Is Coolangatta a Good Place to Live for Families?

I found out that Coolangatta, affectionately known as ‘Cooly’ by residents, has expanded from a little coastal village to a booming business, tourist destination, and shopping location. Cooly is the gateway to the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. Also, it is a popular tourist destination with its surfing beaches, fishing, and diving spots. But aside from that, it is among the best Gold Coast suburbs for families close to the largest airport in the region, the Gold Coast Airport.


Is Coolangatta a good place to live for families? Yes, Coolangatta, QLD is an ideal place to live in the southernmost part of the Gold Coast. It’s because of its scenic views, beautiful beaches, holiday weather, family-friendly food spots, and more. Coolangatta is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday with a dash of excitement just minutes away on the Gold Coast.


Besides being a popular holiday destination, Coolangatta is also one of the best places to live for families on Gold Coast. Here’s why:


Best Place To Live To Enjoy Pleasant Summer Holiday Weather 


Among the reasons why Coolangatta is an excellent place for residence is because of its pleasant weather. Since it is located on the Gold Coast, Coolangatta living allows you to experience a sub-tropical climate for most days of the year. No wonder most people say living on the Gold Coast feels like a summer holiday every day.


Of course, there are times when it rains, but it seldom lasts a whole day. There are also times when the weather is humid, so it’s essential to have reliable air conditioning and ventilation when living in this coastal town.


Scenic Views


Point Danger


Point Danger is situated near Coolangatta on the southernmost portion of the Gold Coast. It is a picturesque headland with views over the well-known Duranbah Beach. 


The iconic Point Danger Lighthouse and the Captain Cook Memorial are on the headland. Snapper Rocks is a well-known surf area close to the headland. Parking is available along the beach, and there are amenity blocks, barbecues, and many picnic tables for families to enjoy.



Coolangatta Hills


There are three hills in Cooly: Kirra Hill, which is 89 feet above sea level on the coast; Greenmount Hill, which is 105 feet above sea level on the coast; and Murraba is 230 ft above sea level and located in New South Wales’s border.



Ideal Place To Live For Beach Lovers


Coolangatta Beach


The north-facing beach makes it more convenient for people to go diving, swimming, surfing, and fishing. Since the weather is pleasant on Coolangatta beach, you can stroll through the park, enjoy the view from the pathway, or jog along whenever you want.


If you play volleyball, living in Coolangatta also means you have daily free access to Coolangatta Beach Volleyball Courts that are situated on the sand in front of The Strand. The courts are open from 8 am to 6 pm every day.



Greenmount Beach


Coolangatta is also famous for its Greenmount Beach, home to Greenmount Beach Surf Club and Tweed Heads & Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club. This magnificent white sand beach wraps around Snapper Rocks and Little Mali to the south and Greenmount Point to the north.


Another reason why Coolangatta is a great place to live is because of its sand-banked pool at Greenmount Beach, where toddlers can play and splash. It is protected from southerly winds and patrolled all year, making it popular with families and swimmers.



Kirra Beach


A beach located in Coolangatta’s neighbourhood, Kirra Beach is regarded as one of the most famous surfing locations on the Gold Coast. The iconic “Superbank,” one of the longest right-handers in the world, has its northern break at Kirra Point, which divides Kirra Beach to the north from Coolangatta Beach to the south.



Rainbow Bay


Originally but unofficially called Sharks Bay, Rainbow Bay is a bay, beach, and community at Coolangatta’s southernmost point. If you want to live in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, this Rainbow Bay is one of the best neighbourhoods.


Locals and visitors flock to Rainbow Bay, drawn in by the sparkling water, soft sand, and laid-back atmosphere. The beach is well-known for its surfing conditions, making it a hotspot for surfers of all experience levels. Whether catching some waves or simply soaking up the sun, Rainbow Bay is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself.



Food Spots At Coolangatta


Every time I move to a brand new place, I always check on the nearby eateries or restaurants where I can buy good food. Surprisingly, Coolangatta is like a hive of unique and trendy restaurants on the Gold Coast.


Suppose you’re craving modern Australian food for brekky, head straight to Bellakai. It is the best place for early risers to have a quick bite before getting on with the day. This place is pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your mutt along. Bellakai is open from 6 am to 12 pm daily.


You can also have a short walk and try some barbie and seafood at Choofas Smokehouse & Seafood for lunch. Their menu is full of dishes perfect for sunny days and warm evenings. They also offer off-site catering services and venues for special celebrations like engagement and birthday parties. After dining, have some refreshments at Choofas Horn Bar, a unique rum & cocktail bar that offers craft beers, bourbons, Australian wines, and many more.


Bondi grill’e Coolangatta is also a good option if you want a satisfying meal in a serene place. Aside from the food and venue, craft beers and cocktail jugs are also available in this place. You can book a seat using their online booking at, or email them at


Coolangatta is a great place to live on the Gold Coast if you’re a foodie. Mexican restaurants, like Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar, are available just around the corner to get the most real Mexican cuisine, and Beach Burrito Co. for that addicting Burrito.


In case you’re craving Asian foods, Cooly also has some of the best Asian restaurants for you to try on the Gold Coast. It includes Coolangatta Asian Cuisine, Top Noodle, Lam Lam Delicate Thai, Sunshine Thai Restaurant, OSushi Coolangatta, Malaya Restaurant Coolangatta, and many more.


Nearby Airport


The Gold Coast Airport, originally known as Coolangatta Airport, is situated in the neighbouring town of Bilinga, with a portion of the runway extending into the New South Wales town of Tweed Heads. The airport is only 6 minutes drive away from Coolangatta. Coolangatta is ideal for you to call home if you want easy access to an international Airport in Australia. Keep in mind though, that the airport only has limited international flights and the main international hub for Queensland is Brisbane.



Coolangatta Shopping


Once you live at Coolangatta, you should drop by The Strand, the region’s shopping district on the sea, for some retail therapy. You’ll find everything from shops to the Coolangatta Hotel to the Cinema and Timezone!


Make a beeline towards Marine Parade and appreciate the unique stores along the esplanade. Also, Tweed City Shopping Center is about 5 kilometres away if you prefer Hoyts to Birch Caroll and Coyle or simply wish to explore the area’s shopping.


My Thoughts About Coolangatta


Is Coolangatta in the Gold Coast a good place to live for families? Yes, it is. With all the things I mentioned earlier, what convinced you to live in Coolangatta? Many places on the Gold Coast are ideal for residence, but there is something about Coolangatta that I find cool.


First, this coastal area is surprisingly swarmed by delicious food options as many restaurants are established next to one another. Another thing that makes me want to live in Coolangatta is the beautiful beaches and the relaxing weather that allows you to be healthier by bathing in the sunshine for around 300 days every year.


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