The Gold Coast’s Eco-Friendly Attractions

Get ready for a joyous jaunt through the Gold Coast’s green havens! In this article, we’re diving into the heart of eco-friendly attractions that make the Gold Coast shine. From sun-soaked beaches to lush hinterlands, we’re on a happy-go-lucky tour of nature’s best, celebrating the Gold Coast’s commitment to all things green and sustainable. Let the good vibes and eco-adventures roll!


Embark on a Cultural Journey at Jellurgal


Immerse yourself in the vibrant heritage of the Gold Coast at Jellurgal, the region’s first dedicated Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The local Aboriginal community own and operate it. Moreover, Jellurgal serves as a warm and inviting hub to explore and understand the profound Indigenous history that the Gold Coast encapsulates.


Jellurgal’s breathtaking location provides an idyllic setting to delve into the realms of both the natural environment and First Nations culture. It is nestled along Tallebudgera Creek’s banks in Burleigh Heads National Park.



In addition, this sacred space echoes the historical gatherings of the Yugumbeh language-speaking group. For thousands of years, they came together to fish, feast, and celebrate. The landscape is steeped in Dreamtime stories that connect with the cultural fabric of the area.


Jellurgal stands as the primary storyteller of Indigenous narratives on the Gold Coast. Join a guided walk along the scenic rainforest walkway led by a traditional landowner. These landowners will also intricately weave tales of life for the First Australians in the pre-contact era. Committed to delivering an authentic experience, the centre upholds a moral responsibility to preserve and disseminate Aboriginal culture from its very roots.


Visit the Eden Health Retreat


Eden Health Retreat, a recipient of multiple awards, stands as Australia’s longest-standing wellness retreat, strongly emphasising digital detox and a return to nature. The setting itself becomes a healing force, enveloping guests in refreshing air, the melodies of native wildlife, and pure tranquillity.


Located in the serene landscapes of Currumbin Valley, Eden is a haven that recognises the importance of disconnecting to reconnect. Moreover, this retreat maximises the therapeutic benefits of nature’s abundance. They are offering a range of experiences, from outdoor mud baths and morning meditations to leisurely rainforest strolls. These are complemented by nutritious meals featuring the finest valley produce.




Go into an Eco-Friendly Island Getaway


Escape to island life with just a short plane journey from the Gold Coast for an eco-friendly adventure. Board a fixed-wing aircraft and submerge yourself in the natural beauty of Lady Elliot Island, nestled in the Southern Barrier Reef. This idyllic island boasts a rich marine ecosystem featuring majestic manta rays, thriving turtle colonies, vivid coral formations, and seasonal whale migrations. A small eco-resort ensures minimal environmental impact on and around the island.


Lady Elliot Island is a trailblazer in eco-conscious initiatives, being the first Barrier Reef island to eliminate single-use plastics. Instead, the island promotes the use of reusable bottles and drinking fountains. The island’s accommodations are designed to minimise their environmental footprint. They use solar power and a desalination plant to provide pristine fresh water from seawater.


Since 2005, the resort and the island have transformed remarkably from a degraded, neglected landscape to a world-leading eco-tourism destination with firmly established sustainability programs. Lady Elliot Island serves as an extraordinary haven to reconnect with nature. It serves as a shining example of how our actions today can contribute to preserving the Great Barrier Reef for generations to come.



Binna Burra Returns


Following the devastating fires of 2019, Binna Burra Lodge has made a triumphant comeback, contributing to the stellar reputation of Gold Coast eco-tourism. Nestled within the scenic World Heritage Listed Lamington National Park, this hinterland retreat sits 800 meters above sea level, offering an idyllic escape with breathtaking views.


Recognised among the Top 10 Eco-lodges globally by Smarter Travel, Binna Burra boasts an integrated sustainable tourism plan encompassing waste management and a shared commitment to safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage of the National Park. As an eco-certified establishment and the first private Australian company to attain the International Green Global standards for exemplary environmental practices, Binna Burra demonstrates an enduring dedication to preserving this unique property for the benefit of future generations.



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Watch the Whales


Dedicated to becoming one of Australia’s most environmentally conscious eco-adventure providers, Cooly Eco Adventures recognises its responsibility in safeguarding the marine life it holds a deep passion for.


Their offerings reflect a belief that enjoying nature can coexist with a mindful approach to environmental impact. Among the services they offer include educational experiences such as whale watching, swimming with whales, and dolphin and turtle safaris.


Through their Citizen Science Research Expedition, participants have the unique opportunity to engage in spotting whales and dolphins. Their observations contribute valuable knowledge and awareness to enhance marine conservation efforts.


Cooly Eco Adventures is committed to the mission of educating and enlightening aspiring seafarers. In addition, they are fostering a deep appreciation for our ocean ecosystems and the diverse marine life they harbour.



Ride The Waves With Purpose


Australian Surf Adventures have a stellar reputation for all things surf along the Gold Coast and Tweed. Offering a range of experiences, from surf camps and lessons to surf yoga retreats endorsed by EcoGuide Australia, their group lessons stand out as a favourite. These sessions teach you the art of surfing in paradise and ensure a joyous and educational experience.


Surfing, viewed as a lifestyle that fosters a deep connection with nature, is passionately embraced by the Australian Surf Adventures team. Their commitment extends beyond the waves, with a strong dedication to preserving the environment. Moreover, they respect the cultures of the areas they are fortunate to work and play in daily.



Nourishing The Community At Freemans Organic Farm


In operation as a working farm since 1915, Freemans Organic Farm proudly sits atop Tomewin Mountain Road in Currumbin Valley. This Gold Coast eco-friendly spot offers sweeping views extending all the way to the ocean.


In recent years, the farm has transformed into a communal gathering place, inviting the community to explore and enjoy. Visitors can procure organic produce and partake in activities such as yoga or indulge in a coffee and a delicious meal amidst the ancient trees scattered across the property. A family affair, the Freemans deeply commits themselves to the natural environment and fostering meaningful connections between people and nature.



Escape To Tranquility In The Valley


Nestled in the picturesque Tallebudgera Valley on the Gold Coast, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat offers an idyllic eco-friendly retreat experience. As an Australian-owned and operated establishment, the retreat holds eco-tourism certification. It is a wellness destination encouraging guests to unwind, connect, and embrace tranquillity amid life’s busyness. Recently honoured as the Best Eco Spa in the World Luxury Spa Awards, Gwinganna is a testament to its commitment to excellence.


A stay at Gwinganna seamlessly integrates organic living, a luxurious spa, movement and relaxation, delectable organic cuisine, and enlightening wellness seminars within a dedicated low-tech environment. The 33-room spa sanctuary is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Moreover, it is nestled among towering gum trees. It is also designed harmoniously with nature to provide a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living.


Gwinganna actively participates in the Land for Wildlife program. They show a steadfast commitment to preserving the native flora and fauna of its stunning location. At the same time, they are striving to minimise its environmental impact.



Gold Coast’s Commitment to Sustainable Travel Echoes Beyond


In conclusion, the horizon of sustainable travel is vibrant and promising. There’s an increasing cohort of Gold Coast eco-tourism operators diligently strives to deliver memorable and enduring experiences. Their commitment to quality resonates with the ethos of leaving a positive and lasting impact. They ensure that the legacy of sustainable travel extends far beyond the journey itself.


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