Seafood Restaurants on The Gold Coast; Which is The Best

When it comes to seafood, the Gold Coast offers a wide variety of restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day. Join me as I cruise the menu to sample some of the best seafood this city offers. With many dining options that serve mouth-watering seafood dishes, it’s hard to know where to start. But don’t worry. I’m here to assist you to navigate the sea of options and find the perfect place to have the seafood dish you’re craving.

The top-notch seafood restaurants on the Gold Coast include Terraces Restaurant, Omeros Bros, Citrique, Moana Restaurant & Bar, Gods of the Sea, and The Jolly Roger. Other best seafood restaurants that can fulfill your cravings on the Goldie are Seascape Restaurant & Bar, Glass Dining & Lounge Bar, Yellowfin Seafood Restaurant, and George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant.


Terraces Restaurant

The seafood buffet at Terraces is a local icon that deserves to be on your all-time favourites list. You can eat seafood in various dishes on offer, and you will be spoilt for choice with stations filled with prawns, crabs, and Moreton Bay bugs. You don’t have to make your plate full with seconds. Be sure to wear stretchy pants. 

Terraces Restaurant is located at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort at Main Beach. For more info, check out Terraces Restaurant’s website


Omeros Bros

Omeros Bros, one of the Gold Coast’s longest-running family-run seafood eateries, pours into Marina Mirage’s super-yacht-dotted boardwalk. You could look forward to all your favourite fresh seafood family dishes like calamari, scallops, fish and chips, seafood chowder, live lobster, freshly shucked oysters, and mud crabs. A selection of fish that can be either filleted or whole are also available. Beachfront open-air dining or inside seating is created to accommodate all occasions. The best way to enjoy the Omeros delicacy is by sharing it between the two.



All I can do is thank cod for seafood buffets. And JW Marriott’s Citrique is unquestionably among the best in executing them well. However, it’s the unending piles of shimmering oysters, salmon, prawns, and crabs that really keep the seafoodies coming back again and again again. This award-winning Gold Coast seafood experience is complete with a spectrum of hot dishes from a diversity of cultures, including hot roast, Asian foods, and of course, a full dessert buffet.


Moana Restaurant & Bar

Sit next to the plate at Moana Restaurant & Bar if you like seafood. Expect flavorful dishes that highlight the delicate fresh seafood flavours employing a combination of cultural and culinary skills inspired by the nations and islands that make up the Pacific. Try the traditional Polynesian dish Ota ika Tongan, which consists of snapper fillets that are raw and marinated in capsicum, cucumber, lime, spring onion, coconut cream, and coriander. It is served with the Moana seafood special or taro chips, which includes fresh, natural oysters, king prawns, and BBQ bugs alongside calamari, grilled fish, and fish on rice with salad.


Gods of the Sea

You can already tell you’re going to be treated to a special seafood delight when Jon Nurminen is the chef, a former chef at The Fish House. Before you can get to Gods of the Sea, you have to know about its ethos, ensure only sustainable seafood is on the menu, and pair it with exceptional fresh seafood. There are many elegant dishes to choose from, such as pan sear scallops dressed in onion and apple purée, whole smoked rainbow trout with micro herb salad, and lemon Beurre Blanc. Perhaps you have a new local favourite? Browse what’s on their menu on their website


The Jolly Roger

There is now a fish and chips alternative for individuals with dietary restrictions. With the conventional fish and chips tucked beside a coeliac-friendly almond flour option for those avoiding gluten, The Jolly Roger in Miami offers a unique takeout experience. The zucchini chips are for you if you want to eat guilt-free but still want a lower-cholesterol experience. There is a secret homemade recipe for the to-fish that our vegan friends will enjoy. Get your claws in it.


Seascape Restaurant & Bar

There is nothing better than savouring delectable fresh seafood while taking in unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. But at Seascape in Surfers Paradise, where the salty sea breezes flow over its three floors, including its coastal-inspired restaurant and glitzy rooftop bar, that is precisely what you can anticipate.

Choose the iconic seafood platter for you and a buddy, or start with a few slivers of sashimi before tucking into the Pernod Bouillabaisse with prawns, succulent mussels, and Moreton Bay crab. Your mouth will be watering. So is mine, so don’t worry! You’ll want to stay at this magnificent Gold Coast location for a while.


Glass Dining & Lounge Bar

Glass Dining & Lounge Bar shall have you at hello if you’re interested in some mega boat gazing along with magnificent harbour views. The menu is filled with enticing seafood specialities, such as Kilpatrick, oysters fresh or cooked in chardonnay vinegar, shallot, chilli, and dusted with salmon roe; alternatively, you can choose the robust Portuguese seafood stew and Mussel hot pot. Before splitting a whole sole, crispy Atlantic salmon, grilled market fish, or a seafood platter for two, try the grilled scallops and tempura battered bug as an appetiser for diners with modest appetites. Their list of wines is just as lengthy as the cuisine.

Yellowfin Seafood Restaurant

Yellowfin offers what some consider the greatest value seafood platter on the Gold Coast, right in the centre of Broadbeach and just steps from the water. Expect fresh, chilled prawns, clams, chargrilled bugs, calamari, scallops, beer-battered barramundi, crab, and grilled prawns for $149. Additionally, you can upgrade to include a lobster half or Kilpatrick oysters at market price. If platters aren’t your thing, you can also choose from seafood pasta, a variety of fish of the day, bugs and prawns in a garlic and white wine sauce, or keep it simple by ordering fantastic fish and chips.


George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

With the local fish enthusiasts, Sanctuary Cove’s George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant has become legendary. George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant among the best seafood restaurant on the Gold Coast as they have a full menu that ranges from delectable entire lobster thermidor to stunning seafood platters for two to share, as well as all-day half-price eating. Your favourite Queensland crustaceans, such as succulent Moreton Bay bugs, mud and sand crabs, fresh prawns, and seafood spaghetti, are also available on the menu. There are hot and cold dishes to suit every taste and budget. Though you’ll want to leave more than enough room for this seafood feast, bring your appetite anyway.


Have You Decided Which is The Best Seafood Restaurant on the Gold Coast?

If you’re looking for some delicious seafood, look no further than the Gold Coast! You can find plenty of great seafood restaurants that will tantalise your taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh oysters, a tasty bug roll, or some succulent snapper, you’re sure to see something to your liking. So visit these seafood restaurants Gold Coast has and enjoy the best that they offer!


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