How Much Does It Cost to Stay at the Gold Coast?

Knowing how much spending money you need for a Gold Coast vacation can help you plan your trip better. It may also help you save time and effort and efficiently budget the trip.


How much does it cost to stay at the Gold Coast? A$121 is the daily average cost of staying on the Gold Coast for vacation. Meanwhile, the average cost of a meal on the Gold Coast is A$33, A$28 for transportation, and A$135 for a couple’s hotel accommodation. You need around A$1,689 to stay on the Gold Coast for a week.


To assist you in creating your personal travel budget, the following is a list of all average travel costs from other tourists.


Estimated Cost of Staying in the Gold Coast


A weeklong holiday to the Gold Coast typically costs AU$ 844 for each traveller. So, a one-week trip to the Gold Coast for two people costs roughly AU$1,689. On the other hand, a two-week vacation for two people in this city costs AU$ 3,377.


When a family of 3 or 4 takes a trip, the total cost per person cost is usually reduced since child tickets are cheaper, and it’s possible to share hotel rooms. Meanwhile, your daily budget will shrink if you travel slowly over a longer amount of time. A two-person trip to the Gold Coast for a month can usually cost less per person per day than a one-person trip for a week.


How Much Money Do I Need for a Trip to the Gold Coast?


Let me break down the average amount of money a person needs for a trip to the Gold Coast, Australia, below. This estimate is based on the experiences of real travellers who stayed on the Gold Coast for a vacation.


Accommodation Budget


The average daily cost of accommodation on the Gold Coast for each person is A$67 if you’re staying in budget accommodation. The going rate for a hotel room in the Gold Coast for two individuals staying in one regular double-occupancy hotel room is A$135.


Transportation Budget


For transportation, expect to spend around $28 for each traveller daily on the Gold Coast transportation. Take note that a cab ride on the Gold Coast is much more expensive than public transit. The cost of car rental services in the Gold Coast is determined by the dates, vehicle type, location, and age.


Meanwhile, there are several ways to save money getting around the Gold Coast. For example, ride the Gold Coast light rail or bus transfers from the Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise. Every day, public trams and buses run across the Gold Coast. You may purchase a daily pass for $10 that gives you unlimited trips on trams and buses throughout the area.

If you use taxis, you’ll blow the budget very quickly.


Food Budget


The average food cost in the Gold Coast is A$33 every day, although meal costs might vary. An average dinner on the Gold Coast should cost about A$13 each when dining out, based on recent travellers’ spending patterns. Prices for breakfast are often a little lower than those for other meals. For sit-down Gold Coast restaurants, each traveller usually spends higher compared to the cost of fast or street food.


If you’re travelling the Gold Coast on a budget, try the best cheap eats on the Gold Coast. Among those is La Diosa Mexicana’s $3 tacos at Surfers Paradise. They also serve the cheesy and mouth-watering quesadilla for only $4. Order these two in one meal, and you can save extra money for a snack later.


Another cheap eats on the Gold Coast is the $10 Hot Meal Plate at Govinda’s. This restaurant is located at Burleigh Heads and offers healthier meal options, too. If you’re craving a snack, Govinda’s kofta balls are available for only $4.


If you’re heading to Nobby Beach, don’t miss the chance to dine and save money at The Arc. This place offers satisfying daily deals for as low as $5 for fries and $10 for a kilo of chicken wings. You can also enjoy their pizzas for $10 each.

Entertainment Budget


The average daily entertainment expenditure on the Gold Coast is A$23 for each person. It covers money spent on day trips and other forms of sightseeing, including admission fees to museums and other sites.


To save money for the Gold Coast entertainment, search for free events on the Gold Coast. Every year, the city holds local events that tourists and residents attend. Check this website here to ensure you’ll not miss the chance to attend great events on the Gold Coast for free.


Aside from free events, another excellent way to travel the Gold Coast on a budget is to plan a day of free activities. For example, go to the beautiful Gold Coast beaches or take a relaxing walk at the Gold Coast Oceanway. You can also hike in the hinterland to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Goldie, and it won’t cost you any money.


Alcohol Budget


In the Gold Coast, the daily alcohol consumption average is roughly A$6.40. You’ll probably have better family time if you minimise the booze anyway.


You can also enjoy more booze without breaking the bank in the Gold Coast spots for cheap drinks like Apres Surf Kitchen & Bar Mermaid Beach. This place serves house drinks for $5 and $10 for particular cocktails.


Bine Bar & Dining is also a good drinking hole to enjoy a schooner of beer for only $5. This place is located at 1/28 Chairlift Ave, Nobbys Beach.


Save or Splurge on Your Gold Coast Trip?


So, how much does it cost to stay on the Gold Coast? Overall, each person needs around A$121 a day but, of course, one day isn’t enough to enjoy this place, so plan at least five days for a Gold Coast trip.


Whether you travel the Gold Coast on a budget or have a luxurious vacation in this beautiful Australian city, knowing how much you need during your stay will allow you to avoid any problems. The Gold Coast also offers a lot of options for all types of tourists. These include cheap eats, low-cost transportation, the best accommodation deals, and free entertainment and activities.

So there you have it, good luck with your budgeting, and be sure to have a great holiday.


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