A Travel Guide for An Art Lover on the Gold Coast

Get ready because here’s a travel guide for art lovers on the Gold Coast! Celebrate World Art Day on April 15 by exploring the vibrant art scene, from hidden galleries to local treasures. Let the charm of the Gold Coast ignite your passion for art and adventure!


Dave Groom’s Studio


David Groom’s Studio stands as a beacon for art lovers traversing the Gold Coast, particularly for fans of landscape art. As the mastermind behind this creative sanctuary, David Groom invites visitors on an enchanting journey through his evocative depictions of nature’s beauty. From sweeping vistas to intimate scenes of serene tranquillity, each painting reflects Groom’s deep connection with the natural world.


David Groom’s Studio is an essential destination for art lovers seeking to be transported by the majesty of nature’s landscapes. Moreover, Dave Groom’s familial ties to Binna Burra Lodge, established by his grandfather, run deep, resonating in his artwork, showcased at his studio by appointment. The studio is located at 671 Binna Burra Rd, Beechmont. You can contact him at 0434 036 975‬.


Capanart Gallery


Susan Capan, originally from Melbourne but a resident of Mt Tamborine for two decades, operates Capanart Gallery nestled along the bustling main road known as ‘Gallery Walk’. Three noteworthy galleries line this mountain stretch amid charming cafes, restaurants, and gift shops. Capanart Gallery not only exhibits Susan’s own commissioned artworks but also showcases pieces by local artists. Among those is SWELL Sculpture Festival contributor Ivan Lovett.


In addition, the gallery offers opal jewellery sourced from Western Queensland. It captivates Frida Kahlo portraits, vibrant bouquets, and investment-worthy art. Nearby, Tamborine Dreaming presents a more contemporary art space, spotlighting Indigenous and Australian artwork alongside trinkets and handicrafts.





This travel guide for art lovers on the Gold Coast is also 19Karen. Located in Mermaid Beach, 19Karen is a pioneer in warehouse art galleries in Australia. Positioned blocks from the surf, it consistently hosts international artists in its bright and airy space. It is also surrounded by other creative enterprises in an unexpected industrial area.


19Karen recently celebrated its tenth year with opening nights featuring lively blues tunes and exquisite catering. Featuring a mix of visual art, ceramics, and jewellery, there’s something to captivate every visitor. Its proximity to the light rail and the bustling scenes of Mermaid and Broadbeach only enhances its allure.



The Walls


Nestled in Miami, The Walls epitomizes the Gold Coast’s relaxed lifestyle. It welcomes visitors in boardshorts and thongs.


Situated just a couple of blocks from the beach amidst a vibrant mix of trendy cafes and creative hubs, this gallery is renowned for pushing artistic boundaries. Showcasing exhibitions spotlighting emerging local talent, The Walls collaborates with a diverse range of artists. Among those are projectionists, photographers, sculptors, and installation artists.


Moreover, most exhibitions are free and open to all ages. It allows patrons to immerse themselves in art while enjoying the nearby cafes of Miami.



Maverick Hair & Arts Studio


Maverick Hair and Art Studio is in Coolangatta, renowned as the Gold Coast’s southernmost village. While a hairdressing salon might not immediately evoke images of an art hub, Maverick defies expectations by fostering a vibrant, creative community.


This studio is embracing emerging artists. They collaborate with young talents to explore innovative ideas and mediums for showcasing their work. Beyond its contemporary art gallery, Maverick hosts various events, workshops, and seminars, complemented by its exceptional hairdressing services. An onsite art store and bookshop also offer a curated selection of art and design books, jewellery, ceramics, prints, homewares, and clothing crafted by local artisans.



Sofa Gallery


Tucked away within the Dust Temple precinct, SOFA Gallery, affectionately known as the Shed of Fine Arts, serves as a collaborative studio and exhibition space for local artists. This gallery currently houses the works of three talented artists—Dion Parker, Dean Cogle, and Andrew Cullen. SOFA Gallery strives to create an interactive environment where artists and the public can engage.


While the presence of working artists may vary, the gallery encourages visitors to inquire via Instagram for a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Despite its recent inception, SOFA Gallery has showcased the creations of over 40 local artists. The patrons eagerly acquire pieces at their regular opening nights—a fitting memento of a memorable Gold Coast getaway.


Dust Temple


Dust Temple is nestled along the eclectic Currumbin Creek Road, the Southern Gold Coast’s beloved creative hub. Housed in a lovingly restored warehouse amidst a diverse array of second-hand stores, cafes, restaurants, and industrial spaces, Dust Temple has transformed into a premier destination for cultural events and exhibitions. The venue hosts captivating exhibitions alongside bi-weekly life drawing classes and is also home to SOFA Gallery.



Home of the Arts (HOTA)


If there is anything you shouldn’t miss in this travel guide for art lovers on the Gold Coast, it’s HOTA. Home of the Arts (HOTA) emerges as the city’s burgeoning cultural precinct. It is set against the picturesque backdrop of a tidal, saltwater lake and the soaring highrises of Surfers Paradise, which marked the unveiling of a new outdoor stage and theatre this year. In addition, it confirms a cutting-edge art gallery crafted by the esteemed Hansen Yuncken.


Hansen Yuncken is a company renowned for its role in delivering the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart. With a staggering $60.5 million investment, the project is slated to open its doors in 2021, complemented by the introduction of a new pedestrian bridge. It streamlined the journey from Surfers Paradise to HOTA.


In the interim, the Gallery at HOTA continues to captivate audiences with its summer exhibition ‘Let There Be Rock’. Enhancing the allure of HOTA is its delightful café. It offers sweeping views of the newly landscaped gardens and outdoor stage.


Moreover, the site boasts an underrated sculpture walk, guiding visitors around Evandale Lake, where 49 sculptures by local and international artists adorn the pathway. Accessible to all, the concrete path accommodates wheelchairs, prams, and energetic children on scooters and skateboards. The Bundall Farmers’ Markets provide an added treat for those visiting on Sundays, featuring fresh produce and delectable food truck offerings to satisfy every palate.





In wrapping up, the Gold Coast is a treasure trove of artistic delights for anyone eager to explore. From colourful galleries showcasing all sorts of art to cool exhibitions that dive deep into local culture, there’s something here to spark inspiration in every art lover’s heart. And don’t forget the fantastic street art that brings the city’s streets to life!


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