Gold Coast’s Best Christmas Lights In 2023

As the sun sets on another year, the Gold Coast comes alive with the warm glow of nostalgia and festive cheer. In 2023, the city’s streets transform into a mesmerising tapestry of twinkling lights, each bulb echoing memories of holidays past. Join us on a whimsical journey through the Gold Coast’s best Christmas lights, where tradition meets innovation and neighbourhoods shimmer with the timeless magic of the season.


North Gold Coast


2/7 Moss Terrace, Pimpama


The KIIS FM Christmas Lights competition winner is 2/7 Moss Terrace in Pimpama. This display on Moss Terrace is a must-visit for anyone seeking the true spirit of the season. The mesmerising Christmas light show features a multi-coloured house decoration that winds through the spacious garden, leaving you with the hope of its return in the years to come. Watch for Santa, who is cheerfully perched on the roof.


5 & 7 Girraween Street, Pimpama


Pimpama is pulling out all the stops with its Christmas lights displays, and Girraween Street is a testament to the festive fervour. While houses 5 and 6 take centre stage with dazzling displays, the entire street and its surroundings are adorned with festive lights, creating a magical holiday atmosphere.


15 Mirinae Circuit, Pimpama


Mirinae Circuit in Pimpama is not holding back on the holiday sparkle. It boasts strobing lights, glittering trees, and a delightful array of Christmas-themed figures. It includes a giant glowing snowman.


Moreover, the extravagant display synchronises festively with FM 89.0. It ensures a complete sensory experience for all visitors.


Forest Oak Drive, Upper Coomera


A perennial favourite for Christmas light enthusiasts, Forest Oak Drive in Upper Coomera never disappoints. The entire street transforms into a festive wonderland, with houses aglow in vibrant colours, extravagant displays, and interactive exhibitions. Plan for a stroll, as parking may require a short walk.


4 Santa Clara Rise, Upper Coomera


Santa Claus Lane on Santa Clara Rise is a Christmas dream come true, featuring an abundance of inflatable Santas, twinkling lights, and festive charm. This annual showstopper, drawing crowds year after year, invites you to indulge in the holiday spirit with a Maccas soft serve in hand.



12 Drumbeat Place, Coomera


Coomera continues to be a hub for Christmas lights, and Drumbeat Place stands out as a shining example. Every inch of this two-story house is adorned with lights, including a towering Christmas tree, a massive blow-up castle for Santa, and trees decorated with festive brilliance.


97 Annabelle Crescent, Upper Coomera


Prepare to be enchanted by the extensive Christmas lights display at 97 Annabelle Crescent, featuring moving features, Christmas statues, an indoor nativity scene, and even a Santa perched on the roof. This elaborate setup, taking over a month to assemble, has been a holiday tradition for over 15 years.


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Salvado Drive, Pacific Pines


Salvado Drive in Pacific Pines has raised the bar for Christmas lights displays this year, with several houses competing for the spotlight. Expect giant Santas, reindeer, and a spectacular array of flashing lights, creating a festive spectacle not to be missed.


21 Springwood Avenue, Pacific Pines


A top contender for the Christmas Lights Competition of Gold Coast Bulletin, 21 Springwood Avenue in Pacific Pines promises a dazzling display that has consistently earned it top honours. The lights, illuminating from December 1st, transform the house into a radiant holiday masterpiece, complete with an on-site ice cream truck from approximately December 12th to Christmas Day.


6 Waigeo Street, Pacific Pines


The Christmas lights on Waigeo Street exude undeniable cuteness with colourful lights, adorable Santas, and charming signs. Embracing true Aussie style, the display features Santa in a Kombi and Santa in a caravan, reaching maximum adorable levels.


3 & 4 Beaumont Crescent, Pacific Pines


Marvel at the dazzling display of Santa’s kangaroo sleigh at Beaumont Crescent, with an opportunity for an ‘elfie’ in Santa’s sleigh and a Disneyland-inspired Christmas room. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, this festive treat promises to be a memorable experience.


Wunburra Circuit, Pacific Pines


Wunburra Circuit offers various displays, ranging from small decorations to elaborate, multi-storey setups for those aiming to maximise their Christmas lights viewing. Stroll down this well-adorned street for a festive feast for the eyes.


6 Boyer Street, Pacific Pines


Experience the whimsy of Santa in a pool with a reindeer and a polar bear at 6 Boyer Street. The lights are twinkling by 5:30 pm and turning off at 10 pm. It creates a merry atmosphere perfect for an evening visit, complete with gingerbread treats and festive vibes.


26 Stevens Street, Southport


In addition to the list is Southport. Dive into the definition of a top-to-bottom light display at 26 Stevens Street in Southport. With Santa climbing a Christmas tree, riding a motorbike, and cruising in a Kombi, this Christmas lights spectacle is heartwarming.


16 Taupo Court, Coombabah


Embark on a sparkling extravaganza at 16 Taupo Court in Coombabah. They feature a lineup of Christmas trees, twinkling stars, and strobing snowflakes. Moreover, the synchronised lights, enhanced by tuning into FM 107.0, guarantee a festive experience that lights up the entire street.


Southern Gold Coast


2 Underhill Place, Tallai


At 2 Underhill Place in Tallai, a large backyard has been transformed into an epic Christmas-themed lights display. From massive stars to a giant Christmas tree on the balcony and cheery nutcrackers guarding the gate, this house radiates the true essence of Christmas.


Winchester Drive, Nerang


Winchester Drive in Nerang has truly decked the halls, fences, and front garden for a stunning Christmas light display. With twinkling lights, a mischievous Grinch sneaking over the fence, and Santa in a treehouse, this hidden gem in Upper Coomera promises a visually enchanting holiday experience.


13 Garden Grove, Carrara


Prepare your camera for the spectacular display at 13 Garden Grove in Carrara, featuring timed lights, a visit from Santa, and all the cherished Christmas festivities. Confirm the lights are on and flashing before your visit, ensuring you capture the magic of this dazzling lights show.


Additional Favorites


North Gold Coast


  • 511 Gainsborough Drive, Pimpama
  • 48 Lone Pine Circuit, Upper Coomera
  • 8 Shelduck Street, Upper Coomera
  • 9 Lancaster Court, Nerang
  • 12 Sundown Drive, Paradise Point
  • 94 Rose Valley Drive, Upper Coomera
  • 5 & 7 Girraween Street, Pimpama
  • 9 Boydaw Road, Ormeau
  • 11 Hentdale Court, Labrador
  • Wunburra Circuit, Pacific Pines
  • Rosabrook Crescent, Ormeau (Reindeer Highway)


South Gold Coast


  • 26 Mountain Ash Circuit, Robina
  • 3 Merion Court, Robina
  • 13 Garden Grove, Carrara
  • 42 Volante Crescent, Mermaid Waters
  • 31 Lancelin Drive, Mermaid Waters
  • 49 Dipper Drive, Burleigh Waters
  • 75 Coronet Court, Burleigh Waters
  • 59 Moondani Drive, Gilston


Gold Coast’s 2023 Christmas Lights Await Your Cheerful Visit!


In 2023, the Gold Coast has once again woven its streets into a radiant tapestry of festive brilliance. It creates a magical journey through the best Christmas lights displays. As the season unfolds, these enchanting spectacles serve as a heartwarming reminder of the joy and community spirit that illuminates the holiday season on the Gold Coast.


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