Is the Gold Coast Hinterland Worth Exploring?

The Emerald City and the Green Behind The Gold are two names for the Gold Coast Hinterland. You can therefore assume that the area up here (which is only 30 minutes from the shore) has verdant farming land and lush subtropical rainforest.


Is the Gold Coast Hinterland worth exploring? Yes, it is! Despite being close to the glamorous coastline, the Gold Coast Hinterland offers a change of pace with its serene mountain views and relaxing environment. Visitors will have enough to do, from visiting Gold Coast Hinterland attractions and bushwalking to vineyard tours. It’s the ideal location for a fun-filled family vacation, a romantic weekend away, or just a day at the beach.


Explore Gold Coast Hinterland


Begin Your Tour


Make sure to wake up early to make the most of your Gold Coast Hinterland trip. You can reach North Tamborine, a paradise of vibrant trinket stores, home goods, apparel, and jewellery. It is also a place to see galleries of handmade art and tons of gourmet nibbles in less than 2 hours drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast.


Make sure to visit the country markets if you can time your trip to coincide with the second Sunday of the month. You may have the chance to speak with local producers and artists and enjoy a late breakfast from one of the numerous stalls. 


Discover Watering Holes in Gold Coast Hinterland


Go to the eucalyptus forest’s waterfall next. The route that leads to Curtis Falls passes through a lush, thriving paradise of local wildlife and plants. Based on the season, the falls itself can be a deluge or a trickle, but they are always breathtaking. Keep a watch out for platypuses, eels, and occasionally even a few turtles in the rockpools. Glow worms twinkle at night in the basalt rock face.


Since the climb to the Gold Coast Hinterland waterfalls is only a mild 1-kilometre round trip, hiking equipment is not required. Just keep in mind that the source of the falls and the region around them are off-limits because they are protected habitats for platypuses and glow worms.



Take A View of the Valley


Clean mountain air and expansive vistas of the Canungra Valley are two of Tamborine’s most famous features. Take advantage of it and experience some tandem paragliding while you’re at it. A skilled instructor from Oz Paragliding and Hang Gliding soars at 2000 feet over the valley. Keep in mind to pack your thermals because even at ground level, this part of Queensland can get rather chilly.



Watch Sunrise in the Valley


I won’t hold it against you if you hit sleep and enjoy a lie-in while seeing the wallabies disperse around the grounds of Wallaby Ridge because this activity is all about engaging with nature. However, it’s worth getting up early to begin your day with something outstanding.


You will be picked up in Canungra at 5 AM, and then you will be floating up into the clouds to see the sun rise over a new day in the valley. After you land, you’ll be treated to a lavish champagne breakfast with a view of the Canungra Valley Vineyards’ verdant vines. If you choose to tent, starting your day with a dip in the serene waters of the swimming hole in Spring Gully will ensure that you start the remainder of the day feeling renewed and invigorated.



Walk Through the Vines


If you missed the sunrise, be sure to stop by the Canungra Valley Vineyards for a tasting. This vineyard is ideal for a picnic lunch because it has a grand heritage-listed homestead from the 19th century and rows upon rows of various grape varieties spread out over acres. Find a location on the banks of Canungra Creek and book a gourmet picnic basket in advance to observe the local turtles and platypuses swimming by.


Rest At A Refreshing Place


Spend lavishly on a luxurious villa at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat and take it slow on the 40-minute trip up the winding road. An O’Reilly’s villa offers tranquillity amid the rainforest canopy and is tucked away in the countryside. O’Reilly’s retreat is a great spot to go away and get in touch with nature because it has minimal contact with the outside world and access to the deep heart of the forest.


Explore the Forest


O’Reilly’s is tucked away in the picturesque Lamington National Park, home to various species and hidden caverns. Get out and about on one of the many tour experiences; you may zipline into the rainforest canopy or feed rainbow lorikeets with your bare hands. Even better, you can go to the Glow Worm Grotto in a remote gully.


Of course, you can always embark on an expedition on your own. Simply set out on one of the hiking trails and let the jungle lead the way. After a whole day of exploration, unwind with a massage at the Lost World Day Spa before enjoying pizza and drinks in the upper bar.



Gaze at The Stars


Head to Moonlight Crag after dark for an evening of stargazing. This viewpoint is among the best in the hinterland for viewing the cosmos because of the lack of light pollution and the clean mountain air. If you go in the winter, make sure to try it.




Try Nightlife at Gold Coast Hinterland


The Canungra Pub is a landmark that has delighted both locals and visitors since 1937. Settlers Restaurant is located behind the white and black facade. It boasts a superb menu consisting of burgers and chicken parmi, a gaming room with Keno and TAB facilities in the main bar, football games playing at the public bar, and a big beer garden. There’s something happening every night, whether it be poker night on a Monday or meat tray raffles and live music on Friday nights.


Is the Gold Coast worth visiting? I would say yes since you can find the Glow Worm Caves, a popular Hinterland attraction located at Springbrook National Park. Enjoy the sparkling worms and the nighttime mesmerizing jungle. As you stargaze away from the glaring city lights, don’t forget to glance up for an incredible sight.


Before Monday Comes, Have A Nice Hinterland Breakfast!

Just before you leave your beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland accommodation, indulge yourself once more by soaking yourself in the mountain air. You can also enjoy a serene breakfast inside your own villa or eat brekky at a nearby buffet breakfast.


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