Reasons to Love Living on the Gold Coast

Are you curious about what makes a living on the Gold Coast so awesome? Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive into three fantastic reasons! From stunning beaches to thrilling theme parks, the Gold Coast offers endless adventures to explore and enjoy. So, discover why living on the Gold Coast is like hitting the jackpot of fun!


The Beaches and Waterways


What captivates me most about the Gold Coast is the privilege of residing by the water. Waking up to the Broadwater daily reminds me of how fortunate I am – the serene waters sparkling in the morning sunlight or the gentle rhythm of the ocean waves caressing the shore.


Regardless of your location along the coast, you’re mere minutes away from the azure depths and the refreshing scent of the sea. That salty breeze on a scorching summer day is etched into my soul.


The Climate


Sizzling summer days conclude with tropical thunderstorms that dissipate before sunset, leaving balmy, clear nights behind. That is what it’s like living on the Gold Coast.


The Gold Coast’s climate encourages outdoor pursuits year-round, but Spring holds a special allure for me. Bright days with temperatures around 24°C and crisp evenings are perfect for cuddling under blankets, rejuvenating the spirit.


Winter here is equally delightful and ideal for boating enthusiasts. The air is crisp, the water serene, and temperatures average around 20°C. Despite the official water temperature claims, I’d still opt for a full wetsuit before hitting the waves.


The Community


What sets the Gold Coast apart is the warmth and openness of its people. How many major cities can boast such down-to-earth charm and genuine hospitality?


In most urban centres, cynicism tends to thrive with urbanization, but not on the Gold Coast. Wherever I go, I’m greeted with warm smiles and friendly hellos, whether at shopping centres, school drop-offs, or while fetching the mail. It seems Gold Coast residents are always up for a chat.


Gold Coast locals are not just pleasant; they’re educated, cultured, health-conscious individuals who deeply value community life. Everyone acknowledges the city’s uniqueness and collectively works to preserve it.


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Family-Centric Living on the Gold Coast


A city that offers both a thriving career scene and a balanced family life is undeniably enticing.


While Australia boasts several family-friendly cities, the Gold Coast stands out across multiple fronts. Affordability tops the list. Regardless of income, the ability to live comfortably within one’s means lays the foundation for enjoying the Gold Coast lifestyle. Imagine owning a waterfront home in a prime location for less than a million dollars – it’s a dream come true.


Every parent aspires to provide their children with the best education within their means. The Gold Coast boasts many high-performing private, Catholic, and state schools, along with three universities.


There’s no shortage of excellent kindergarten or daycare options for the little ones to secure a spot.


Safety is paramount, and the Gold Coast offers a secure environment with low crime rates and modern medical facilities, including a new public hospital and a neighbouring private hospital.


Transportation infrastructure is robust, roads are safe, and commuting is hassle-free. The Gold Coast’s proactive council diligently nurtures and enhances our city, enriching it with libraries, parks, playgrounds, and community events.


The city is culturally diverse and boasts art centres, vibrant markets, and street food precincts. Moreover, supermarkets and specialty stores are conveniently scattered throughout the suburbs.


The Gold Coast’s sporting community thrives thanks to world-class training facilities (a legacy of the Commonwealth Games). It offers a wide array of outdoor activities for all ages: theme parks, surf clubs, hiking trails, and biking paths—the Gold Coast spoils residents for choice.


I could go on. Did I mention we have two international airports within reach for your travel needs?


The Sprawling Hinterland


Apart from the waterways, another reason I cherish the Gold Coast is its proximity to some of Australia’s most breathtaking National Parks. Lush greenery cascades down the mountainsides, beckoning adventurers to explore.


As a child, my fondest memories are of our weekend escapades to Springbrook or Binna Burra. We’d frolic in the icy mountain streams and creek beds for hours.


Rediscovering nature with my family – hiking, discovering hidden trails, kindling fires for toasting sandwiches, and indulging in picnics – brings me unparalleled joy. Frankly, if you haven’t immersed yourself in the wonders of our backyard, you’re missing out.


Thriving Startup Ecosystem


With its prime location, competitive wages, and affordable real estate, living on the Gold Coast is a dream for budding entrepreneurs. A glance skyward reveals the city’s rapid growth. While cranes dot the skyline, the burgeoning business landscape and economic diversity make the city an attractive investment destination.


Though not yet established as a business hub like other metropolises, the Gold Coast has potential. A growing population translates to increased service demand, creating fertile ground for startups and SMEs to thrive.


Moreover, the city’s universities are cultivating a pool of skilled talent, further bolstering its appeal to businesses. Entrepreneurs and dynamic small businesses have ample opportunities to flourish within the Gold Coast’s burgeoning business community. If you have something valuable to offer, the city welcomes you with open arms. It’s time to embrace a better life.


Relaxed Coffee and Dining Culture


There is no need to dress to the nines for brunch—throw on a kaftan and flip-flops, grab your essentials, and head out. The Gold Coast’s laid-back vibe extends to its dining scene, offering a plethora of cozy coffee joints.


But when the occasion calls for it, dressing up and hitting the town is a breeze. Burleigh, Nobby’s, Mermaid, and Broadbeach cater to diverse tastes, from classy bars to trendy eateries and fine dining establishments.


Sanctuary Cove, Marina Mirage, Hope Island, and Surfers Paradise Point on the northern end boast their fair share of culinary delights.


Living on the Gold Coast Offers Urban Conveniences


Brisbane City is less than an hour away, offering the perks of a significant metropolis minus the traffic hassles. Catch a show at the theatre, groove to your favourite band’s live performance, or indulge in live sporting events.


In need of retail therapy? Head to the city for a day of shopping – it’s that convenient!


Loving the Gold Coast as Your Home


Living on the Gold Coast is fantastic because beautiful beaches and nature surround it. Every day, waking up to the calm waters and exploring the lush forests nearby feels special. The people are friendly, there are many fun things to do, and it is close to big cities for even more excitement. It’s like living in a dream world that’s also really convenient and welcoming!