Must-try Restaurants In Burleigh Heads

Choosing the perfect restaurant can be an overwhelming challenge when torn between the plethora of enticing dining options in Burleigh Heads. Fear not, as we’ve embarked on a culinary expedition to simplify your decision-making dilemma. Join us as we guide you through the must-try restaurants in Burleigh Heads, ensuring your dining experience becomes a seamless and delectable affair.


Mr Hizola’s



Strolling along the famous foodie strip, you must notice Mr Hizola’s, marked by its neon red sign and inviting bright lanterns. The restaurant offers a flavour-packed modern Cantonese-style menu. Among their dishes you should try is Hizola’s signature sizzling steak. It is doused in brandy and set ablaze at your table.



the little plate


At the little plate, everything is crafted with love. Owners and Chefs Gaynor and Liv pour care into their small plates, ensuring each item has its place.


You’ll discover sublime offerings to tantalise your taste buds, whether it’s creamy mussels in a rich tomato sauce, honey lavender spring lamb, or Southeast Asian-inspired ceviche. These divine share plates are meant for leisurely evenings, good conversation, flowing wine, and savouring slowly—a perfect choice for a romantic date night.


Visit them from Thursday to Monday in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.





Maman is a must-visit spot for those enamoured with Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Owned by restaurateur Oli Frost and Ironman champion Matt Poole, Maman offers straightforward cocktails. Additionally, they have a fantastic wine list and shares plates designed for conviviality with friends. People says that some of the restaurant’s crew have been personal chefs for celebrities. Among them is Tom Hanks, Pink, Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Hudson.


Settle in and indulge like a celebrity with Maman’s favourite, the Moreton Bay bug roll. A brioche bun as soft as marshmallow, adorned with crispy iceberg lettuce, harissa, and lime mayo—irresistible. In addition, Maman has you covered with an enticing array of options, from melt-in-your-mouth beef kofte to slow-cooked lamb tagine. Maman stands out as a top-notch Burleigh restaurant that caters to everyone’s taste.



Restaurant Labart


Burleigh Heads’ food scene reached new heights with the opening of Restaurant Labart by Sydney chef Alex Munoz Labart and his wife Karla who is Gold Coast-raised. This intimate 60-seat eatery infuses European sophistication into the Gold Coast dining experience, featuring an urban yet warm interior with walnut timber tables, polished concrete floors, and navy linen napkins.


Restaurant Labart’s open-plan kitchen and charcoal grill provide diners with a front-row seat to witness Alex and his talented team craft culinary magic. The ever-changing menu, sourced locally and sustainably, offers a selection of snacks, small plates, and larger dishes meant for sharing. Elevate your dining experience at Restaurant Labart.



Rick Shores


Is there a Gold Coast dining list that doesn’t include Rick Shores? Highly unlikely. Rick Shores is a paradise for seafood enthusiasts. They combine pan-Asian flavours with locally and ethically sourced produce in vibrant, shareable plates.


Undoubtedly, their famous Moreton Bay bug roll is a contender for one of the most Instagrammed snacks on the Gold Coast. Secure your spot by booking ahead. It’s because Rick Shores consistently attracts a full house, offering a culinary experience you won’t want to miss.



Osteria del Mare


Do you smell that? It’s the enticing aroma of fresh, homemade pizzas and kinds of pasta at Osteria del Mare. It is a delightful Burleigh eatery that immerses you in the character of a beautiful Italian restaurant. Osteria del Mare has wood-brown furniture and brick walls. Moreover, it captures the essence of Italian street food.


Aside from pizzas, Osteria del Mare delights with naturally risen, stone-cooked pizzas feature perfectly cooked crusts. Rest assured, Chef and Owner Andrea Riva’s dedication to top-quality imported Italian ingredients ensures a satisfying meal any day of the week. Moreover, this beachy Italian restaurant is a culinary gem you will want to enjoy.



Light Years


If you were to search “cool” on Google, Light Years would likely be right there beside it. Already beloved in Noosa and Byron Bay, Light Years Burleigh Heads stands out as a modern and lively Asian diner that’s sure to win your heart and become a staple in your social life.


Moreover, Light Years features white and peach-washed walls, velvety chairs, breeze blocks, terracotta accents, tropical fiesta pops, and striking herringbone floors. It also offers a share-style menu where every item, from raw ocean trout to honey and sesame king prawns or mud crab and scallop dumplings, captures attention. Make sure to check out their deconstructed eggplant katsu bao or spicy Korean fried chicken for a customisable delight.



Belvedere Stonemill


Immerse yourself in a slice of Italy at Belvedere Stonemill, where the Italian-born owners use the freshest organic ingredients and traditional techniques, including milling their flours. The result is a menu of traditional Italian classics executed with perfection.


Enjoy the rich ambience while perusing an extensive wine list with tempting Italian reds. Delight in the light-as-a-pillow gnocchi and melt-in-your-mouth traditional meatballs. And yes, they have a cheese wheel—enough said.



Oi Izakaya


Capturing the essence of traditional Japanese izakayas, Oi Izakaya offers a vibrant atmosphere with many exquisite share plates, ideal for enjoying with friends over a whisky.


Relax and savour the chef’s selection, or explore a menu featuring favourites like okonomiyaki, gyoza, karaage chicken, and crispy edamame cheese chips. After your meal, retreat to the sleek bar hidden at the back, where an extensive selection of beers, cocktails, sake, and over 70 whiskies await.



Jimmy Wah’s


Given our collective love for Asian cuisine, Jimmy Wah’s earns high marks among the best restaurants in Burleigh. A contemporary take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant distinguishes itself with a modern setting, eschewing the expected conical hats and upturned milk crates.


Open for both lunch and dinner, Jimmy Wah’s offers plates of flavour-packed soft shell crab steamed buns. Also, they offer pho, bahn mi, and tempura barramundi. The cheerful face smiling from the wall mural is none other than the restaurant’s namesake, Jimmy Wah, from the classic film Good Morning, Vietnam. And yes, he approves of your excellent choice.



Ze Pickle


Another restaurant in Burleigh Head you must try is Ze Pickle. This restaurant remains a perennial favourite among the burger enthusiasts on the Gold Coast. This restaurant is consistently pushing the boundaries with decadent creations. How can you top double-fried loaded tater tots? Ze Pickle knows the way.


With burgers that boast bacon and cheese, Ze Pickle is the perfect spot for indulging with friends after a few drinks. And if you have yet to reach your food limit by the end of your main course, the choc chip cookie dough skillet and Mars Bar is a must-try. Ze Pickle undoubtedly serves up the juiciest, most loaded burgers in Burleigh.



Justin Lane


The Justin Lane crew, well-versed in the art of pizza and pasta, has been a Burleigh staple for years. This lively laneway hub caters to hip crowds seeking rooftop cocktails and loyal locals indulging in their freshly house-made Italiano fix.


With inventive toppings like confit garlic or prawn and zucchini, chilli, and calamari, plus options for gluten-free and vegan diners, Justin Lane is a must-stroll-down-the-lane experience. Undoubtedly, it stands as one of the best restaurants in Burleigh Heads.



The Tropic


Sitting at the northern end of the Burleigh Pavilion, The Tropic has carved a niche among Gold Coast restaurants by offering a distinctive Mediterranean take on Aussie seafood. Treated delicately and enhanced with complementary flavours, The Tropic caters to purists, the curious, and all-around food enthusiasts.


With the ocean breeze and sea spray accompanying your ceviche, The Tropic offers a dining experience that’s as waterfront as it gets. This beautiful restaurant is the most Instagrammable joint on the Gold Coast.





In this intimate space, Rabbath packs big flavours. With a menu of contemporary Lebanese delights prepared in a bustling kitchen on full display, Rabbath beckons you back for more. That is if you can secure a seat amidst the crowds.


Designed for sharing, the menu highlights dishes like Mjadara, an Egyptian-style risotto with crispy onions, lentils, and beetroot pickles. Tabbouleh enthusiasts will likely declare Rabbath’s version the best on the Gold Coast. Owner Patrick, always cheerful, welcomes you into his slice of Lebanon for a night filled with gastronomic satisfaction.



Willow Dining


Take a small, dimly lit restaurant, add pavement tables, and introduce an unpredictable menu—that’s Willow Dining for you. The team at Willow aims to please all your senses. Moreover, it has exposed bricks and an eclectic mix of vintage furniture creating a visually delightful experience.


The focus here is on providing a great food experience. The menu spans international cuisines from Mediterranean starters to Spanish tapas and modern Australian mains. Top it off with a cheeky cocktail or two. At Willow Dining, you embark on a culinary journey worldwide in 80 minutes.



Here’s A Flavorful Conclusion to Your Burleigh Heads Journey


Craft your Burleigh Heads itinerary for a culinary escapade, where Maman’s Middle-Eastern delights, the European sophistication at Restaurant Labart, and the sizzling contemporary Cantonese dishes at Mr Hizola’s paint a vivid canvas of flavours. Each venue adds a unique chapter to your gastronomic journey, from the noodle perfection at RaRa Ramen Bar to the secret Mexican gem Hail Mary. This epicurean adventure promises delightful bites and an exploration of the diverse and vibrant food culture that defines Burleigh Heads.


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