Things to Do To Enjoy Autumn on the Gold Coast

Residents of the Gold Coast often remark on the absence of distinct seasons, with perpetual summers being the norm on the Glitter Strip. To experience a change of scenery, one must venture into creative pursuits. Here are some suggestions for autumn activities on the Gold Coast.


Retreat to a Mountain Cabin


While our beaches are renowned, the Gold Coast hinterland offers its allure. Embrace the rustic charm by booking a cabin escape this autumn. Whether it’s the classic appeal of O’Reilly’s or Binna Burra Lodge, the modern seclusion of Unyoked’s cabins, or the quaint coziness of Mouse’s House Retreats and the authentic country experience of Tommerup’s Farm Stay, there’s no shortage of accommodation options to explore.


Indulge in Scones at Historic Rivermill


Just a short distance inland from Nerang lies Historic Rivermill, which seems frozen since its establishment in 1910. From dairy to dance hall, it now serves as a café and wedding venue. While savouring scones and hot chocolate, interact with the alpacas and feed the turtles. These activities will surely make your autumn on the Gold Coast memorable.



Crack Macadamia Nuts at The Farm


Although not directly on the Gold Coast, The Farm near Byron Bay is a short 45-minute drive away. Explore the grounds on a self-guided tour, encountering adorable baby animals, impressive pigs, and fresh produce. Don’t miss the macadamia orchard at the back of the property, complete with nutcrackers for immediate snacking.



Harvest Fresh Produce at Longan Farm


Another autumn activity on the Gold Coast you should try is harvesting fresh produce. For a tropical twist on autumnal activities, head to The Longan Farm in Narangba. Instead of traditional apple picking, you’ll be harvesting longans, a relative of lychees. The farm also offers honey-gold mangoes in February and March, making it a unique destination for fruit enthusiasts.



Witness Autumn Colors in Tamborine


While the Gold Coast may lack autumn foliage, visiting Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens provides a vibrant display of changing leaves. Cooler temperatures at higher altitudes support the growth of Japanese maples and Crepe Myrtles. They transform the landscape with bright hues of orange and yellow during autumn.



Attend Harvest Festivals


Autumn is harvest season, and the Gold Coast celebrates with various festivals and events. From farmers’ markets showcasing the region’s bounty to themed festivals featuring live music, arts, and crafts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Check local event listings to discover upcoming harvest celebrations and join the festivities.


Explore the Currumbin Valley


Venture into the Currumbin Valley for a serene autumn experience. Take a stroll along the valley’s scenic trails. They are surrounded by lush greenery that takes on a golden hue in the fall. Stop by local cafes and eateries to enjoy seasonal treats and freshly brewed coffee while soaking in the tranquil atmosphere.


Embark on a wine-tasting Tour.


Indulge your senses with a wine-tasting tour through the scenic vineyards of the Gold Coast hinterland. Sample an array of locally produced wines, including crisp whites and robust reds, while taking in panoramic views of rolling hills and vine-covered landscapes. Many wineries on the Gold Coast offer guided tours and cellar door tastings, providing insight into the winemaking process and the opportunity to purchase your favourite bottles to enjoy at home.


Chase Autumn Vibes on the Gold Coast


As the Gold Coast basks in perpetual summer, locals seeking a change of pace must delve into imaginative endeavours to embrace the essence of autumn. From retreating to mountain cabins steeped in rustic charm to indulging in scones amidst the timeless ambience of Historic Rivermill, exciting experiences await. Whether harvesting tropical fruits at Longan Farm, witnessing the vibrant foliage of Tamborine, or embarking on serene adventures in the Currumbin Valley, autumn on the Gold Coast offers a diverse tapestry of delights for all to savour and cherish.


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