The Top 5 Gold Coast Theme Parks

You are ready to spend a day with your kids, and everyone has decided it will be at one of the best theme parks in Gold Coast. Which one of the top 5 Gold Coast theme parks will get your attention today? You are certainly spoiled for choice with all the beautiful parks you could visit. I remember stopping at Dreamworld regularly for a couple of hours on the way home from school. At the time, we loved it, but now I think we were spoiled.


What are the top 5 Gold Coast’s best theme parks? Warner Bros Movie World has the best attractions for all ages. Dreamworld has the best thrilling rides, while White Water World has the newest water slides. Sea World and Wet n’ Wild Water Park are also excellent places for a one-of-a-kind experience with your family.


The Largest Theme Parks in the region offer something for everyone, with a wide range of attractions. Obviously, the hardest part may be deciding which park you want to visit first. Still, choosing between all of these different grouped passes can be a difficult decision. To make a choice a little easier, here is a list of the top 5 Gold Coast Theme Parks, what they offer, and who they cater to.


Warner Bros Movie World


All theme parks, including Movie World, have attractions for all ages. However, it’s no surprise that it’s particularly loved by little ones who adore the Warner Brothers characters.


The Fun Zone at Warner Bros Movie World is the perfect destination for the youngest children to explore. It has lots of colorful, magical cartoon characters and fantastic attractions. They will adore interacting with the lovable cartoon characters.


Movie World is the ideal theme park for any budding star or big screen fan. Furthermore, It is by far the premier destination for movie buffs. With a variety of movies themed rides and shows, it’s not hard to see why they love this place.


The Green Lantern will thrill teenagers, and Superman Escape rollercoasters will leave them breathless with excitement. The new Justice League 3D attraction will make them want to grab their laser blaster and fight against Starro the Conqueror. What kid doesn’t want to fight against an evil villain?


The whole family can enjoy many street shows and live performances. Furthermore, excitement is in the air as we enter the festive season. Bring your whole family for a white Christmas adventure with Movie World.


The iconic theme park is transformed each year into an enchanting winter wonderland. Imagine Christmas tree-lined pathways, snow-covered buildings, and festive entertainment. They even include a Magical Winter Wonderland parade. It’s the perfect place to enjoy festive activities in the build-up to Christmas.


The most recent event in Movie World is the Fright Nights, which will defintiely give you the chills. But, if Movie World isn’t for you, then perhaps Dreamworld is more style.





I have always loved visiting Dreamworld, and it is a full day for those who want to experience everything it offers. It has something for everyone: thrill rides, water slides, and attractions for younger kids.


The thrilling rides at Dreamworld include the Tower of Terror and the gut-churning Giant Drop just two. The Buzzsaw attraction will also cause a stir.


Zombie Evilution is a place to find out if you are a Zombie or a Solider. Firstly, you must choose a side if you want to survive the Battle for Kevil Hill. This one will interest you so you can check it out with your older ones.


If your family are Wiggles fans, they will not be able to contain their excitement when they visit Wiggles World. Of course, you’ll find all of the Wiggles characters here.


The Express train is an excellent way to save your tired feet and make your way around the park. Madagascar Madness has many rides and shows suitable for any child over one. They also have a huge ball playground where kids can explore and spend time having fun.


There is also a land of rides and fun associated with Shrek’s Faire Faire Away. If nature is more your thing, then Dreamworld has you covered.


Dreamworld’s Australian Wildlife Experience, headlined by Tiger Island, is one of the best shows in South East Queensland. The tigers are sure to delight the entire family and there is a very nice coffee shop there. Dreamworld was the first Gold Coast Theme Park built and is synonymous with the Gold Coast.


Once you’re done at Dreamworld, you should head to White Water World for aquatic fun.



White Water World


Get your swimming gear on, and let’s head to White Water World, kids. It’s time to get out of the house and have some fun. Firstly, a variety of new water slides will be sure to test your bravery.


You’ll find the Pipeline Plunge is definitely a heart starter. If you’re open to a word of warning, the Wedgie is a ride not for the faint-hearted. You will dive feet first down a see-through pipe and fly through a coil-like corkscrew.


Families will love that conveyor belts can take tubes up to the top of the rides at the water park. Without his feature, you’re left to lug them up the stairs, which isn’t much fun. The park has become another superb family attraction and caters to all ages.


The water park is popular among parents with small kids and is the perfect place to go with them on holidays. Wiggle Bay is very interactive for children and is the official watery home of The Wiggles. It is a fully supervised area with giant instruments, colorful water cannons, and interactive sprays.


The younger kids will splash around at Wiggle Bay while the older kids get on all the other slides this water park offers. Visit White Water World’s website to see their latest attractions at



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Sea World


Another massive hit for those with young children or any child or adult that loves wildlife is Sea World. At Sea World, you can get up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. If you’re looking for a more leisurely visit, you can simply walk along the boardwalk.


You’ll be able to feed some fish while watching the dolphins jump through hoops in their dolphin show. There are many stunts, characters, and animals to see at this theme park for small children who are too young to ride most rides.


Is your goal at the amusement park to spend as much time as possible with the younger kids and avoid the big thrill rides? Then, you’ll want to spend your day at this park as it’s got plenty of attractions for people of all ages. Having said that, it’s best suited for those who are a bit younger.


If you would like to spend time viewing beautiful dolphins, scary sharks, and adorable penguins, then you’ll love Sea World.  While sharks might be scary and not as lovable as dolphins, they are all important in the aquatic ecosystem. Most children love animals and aren’t quickly bored, which makes Seaworld will be an easy day for Mum and Dad.



Fun and Educational for Children


Many parents love Sea World because it is the one theme park with a lot of fun and benefits the kids. Additionally, most shows have an educational commentary without spoiling the mood of the outing.  But some rides test the limits of what even the most adrenaline-seeking thrill seekers could ask for.


The Storm Coaster is now open and is the only ride of its kind in Australia. It’s a must-do for thrill seekers and a bucket list item for adrenaline junkies. There are also several incredible rides for thrill seekers, including some crazy upside-down roller coasters.


If you’re feeling like having a more leisurely, less adrenaline-charged day, then the family-friendly rides are for you. Still, they’re guaranteed to excite you with their thrilling water and fire effects. Finally, if you’re on the Gold Coast during summer, take the family to Wet’n’Wild to cool down.



Wet n’ Wild Water Park


Wet’n’Wild is a one-of-a-kind water park that provides the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation. This theme park guarantees you will be wringing wet and laughing all the way home. Remember, children have many rides and water play options, though some restrict access to those over 100 cm in height. If you are with a group of kids around the same height, it makes for a less stressful day.


If you only have small children, then the Buccaneer Bay water park is a great place to spend your day. The giant tipping buckets, slides, and interactive elements will keep little minds active and excited. Buccaneer Bay is an excellent choice for any family looking for fun in the sun.


The Giant Wave pool is a great place for the family to spend a summer day, with many options for all ages. Flotation devices are available for rent and are a good idea for smaller kids.


If you are the type of person who loves to combine water play with extreme excitement, you just may never want to leave. You’ll get blasted down a 40-meter tunnel on a raft on the Tornado or drop from 11 meters on the Kamikaze. You will barely have time to come up for air, but it’s a lot of fun. You will love every minute of your day here.


To make the most of your day at Wet n’ Wild Water Park check their regular maintenance schedule.Also check Wet’n’Wild operating hours before the day of your visit.



Ok, Which of The Top 5 Gold Coast Theme Parks Will You Visit?


Having looked at the top 5 Gold Coast theme parks, you now have the information necessary to decide. You could choose any one of the parks listed above and be guaranteed that your children will have a blast regardless. However, some will contain certain attractions or themes that will be more interesting to their minds than others.


The smaller kids will probably find Sea World or Movie World more fun. The older kids will no doubt love the thrill rides of Dream World, White Water World, Movie World, or Wet’ n’ Wild.


Going to a theme park with your family is a great way to spend time together. You can have a full day and perhaps part of the night of fun. Make sure the one you choose suits your child’s age and interests to ensure the best experience for everyone.


Don’t choose the park you enjoy most without considering that the younger kids won’t be able to go on many rides. If you do this, the kids will make your day hell.


Whatever your decision, by choosing any of the top 5 Gold Coast theme parks, you are guaranteed a day of fun with family and friends. What more could you ask for?


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