Good Times on The Gold Coast

How good is your life on the Gold Coast? Locals not only have great options for entertainment and outdoor activities in nature but there are always new and exciting options popping up to explore. The Gold Coast has recently added more places for locals and tourists to play. Try the following to have good times on the Gold Coast:


Try Batman Legacy, Steel Taipan, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Vortex for rides and slides. For animal lovers, have breakfast with the koalas at Currumbin’s Koala sanctuary and David Fleay Wildlife Park. You can also be in action outdoors with Just Ride Nerang, and GC Aqua Park.


Rides and Slides to Have Good Times on the Gold Coast


You may have noticed your child has a fondness for exciting activities. You don’t need to look far for excitement if you live on the Gold Coast. More thrills are to be had with new rides, slides, and buildings to explore at some of the area’s favourite theme parks.


Batman Legacy


To the Batmobile! Warner Bros. Movie World is excited to announce its largest Batman Legacy exhibition in the southern hemisphere! It’s a must-see for any Batman fan, with plenty of photo opportunities and exhibits to explore.


Explore all the ways Hollywood has brought our favourite movies to life. From superhero costumes to iconic props such as The Joker’s overcoat, Catwoman’s suit, and Batman’s masks, there is much to see. It includes thrilling rides that take inspiration from DC and the Batmobile’s high-speed car chase experience.



Steel Taipan


If you have the guts, take on the Steel Taipan! The Steel Taipan is one of the most powerful vehicles in the game. Do you dare to take it on? 


Dreamworld’s fastest ride is a reptilian rollercoaster with a bite. Hold on for your life as you navigate 1.2 kilometres of bends and curves, three agonising launches, four inversions, and a high speed of 105 kilometres per hour. If you’re looking for an even more exhilarating experience, the Steel Taipan has a tail-whip of the type that can only be found on this side of the world: the Tailwhip 360⁰. Entry to Dreamworld includes a ride on the Steel Taipan, but you must reserve individually to guarantee a seat in the Tailwhip3600, which costs an additional $25.



Wet ‘n’ Wild


Wet ‘n’ Wild is now quadrupling the fun with four new attractions which have the potential to draw crowds. KABOOM! will have you trembling in your swimsuit due to the 10 m drop and top 41 km/h speeds. Heart-pounding attractions like the Double Barrel as well as the Super Ripper, which stand 12 metres high, and the enormous tropical splash zone H2Oasis, which has lots of seating places and shade, are both great options for when you have to take a break from the thrill.





The new Atlantis Precinct at Sea World features a wild ride that’s impossible to predict what will happen. You get to experience the thrills of being in the Vortex as you turn, twist, and spin. You’ll be up 15 meters in the air and experience some of the best views around! From the top of this tower, you’ll have great city views. It’s worth it to come all this way, but just remember to keep your eyes open and scream your head off!



Animal Antics That Will Give You Good Times on the Gold Coast


Kids will be charmed by meeting these cute critters, ranging from exotic meerkats to native Australian icons.


Breakfast With The Koalas


What better way to take off the day than with a breakfast meeting with the sleepy wombat guardians of Currumbin’s Koala sanctuary? The zoo invites you to enjoy a gourmet meal while learning about koalas from the zoo’s keepers. You can also learn about conservation initiatives these iconic Australian animals are participating in. Additionally, you’ll get to cuddle a koala and have the sweetest breakfast date you’ve ever had immortalised in a professional photograph.




David Fleay Wildlife Park


This serene conservation refuge tucked away on the banks of Tallebudgera Creek, is a lovely place for the forthcoming generation of nature enthusiasts to be amazed by the wildlife. Koalas, tree kangaroos, emus, crocs, dingoes, reptiles, wallabies, and even platypi are among the Australian symbols you’ll see in the exhibits you spend a fascinating few hours investigating.


You may learn a lot about the creatures they care for at daily wildlife presentations given by the staff, who are all Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Park Rangers. The new Fleay’s Café offers a relaxing raised balcony where you may enjoy coffee, snacks, or a delicious lunch.



Action & Outdoors


Get active and have fun with various energetic hobbies that are ideal for letting kids go!


GC Aqua Park


Swimming and bouncing are two incredibly entertaining pastimes. You can expect that the result will be amazing when you combine the two. The only inflatable water park on the Gold Coast, GC Aqua Park has two campuses in Oxenford and Southport and features some of Australia’s highest water inflatables.


Fully trained lifeguards ensure everyone’s safety as you climb, bounce, slide, and splash your way through an amazing obstacle course. At the Southport site, the parents enjoy it just as much as the kids do because of the stunning Broadwater vistas and relaxing covered areas. The minimum age is five, and an adult must supervise children under ten.



If Good Times Means Bike Ride, Just Ride Nerang on the Gold Coast Is for You


Suppose you visit the Gold Coast and don’t have your bike, no worries! You can hire bikes at several locations. One popular option is Just Ride Nerang. If you need some tips on great mountain biking spots, there’s one not too far from here. Their incredible staff has the knowledge and know-how to ensure you have the best off-road ride possible at local trails.


Take over single-track trails that are 70 km at Nerang National Park. You can also ride their shuttle for a breathtaking adventure at Boomerang Farm Bike Park, which has 14 trails ranging from Green Lines to Double Black. This is the best and most fun on two wheels!


There Are Infinite Ways to Have Good Times on the Gold Coast


These places are only a few of what the Gold Coast offers to bring you good times. You can further explore the newest attractions on the Gold Coast, both natural and man-made and have as much fun as your heart desires.  


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