Is Greenmount On The Gold Coast A Good Place To Live?

Are you planning to move soon but unsure if your choice is the best place to live on the Gold Coast? Let me help you out. I suggest you look into Greenmount and Coolangatta first if you want to be close to natural attractions and a few steps away from popular food spots.


Greenmount beach is situated in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, a suburb where you can find many restaurants. I called Cooly a hive of restaurants from my previous post. Meanwhile, Greenmount is between Coolangatta beach on the west and Rainbow Bay on the east.


There are many ways to prove that Greenmount is a great place to live on the Gold Coast: First, this place is renowned as a little piece of paradise for tourists and locals. Next, there are many food spots nearby and places to stay that are overlooking the waters.


A Little Piece Of Paradise


Many are packing their bags and heading straight to Greenmount, Gold Coast, not only for vacation but also to settle for good. Among the reasons is that Greenmount is a beautiful place worthy of being called “Little Piece of Paradise.”


Wedding ceremonies and picnics are also common at Pat Fagan Park, nearby. You can spot a Bush Turkey, Bearded Dragon, and sometimes, a blushing bride in this place. Pat Fagan park also provides accessible toilets, shaded tables and barbeque areas, and a drive-up car park to enjoy a fun day with the gang whenever you want.


Of course, Greenmount also has several scenic spots where you can practice yoga and connect with nature. If you want a quiet contemplation, I recommend that you live at Greenmount because of its calm and soothing atmosphere.


Great Place to Live on The Gold Coast Because Of Greenmount Beach


When you head north along the leafy Ocean walkway, you can find Greenmount Beach. The place is located in the southern part of Coolangatta Beach.


Among the reasons why many travels to this place is because of the paradise-like Greenmount Beach. I also appreciate that you can see the beauty of Coolangatta from the pathway.


Greenmount Beach is also a safe place for people who like swimming and surfing. It is especially because Greenmount Beach Surf Club, as well as the Life Saving Club of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta, are situated on this beach, and the beach is patrolled year-round. The beach is also protected against violent sharks as shark nets are installed around the coast. 



As I mentioned earlier, Greenmount is an excellent place to live on the Gold Coast. It is particularly true for those who love surfing, people who want to learn the sport, and long-boarders. Greenmount Beach has easy sand-bottomed breaks, clear waters, and a beautiful setting, making it a beginner surfer’s delight.


Greenmount is also an ideal place for surf lessons for the entire family because it has the perfect slower-paced beginner waves. Simply look for Coolangatta Learn to Surf on Marine Parade at the far end of the beach.


Nearest Restaurants


Living in Greenmount also means being close to Coolangatta’s diverse restaurant lineup. But of course, the nearest spot to grab a bite is at Greenmount Beach club. The venue is also dramatic as you can view the sun setting when you visit at the right time. I would love to eat steak and sip wine while watching the sunset in this place.


Greenmount is also famous for the Greenmount Kiosk. This restaurant gives off raw Coolangatta energy that keeps locals and tourists returning. You can find Greenmount Kiosk in the same street as Tweed Heads & Coolangatta SLSC and Walkin On Water Surf School. So, when you happen to be in those places, don’t miss checking out this restaurant.


You should also drop by The Deck Restaurant once you’ve decided to live in Greenmount. This restaurant is near Greenmount Kiosk and other popular restaurants on the Gold Coast.



Incredible Coastal Walk and Scenery


Are you up for a walk? If you do, here’s some good news. Greenmount, Gold Coast, has the best beach walk on the Gold Coast.


Some of my favourite adventures in Australia include the walk between Greenmount Beach and Snapper Rocks and the Burleigh Headland coastal trail. They are quick and simple yet have a lot of jaw-dropping moments.


Start your stroll along the path that borders Coolangatta Beach, then turn towards Greenmount Beach. When craving some caffeine, grab a coffee at the Go with the Flo Cafe before beginning to round the Greenmount headland.



Great Place to Live on The Gold Coast for Its Ocean View Homes


Another reason to consider Greenmount your next home is that its residential areas are surrounded by sand and water. Your home will most likely have a scenic ocean view to relieving your worries and anxieties.


Living in Greenmount, Gold Coast also means you’re conveniently located close to attractions and diverse food spots. The views of the beaches also make you feel like it’s a holiday every day.


Nearby Popular Spots on The Gold Coast


Rainbow Bay Lookout & Rainbow Bay Beach


Rainbow Bay Lookout is a perfect place to observe Rainbow Bay Beach and Greenmount, Gold Coast wildlife. You can also lay a picnic blanket on the grass, read your favourite book, or work on something on your gadget while enjoying the soothing ambiance. You can also take a dip at Rainbow Bay Beach if you want. Just make sure to bring a towel and some clothes to change.



A Place to Live on The Gold Coast Near Snapper Rocks


Another beautiful spot you can easily access in Greenmount, Gold Coast is Snapper Rocks. Snapper Rocks is a popular spot for surfers because of its unique waves. It is located in the northern area of Point Danger, which is at the southernmost part of Rainbow Bay.



My Thoughts on Why Greenmount Is a Good Place to Call Home


There are many reasons to consider Greenmount as an excellent place to settle. First, Greenmount is located in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, home to diverse dining options, beautiful beaches, and famous surf breaks. Also, Greenmount offers a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere to pursue a peaceful and healthy life. This place also provides broad business opportunities because of the nearby tourist spots popular at Coolangatta and the Gold Coast.