Is Gold Coast’s Cost Of Living Expensive?

Pure bliss is what’s like living on the Gold Coast! With all the beautiful things it has to offer, there’s no doubt that the Gold Coast is a great place to live in. Still, just like in other cities, you can’t help but wonder how much it costs to settle here. 


Is the Gold Coast’s cost of living expensive? Yes, the cost of living on the Gold Coast is higher compared to smaller cities in Australia. However, it is more affordable than other capital cities.


Let’s find out together if the Gold Coast’s cost of living is really expensive by studying the cost involved in living on the Gold Coast. Among those are the cost of food and products in the Gold Coast, rent, utilities, transportation, and leisure.


Cost Of Rent 


The average Gold Coast living expenses for a single person requires $1200 per month and $1600 for a family. Depending on its location and size, a private apartment will cost you roughly $1200 per month. Less expensive apartments are available, though, outside of the city.


Cost Of Food & Products


Many budget-friendly restaurants on the Gold Coast serve a variety of cuisines. You can spend only $12 on a meal! You can also save up by cooking your own–local markets and stores are fairly inexpensive. 


Cost Of Utilities 


You wouldn’t pay much to talk on the phone, in contrast to unlimited Internet access. You will want about $200 in cash to cover your monthly utility costs, which include power, heating, internet, and water. The cost of living on the Gold Coast is definitely not the highest in Australia. 


Cost Of Transportation 


Because of the high tourist influx, the city has a top-notch public transport system. You have a choice between driving yourself to work or taking one of the city’s many buses. A single ticket for one zone costs $2.20, however you can save money by purchasing weekly or monthly passes.

Cost Of Leisure


A fitness club pass on the Gold Coast costs almost the same as one in any other Australian city, while movie tickets are less expensive there than in other Australian cities. Clothing is the most affordable on the Gold Coast as opposed to other significant Australian cities.


So, Is The Gold Coast’s Cost Of Living Expensive?


Compared to other cities in Australia, the Gold Coast’s cost of living is known to be less expensive. However, that has changed since the Gold Coast is now an expensive travel destination and home for newcomers. It has become the sixth largest city in the country bringing in tons of tourists each year. On the flip side, a lot of everyday expenses are still more ideal in the coastal city than in others.


 If you ask me, good work/life balance and a healthy environment far outweigh these cons. As long as you can afford it, there’s no harm in moving to the Gold Coast. How about you?