meet the demands of customers looking for plant-based milk options for their coffee and tea.


Ulu Hye Launches New Barista Range of Almond Milk


The new barista line by Ulu Hye produces three or six litres of plant-based milk. These are available in recyclable jars, depending on the size. Moreover, customers can produce milk that can last for four to five days in the fridge. They do so by blending the base with water for a minute.


Ulu Hye was born out of the co-founders’ desire to reduce waste and promote sustainable living. They discovered that the majority of UHT milk cartons end up in landfill. In fact, these cartons are usually composed of plastic, paper, and foil. The company, with the goal of saving 10 million cartons of milk from the same fate, markets its products in recyclable jars. This way it prevents the dumping of 800,000 containers to date.


Heidi Peuten, now based on the Gold Coast, said that there had been a high demand for the new Barista Mylk Base. It is as consumers have expressed that they enjoy the Mylk Bases. They also desired a coffee option that the barista could stretch and froth effectively and be able to be added to tea without splitting.


She added that the development process for this product was thorough. The company wanted to ensure that it would not release an inferior product and after many months of testing, the company believes it’s achieved the desired result. The new product is easy and convenient to make and boasts clean and minimal ingredients.


Additionally, it has the added benefit of rescuing up to six cartons from entering landfills. The company is a finalist for the 2022 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards. Moreover, their sustainable and innovative approach to milk production is sure to impact the industry.

Sustainable Approach to Milk Production


Ulu Hye’s new barista range is the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of plant-based milk products. The launch follows the successful roll-out of three flavours. It is among the company’s nut milk base jars in select Woolworths stores since June 2020.


In addition to the barista range, Ulu Hye’s mini Mylk base jar range of 120ml can be found in Woolworths stores’ health food aisle. They are also available for purchase online from over 350 health food stores across Australia.


Inspired People Behind Ulu Hye


Heidi and Vasia are the dynamic duos behind the innovative plant-based milk company. As co-owners, these two inspired women are on a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainable living. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, one of them is now based on the Gold Coast, they are proud to introduce a revolutionary homemade nut milk base to the market, making it easier for people to make more environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives.