The Science of Surfing: Why Surfing Makes You So Chill?


It’s no coincidence that the surfer lifestyle ties in with a laid-back attitude and a Zen-like state of mind; scientific evidence supports the idea that surfing makes you chill.


The relaxing power of the ocean can be incredibly soothing, and the physical act of surfing can be incredibly beneficial to our health. Surfing also provides a mental escape, which can be incredibly beneficial for those who are struggling with stress or anxiety. All of these factors together make surfing an excellent way to relax and improve our overall health.


So, if you’re looking for an activity that will help you relax and de-stress, surfing is definitely a good option. It has all sorts of amazing health benefits, both physical and mental, so keep on reading to find out more details about these factors.


The Relaxing Power of the Ocean


Something about being in the ocean makes you feel good. The sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline is naturally calming, and salt water is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, being in nature has been shown to benefit your mental and physical health—so it’s not surprising that surfing would have a similarly positive effect.


The Physical Benefits of Surfing


In addition to the relaxing power of the ocean itself, surfing also offers a great workout. Paddling out to catch a wave requires upper body strength, and then once you’re up on your board, you need to engage your core muscles to stay balanced. In other words, surfing works every muscle in your body without making you feel like you’re working out, and research has shown that exercise can lower stress.


The University of Queensland studied a group of experienced surfers and found that they had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than people who don’t surf. In addition, they also reported feeling more connected to nature and less anxious than non-surfers. 


The Mental Benefits of Surfing


Beyond the physical benefits, there are also mental benefits to surfing. One of the best things about surfing is that it forces you to live in the present moment. When you’re out in the water, you can’t be thinking about your phone or what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Riding the wave in front of you requires your complete attention. By concentrating, you can free up your thoughts and feel renewed and revitalized. 


So, next time someone asks you why surfers are so chill, remember: it might not be entirely due to their laid-back lifestyle (although that does help). There’s a science to back up the idea that surfing makes you calm and relaxed—so maybe it’s time to try it!


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