Is Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live for Families?

Its serene and quiet neighbourhood makes Burleigh Heads a suburb ideal to live for families on the Gold Coast. This kind of place has always been my dream place to be. I feel alive in a peaceful and tranquil place instead of being in a noisy and busy big city. For families, serenity, peace, and safety are everything.


Is Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast a good place to live for families? Yes, Burleigh Heads is among the best family suburbs in Gold Coast 2022. Its relaxed environment and the range of nature experiences it offers makes it a perfect place for a pause. Burleigh Heads has many family-friendly areas, too. This place also has nearby educational and medical facilities.


Since you’re here, you might want to avoid the noise, energy, and many other things the Gold Coast is known for. Burleigh Heads, or Burleigh to the locals, is a Gold Coast suburb. It’s a nice place between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. Below are some excellent reasons to consider this place to find a residence.


Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live for Families For Its Relaxed Environment


Tourists and locals alike have found Burleigh Head’s relaxed environment ideal for residence. When living in Burleigh Heads, you don’t feel like you’re in a big-city tourist town. It is because this suburb is far away from the glitter strip of Surfers Paradise. But still, there’s no shortage of quality food spots, stunning beaches, and national parks at Burleigh Heads. You can also get everything you need in a few minutes, without traveling that long.


Unique Geography That Makes Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live for Families


Burleigh Heads is a well-known Gold Coast landmark. This suburb is split into two areas: the northeastern and southwestern. Burleigh Head at the northeastern area of the suburb, which is bound to the northeast by the Coral Sea. The southwestern portion continues down Tallebudgera Creek to the center. James Street is the beach area’s central part, with delis, cafes, retailers, hairdressers, chemists, charity stores, and restaurants.


You can also find Koala Park, a neighborhood in the northeast of the suburb and primarily residential. This place is close to Tallebudgera Creek and is bordered by bushland. It includes Ocean Parade Bush Reserve, Burleigh Head National Park, Burleigh Ridge Park, and Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park.


West Burleigh is yet another neighborhood of Burleigh. It is a former municipality in the suburb’s southwest. Aside from that, it has commercial and industrial buildings where you can find some of Burleigh’s shopping centers.


Stunning Nature Experience At Burleigh Heads


Burleigh Beach


Another thing to love about Burleigh is its magnificent length of gleaming white sands and blue sea facing the Gold Coast city skyline. Most importantly, one of the top beaches on the Gold Coast is, without a doubt, Burleigh! This magnificent site offers outstanding beaches and world-class surf breaks. It also has nature treks, a vibrant café scene, and generally sunny vibes that draw people from across the globe to live in Burleigh Heads.


Once you live here, you’ll be a few steps away from the World Surfing Reserve. This place attracts people from around the globe. Lifeguards are on post seven days a week at Burleigh Beach. So, you don’t need to worry about safety. But, everyone is advised to only swim in between the red and yellow flags.



Tallebudgera Creek and Tallebudgera Beach


Near the headland from Burleigh Heads Beach lies Tallebudgera Creek. It is popularly known as Talley Creek, which has some of the purest and most crystal clear waters on the Gold Coast. At low tide, multiple sand bars arise. When this happens, little islands pop up for people to experience while they last.


If you love bridge jumping, Burleigh Heads is the place for you to live. You can visit the deeper section of Tallebudgera Creek whenever you want. You can jump off the five-meter-high bridge at this spot, landing in the creek below. But if you swim in Tallebudgera Creek, be aware of the currents and boats in the area. Under the Highway Bridge, Tallebudgera Creek offers an estuary beach and calm waters. It is patrolled during holidays and is an incredible place for families with small kids to visit.


Tallebudgera Creek Environmental Park is located on the southern bank further downstream. Kayaking and boating are everyday activities along the creek. Tallebudgera Beach is the name of the nearby beach, which extends farther south and ends at the mouth of Currumbin Creek.



Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live for Families


Picnic And Watch The Sun Set At Burleigh Hill


Imagine yourself going to Burleigh Hill during weekends to have a peaceful picnic by yourself. It would be an incredibly relaxing experience. Burleigh Hill is an iconic and easy-to-access landmark on the Gold Coast. Suppose you’re planning to visit the place soon. In that case, I recommend doing so on a sunny day where you can enjoy panoramic views of Currumbin Beach from a stunning vantage point. Also, you can discover dense rainforests, rocky foreshores, and coastal pandanus groves.


Several Spots To Have A Walk And Hike


Is somewhere with a place to enjoy long walks and thrilling hikes your ideal place to live? Then, Burleigh Heads is the place for you. Once you settle there, I suggest visiting Burleigh Hill early in the morning to explore the 2.3 km walking pathway. This pathway winds through and around the splendor of Burleigh Heads National Park.


The best route to take in Burleigh is the Ocean View Track which passes through the National Park. This route takes you beyond the Tumgun viewpoint at the summit as it circles Burleigh Headland. Be sure to visit this place to soak in the spectacular views of the ocean and Tallebudgera Creek. From here, you can view the whole southern Gold Coast.


Nearby Food Spots And Shopping District


Burleigh is becoming increasingly recognized for its trendy culinary scene, making it a good place to live on the Gold Coast. But, if you want to reminisce and enjoy a good old pub dinner, come to the Burleigh Hotel. You can get a coldie, place a bet, watch the footy, and eat a pub favorite from their sizable bistro menu right here, just down the street from Burleigh Beach. Burleigh Heads is no longer a quiet fishing village. Proof of that is the large commercial center and industrial hub you can find to the west.


This place has various manufacturing, wholesaling, mechanical, and engineering businesses. Whenever you need something while living there, you can have a few shopping options: Village Markets, Stocklands Shopping Centre, James St Precinct, Burleigh Beachfront Markets, and Treetops Plaza.

Educational Facilities That Make Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live for Families


Burleigh Heads is a good place to live because it offers several educational facilities, making it an excellent place to have a family and raise children. Burleigh Heads Library is among those facilities located opposite the beach. It is enjoyed by both locals and non-locals, and the spacious children’s section is frequently crowded with young families.


At Burleigh, you can quickly access other educational facilities such as Burleigh Heads State School, Miami State School, Varsity Prep & Junior School, and Caningeraba Primary School (Burleigh Waters). State high schools are nearby, such as Miami State High School, Varsity Middle & Senior School, and Palm Beach Currumbin High.


Why Burleigh Heads Should Be Your New Home


Burleigh Heads is the place for you to live if you want to escape the city’s noise and live in a thriving community. It’s no longer the sleepy surf town of the past. Burleigh is now a well-loved place for tourists and locals due to its unique vibe and spectrum. Unlike most people think of the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads doesn’t have tall buildings or bustling nightlife. Instead, it provides an endless summer, so living here means you can spend all day at the beach.


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