How Many People Are Living In Surfers Paradise Today?


Surfers Paradise is an ideal place to live. So, there’s no wonder why people consider this suburb a place to call home on the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise has a lot of things to offer. It is a lively place to be and a relaxing haven in the heart of a buzzing coastal city.


How many people are living in Surfers Paradise today? 12, 388 people are residing in Surfers Paradise as of 2021. There are 9,211 homes in the suburb, which means 5,034 individuals live in every square kilometer in Surfers Paradise.


I have written down some information about the current population in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and why people choose to live in this suburb. You’ll see what’s in Surfers Paradise that attracts people to move in this place, choosing to be surrounded by high-rise buildings while being close to the paradise-like Surfers Paradise beach.


Living In Surfers Paradise


In 2021, people who are living in Surfers Paradise reached 12,388 residing in 9,212 homes. It shows that there are 5,034 persons every square kilometers in this Gold Coast suburb within its total land area of 2.46 square km. 


The neighborhood of Surfers is well known for its high-rise buildings and large Surfers Paradise beach. The area is very popular with tourists and locals alike, and there is always things to do in Surfers Paradise. Whether you just want to rise some waves or just relax in the sun, Surfers is the ideal place to be.



Cavill Mall, which runs through the entertainment and shopping district, is a key feature of the suburb’s centre point. Cavill Avenue is one of the most visited shopping strips in Queensland and is the centre of action for nightlife. The street got its name from the hotel established by Jim Cavill.


The Surfers Paradise Meter Maids are one of the area’s most unique features. The Maids walk around the streets of Surfers Paradise, handing out parking meters to tourists. This is a great way to build goodwill with visitors and make them feel welcome in the area.


Surfers Paradise is the entertainment and tourism hub of the Gold Coast. Also, the area’s high-rise buildings are Goldie’s most recognizable feature. Surfers Paradise was one of Queensland’s Q150 Icons in 2009 for its role as a “location” as part of the Q150 celebrations.


Why People Choose To Live in Surfers Paradise?


Surfers Paradise is a good place to live, so many are choosing to hang their hat in this suburb for good. This place is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The beaches here are renowned for their golden sand and welcoming atmosphere. Surfers Paradise is also home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and other attractions.


Due to its popularity, people who are moving to Surfers Paradise are increasing by the day. So, there’s no doubt that Surfers Paradise population now has beyond 12,388 total.