How To Plan The Perfect Date On The Gold Coast

Looking to elevate your relationship? There are many activities available on the Gold Coast that make the perfect date, whether you want to indulge or make hearts race, there are perfect date ideas aplenty on the Gold Coast. Explore some of the best spots and entertainment venues on the Gold Coast with your significant other.
How to plan the perfect date on the Gold Coast? Consider jet skiing, create romantic moments at Sunset Beach Club, enjoy views at Highland Park, have fun at Timezone, and more.


Read on as I have put together different options guaranteed to create a memorable date. However, after that initial help, you will be on your own.


Zoom Along The Waterways By Jet Ski


While riding jet skis may be every man’s ideal date activity, it might also be a great time for couples and other groups who enjoy being outside. With Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris, you can discover the uncharted waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater and the undiscovered Islands that encircle Surfers Paradise and farther away. While sailing the open seas, see local turtles, pods of dolphins, and even wallabies!



Enjoy Sunset At The Beach Club is the Perfect Date


Do you wish to impress your date? Put on your casual island outfits and make a beeline to Couran Cove Island Resort’s Sunset Beach Club for a mystical afternoon sipping your preferred beverage. The golden shores of South Stradbroke Island are the ideal place to destress and enjoy the view. Whether sitting at a picnic table or lounging on a daybed, you can soak up the sun and the beautiful scenery.


You can also take the ferry service to Couran Cove and the Beach Club, which leaves from Seaworld Drive’s Mariners Cove at Main Beach. Daily ferry service is available for just $38 per person for the roundtrip.


The Sunset Beach Club welcomes visitors from Friday to Sunday, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience from 10:30am to 7:00pm. However, it is important to note that the club’s operating hours are subject to weather conditions.




Highland Park or The Panorama


Among the best ways to take in the stunning beauty of the Gold Coast is by heading out to one of the area’s many beautiful lookouts like The Panorama and Highland Park. Here, you can admire the view while reflecting on the simple pleasures life offers. Whether you’re watching the waves crash against the shore or soaking up the sunshine, taking some time for yourself at one of the Coast’s lookouts is sure to leave you both feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Also, discuss philosophical ideas, commonalities, and beliefs. It’s an excellent time to get to know each other more.





Reminisce about your childhood and have fun at Timezone like you’re back to being 12 years old. This amusement and arcade centre has several locations on the Gold Coast. When you’re with someone and enjoying yourselves, it’s easy to have a good time. For example, playing basketball like your favourite NBA player or dancing like a prodigy would be fun.



Overnight Escape To The Star Gold Coast


There’s no need to look for another romantic overnight escape than The Star Gold Coast. You’ll undoubtedly have a memorable stay as this place combines the sophistication and luxury of a top-notch hotel with a selection of lively bars, award-winning restaurants, a 24-hour casino, a relaxing spa, and a pool.


Enjoy fine dining and wine? The Garden Kitchen and Bar offers a delicious menu inspired by the summer. The great outdoors and contemporary dining combine to create a lively atmosphere here. Choose a table on the roomy deck or inside close to the magnificent 13-meter bar to enjoy regional specialities like grilled lime and prawns, pan-seared salmon with zucchini flowers, and a brand-new cocktail menu.


Select the Penthouse Suite for an unmatched haven of superior accommodation pleasure to earn extra brownie points just for becoming a total romantic. An impressive open-plan living area, a king bed, and a private balcony with breathtaking 180-degree views of the iconic Gold Coast skyline await you in this room, which has a generous 253 square metres of space. Also optional is bringing your rose petals.



Bowling makes a Perfect Date, Too


A little friendly competition is always fun, and it’s a good idea because girls are delighted to see guys being sporty, and girls look so cute in bowling shoes. There are many bowling alleys on the Gold Coast, including Zone Bowling Surfers Paradise, The Park Coomera, and more.





Set up a straightforward picnic on a picnic blanket with fruits, cheese, an antipasto platter, and wine. A picnic, no matter what will be beautiful somewhere like the Broadwater in Southport or Burleigh Hill at dusk. 


Mini Golf


In addition, a little friendly competition is an excellent way to break the ice. You can also try your patience by dodging the commotion of the nearby families and children playing. Check out whether playing mini golf is a good first date.


Salsa Dancing


Salsa dancing can be a pretty sexy first date if you feel daring and have some pelvic control and coordination. Moreover, salsa dancing is not only a great way to get your body moving, but it’s also a great opportunity to get close to your date.


Miami Marketta or Night Quarter


There is no better method of impressing your date than to stuff yourself silly with food and wipe your greasy hands on your shirt. But in all seriousness, a first date would be romantic if it involved a leisurely stroll through the night markets while munching on some snacks. How about asking your date to visit Miami Marketta or Night Quarter together?



Yatala Drive-in Cinema


Who hasn’t at some point wished they had grown up in the 1970s? It seemed like simpler times, so go retro and take your date to one of Yatala’s drive-in theatres. This one will surely get you to first (if not second) base, so cuddle up in private and get to know your date!



Visit Local Breweries


Make your way through the expanding array of neighbourhood breweries. Burleigh Brewing Co. and Balter are two of the best establishments in the area, which frequently host local musicians and food trucks to accompany their regional brews.



Arts and Crafts


Bring your date to The Craft Parlour, where you can demonstrate your talents. Or, at the very least, laugh at how untalented you are when it comes to making crafts and art. A good laugh is the key to a successful date, after all.


Go Glamping


Why not go glamping on your date? Nightfall Camp is located in the heart of the idyllic Scenic Rim beside Lamington National Park. With its beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to have some quality time with your special someone.



Plan Your Perfect Date On The Gold Coast Today!


Whether planning a first date or hoping to rekindle the magic with a long-time partner, the Gold Coast is the perfect place to do it. But remember that when something doesn’t go as planned, roll with it and remember that it’s all part of the adventure! Even with the best-laid plans, things can sometimes go wrong. So it’s important to be flexible and go with the flow on your date.