Tino Fa’asuamaleaui as the Gold Coast Titans Captain for 2023


The Gold Coast Titans have officially announced Tino Fa’asuamaleaui as their captain for the 2023 season. The news comes after weeks of speculation about who would take on the coveted role. Coach Justin Holbrook, who appointed Fa’asuamaleaui as captain in his first season with the team, has publicly declared him the perfect person for the job.

Fa’asuamaleaui, a Queensland Origin star, was only 21 years old when he was first given the captaincy. Since then, he has been admired for his leadership qualities. The announcement puts to rest speculation that star recruit Kieran Foran would take over the captaincy or even share the honor.


Moreover, the Titans are looking forward to a successful season under Fa’asuamaleaui’s leadership. It is along with the support of his teammates.


Holbrook’s Early Faith in Fa’asuamaleaui as Captain


In his first season as coach, Holbrook showed his faith in Fa’asuamaleaui by giving him captaincy at a young age. Fa’asuamaleaui is a Queensland Origin star and has been admired for his leadership qualities.


According to Holbrook, including Foran, who has played 262 games, and Verrills, a premiership winner, to the Titans’ leadership group alongside Brimson and Liu will only aid Fa’asuamaleaui in elevating his performance and captaincy to new heights this season. He also thinks that Fa’asuamaleaui will benefit greatly from the experience of his teammates and that his game will continue to improve.


Additionally, He mentions that Fa’asuamaleaui is only 22 years old and will be exceptional for the team this year. He expressed excitement about his return to training.


After returning to pre-season training following the Christmas and New Year break, the Titans coach is overseeing a more intense training regimen at Titans HQ. They have the goal of competing in the finals in 2023.

Support from Teammates


Holbrook has stated that Fa’asuamaleaui will have many players supporting him, including Kieran Foran, Sam Verrills, AJ Brimson, and Isaac Liu. Both Foran and Liu have heaped praise on Fa’asuamaleaui, with Foran saying that he is comfortable with Tino’s performance so far. He describes him as a great young man and believes Tino is the person to lead the club forward.

On the other hand, Isaac Liu states that he is in the background and there to support Tino 100%. He expresses that no matter what decisions Tino makes, he will be there to help him navigate difficult times and ensure they are on the right path.


Fa’asuamaleaui to Lead Titans with Teammate Support for the 2023 Season


Tino Fa’asuamaleaui has been officially announced as the captain of the Gold Coast Titans for the 2023 season. This decision was made by coach Justin Holbrook. He believes that Fa’asuamaleaui is the perfect person for the job. Fa’asuamaleaui, who was handed the captaincy at the young age of 21 during his first season as coach, is a Queensland Origin star and has played at a national and international level.


In addition, the announcement confirms that Fa’asuamaleaui will lead the Titans with the support of a number of his teammates. When he’s not on the paddock with his teammates, he is spending time with his partner and their two daughters.


The Titans organization is looking forward to a successful season under Fa’asuamaleaui’s leadership as well. The captain is known for setting high standards for the team to reach and his standards are in line with those of the club.


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