Is The New Paradise Resort Good For Families with Kids?

A lot of people know Paradise Resort for being a popular, family-friendly spot in Surfers Paradise. But, with the recent changes in its amenities, people are asking, “Is the new Paradise Resort good for families with kids?”


Is the new Paradise Resort good for families with kids? Yes, Paradise Resort is among the best Gold Coast resorts for families. They offer a range of comfortable, family-friendly accommodations, affordable Paradise Resort day pass, activities for kids, and more.


What I like about Paradise Resort is how you can enjoy countless activities on the golden sand. All while relaxing on vacation. What’s more, you and your family can have fun together here. After being renovated last 2020, is the new Paradise Resort good for families with kids? Let’s find out.


Accommodation Safety Measures


Paradise resort is voted the best family resort in Australia for a reason. They provide a range of comfortable accommodation options for families with a maximum of eight members. Paradise Resort has beautiful resort rooms, themed rooms, bigger family rooms, accessible rooms, and more. You can check more accommodation options from Paradise Resorts’ website


During Covid-19, Dusty’s Deluxe Rooms underwent renovation as part of the resort’s redevelopment. At Paradise Resort, children come first. Though all the rooms are hotel-style, they come with tiny amenities. Porta cribs, bed rails for added safety, and footstools for the bathroom are only some of them.



Water Park Safety Measures


Paradise Resort day pass is worth it! Apart from a separate pool (from adults), there’s a new secure area for kids to enjoy. A walled outdoor play area, which the kids loved to play in, is located behind the main waterpark.


When the water park gets too crowded with older children, this place is safe for younger ones to run around. Also, parents can eat lunch or have a drink there.


Activities Safety Measures


All kids over three years old are welcome at the only ice skating rink at Paradise Resort in Surfers Paradise. Smaller children or less experienced skaters can steady themselves by holding on to fiberglass penguins who skate beside them.



Paradise Resort is among the resorts with kids’ clubs in Australia. You can drop off your children at their Kids Club without being concerned. Every day there are fully supervised activities and lessons. Several packages also come with a free Kids Club session.


Let’s Sum That Up


I’ve seen different Paradise Resort Gold Coast reviews asking wither the new Paradise Resort is good for families with kids. Still, right now, I think it does its best to live up to its “best family resort” recognition. They ensure to maintain safety measures for kids, and also improve their facilities. It’s more fun than ever in the new Paradise Resort, too.