Ultimate Guide to the Top Kayaking Destinations on the Gold Coast

Kayaking stands out as a serene yet exhilarating way to connect with nature while exploring some of the most picturesque landscapes on the Gold Coast. Join us as we navigate the waters, providing insider tips, expert advice, and detailed insights into the top kayaking destinations that grace the iconic Gold Coast. Whether you’re seeking peaceful waterways for a leisurely day out or adrenaline-pumping adventures, this guide has you covered. Get ready to paddle your way through this aquatic wonderland and experience the Gold Coast like never before.


Elanora Wetlands Reserve


Glide through the expansive 20-hectare Elanora Wetlands Reserve. It abuts Tallebudgera Creek’s higher reaches and is part of the Burleigh to Springbrook wildlife corridor.


This serene waterway plays a crucial role in supporting native flora and fauna. It boasts over 60 bird species, sugar gliders. It also has common tree snakes. It’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts seeking kayaking destinations to experience the Gold Coast.



Tallebudgera Creek


By canoeing along Tallebudgera Creek to the river mouth, you may see Burleigh Headland from the water. Moreover, while you’re there, take advantage of the chance to go for a brief swim. Alternately, you can kayak upstream through the mangroves to Schuster Park, which has a tonne of family-friendly amenities including playgrounds, barbeque pits, and picnic shelters.




South Stradbroke Island


Begin your kayaking adventure from the Paradise Point beach or the Esplanade Boat Ramp, setting your course for the ever-popular South Stradbroke Island. After your journey, find solace at South Currigee Campground. You can unwind on a sandy, tranquil beach perfect for picnics and swimming here. If you’re intrigued by Australia’s unique wildlife, venture inland for a chance encounter with wallabies.



The Broadwater


Brace yourself for an exhilarating kayaking journey on The Broadwater, sharing the waters with fellow water enthusiasts who flock to the Gold Coast. Dive into an exciting snorkelling adventure at Wavebreak Island or lose yourself in the hidden corners of South Stradbroke Island. Seaway Kayaking Tours offers kayak rentals and guided expeditions for your convenience.



Currumbin Creek


Navigate downstream along Currumbin Creek to reach Currumbin Parklands, offering a fantastic day of fun for your children. Alternatively, paddle upstream to Coastal Meadows Park in Currumbin Valley to immerse yourself in nature. As one of the Gold Coast’s premier destinations for water sports, you’ll have plenty of fellow paddlers for company. Currumbin Boatshed is your go-to spot for kayak rentals and all the essentials to create lasting memories.



Colman Road Reserve


Step into the natural wonder of Colman Road Reserve, a conservation area teeming with native birds. Embark on a picturesque Australian adventure filled with the melodic chirps of feathered friends and basking in the warm sun.


Additionally, if luck is on your side, you might even spot koalas foraging in the eucalyptus trees as you explore the Pimpama River, McCoy’s Creek, and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. When hunger strikes, savor a meal at Tippler’s Licensed Cafe.



Cudgen Creek


Discover the tranquil waters of Cudgen Creek with Watersports Guru. They offer a range of kayaking tours, from self-guided to 90-minute and half-day options, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Moreover, Cudgen Creek is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and abundant birdlife, with the occasional dolphin sighting adding to the magic.



Jabiru Island


For northern Gold Coast residents seeking kayaking adventures, delve into Coombabah Lake’s extension, Coombabah Creek. This creek is a popular gathering place for Eastern Curlews, Osprey birds, and Brahminy Kites. If feathered friends aren’t your preference, paddle along Saltwater Creek to connect with the Coomera River and venture south towards Paradise Point for swimming, relaxation, and dining options.



Jacobs Well Conservation Area


Set out on a southbound paddle into the Woogoompah Everglades, where mangrove-lined channels converge with the Pimpama River, The Broadwater, and South Stradbroke Island. Watch out for White-bellied Sea Eagles and Pelicans patrolling the area.



Mooball Creek


Launch your kayaking adventure in town and travel south along the pristine waters of Mooball Creek, running parallel to the surf. Nature enthusiasts will find this kayaking spot particularly appealing. Head towards Wooyung Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife both below and above the water’s surface. If you’re a nature lover, reach out to Action Outdoor Hire for kayak rentals, conveniently delivered to your location.



Simpsons Creek


Start your kayaking journey by passing under the South Beach Road bridge. Then, go by the footbridge, as you paddle southward toward Byron Bay. After approximately 5 kilometres, you’ll notice the water turning a dark brown hue, courtesy of the surrounding Tea Tree (Melaleuca) forests lining the banks.


In addition, keep an eye out for Australia’s largest dragon lizard, the Eastern water dragon, and the occasional sighting of large monitors along the shore. If this kayaking expedition sounds perfect for you, consider Brunswick Buccaneers for all your equipment needs.



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In conclusion, the Gold Coast and its neighbouring areas offer a kayaking paradise for adventurers of all levels. Moreover, each destination on this list provides a unique and unforgettable experience. With kayak rentals and guided tours readily available, there’s no excuse not to embark on your own aquatic journey and discover the breathtaking beauty that lies just beyond the shoreline of the Gold Coast.