Gold Coast Outdoor Dining Guide

If you are drawn to the Gold Coast’s pristine coastline, you will also be drawn to the outdoor Gold Coast dining experience. Who wouldn’t? What is not to love about going outside, eating, and drinking on a terrace? The sky is a stunning blue, the sun is shining, and the weather has chosen to stay calm. This short list of the Gold Coast’s favourite outdoor wining and dining spots has been put together to bring you the best day or night out on the town in al fresco fashion.


The best restaurants with outdoor dining on the Gold Coast are Currumbin Vikings SLCS, Hideaway Kitchen and Bar, Garden Kitchen & Bar, The Collective, Rick Shores, Paddock Bakery, Alfred’s Diner, Burleigh Hill, and Commune.




Commune Cafe has made an outdoor garden table setting so that their customers can enjoy the good weather. Our skin needs vitamin D to stay healthy, and what better way to get it than by enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in the sunshine? Aside from that, a ping pong table is often brought out in the summers, so be on the lookout for it! Maybe you can challenge someone to a game. Commune is open daily from 6 AM to 3 PM on public holidays.



Burleigh Hill


Eating outside sometimes means you have to be fancy. If you wish to feel like a local on a sunny weekend, head to Burleigh Hill. This beloved grassy knoll is the ideal venue to soak up some rays and enjoy the good weather. Carry your picnic blanket and demonstrate your expert cheeseboard skills in this natural amphitheatre with a view of Burleigh Point’s world-famous surf.


If you need to prepare more, visit Burleigh Fishmongers on James Street. There you can place an order for one of Justin Lane’s renowned wood-fired sourdough pizzas or takeout fish and chips.



Alfred’s Diner


Alfred’s Diner is one-third of Alfred’s Apartment, a unique retail experience for men, including a barber shop and menswear store. The three brothers who operate and own the businesses wanted to create a one-of-a-kind destination for men to shop, eat, and relax. On the other hand, Alfred’s Diner is not just for men. Although its exposed brick, a mix of leather, hand-painted signage, steel, wood, and a nod to the 1960s give it a certain manly air.


The astroturf screams fun for everyone. Along with burritos, acai bowls, and burgers, there is good coffee available.



Paddock Bakery


A home that has been converted into a bakery, cafe, or restaurant is now serving some of the greatest wood-fired sourdough bread available. Paddock Bakery only accepts walk-ins, but there’s no need to worry since there’s plenty of seating in their cottage, garden, rooftop & barn, and loft. Their doughnuts are worth dying for. So, stop by today and get a taste of the best sourdough bread and doughnuts you’ll ever have!


In addition, they have sausage rolls, pies, breakfast rolls, and sandwiches. They also have raw Snickers slices, and vegan salads are also available.



Rick Shores


On the Gold Coast, Rick Shores‘ renowned Rick’s Fried Bug Roll is the dish most closely associated with al fresco dining. Every week, this restaurant’s fast-paced kitchen has been known to produce 1,500 or more addictive bug rolls.


Come for a refined but not stuffy outdoor dining experience that reflects the city’s unpretentious and laid-back attitude. This restaurant also has a contemporary Pan-Asian menu strewn with king prawn yellow curry, spiced mackerel, and next-level desserts. After one long lazy lunch on Rick Shores’ ocean-side table or outdoor terrace, you’ll understand why a team of Australia’s top food critics voted this food spot in 2017 as the year’s number one restaurant in Queensland.



The Collective


With the opening of The Collective in Palm Beach, the Gold Coast’s outdoor dining scene underwent a permanent transformation. This distinctive dining spot is a trendy full-service marketplace with five kitchens underneath a single roof, a huge retractable ceiling, plenty of photo opportunities, and two bars, one of which is on the rooftop.


I advise beginning with Bloody Mary mussels and steamed bao buns before drinking jugs of Sangria and Pimms next. You can curl up in anxiety over the absurdly lengthy menu afterward. Their menu features Mexican, Italian, American, contemporary Australian, and Asian cuisine. The Gold Coast’s way of life is all of this, and it’s all just a few streets away from the beach.



Garden Kitchen & Bar


Enjoy a good meal alone, or with the people you love at the gram-worthy outdoor dining table at Garden Kitchen & Bar. Garden Kitchen & Bar, as the name implies, is a haven of greenery goodness. This place is as leafy and lush as they come, with a greenhouse-style interior and an enormous palm-lined deck outside.


For a more outdoor-oriented lunch, request a table in the atrium and say yes to the Champagne Luncheon special. This offer is only $99 for each person and includes 2 hours of bottomless Moet & Chandon and lunch. Weekends in the summer bring out the barbecues in the Lawn Kitchen, and a picnic-style feast of charcuterie boards and smoked meats is served on the Grand Lawn.



Hideaway Kitchen and Bar


The location of Hideaway Kitchen and Bar is relatively easy to find. The large outdoor seating area is actually in the back, concealed by sliding doors. But, the astroturfed outdoor space has its own bar, making it a well-liked gathering place in the summer. The hanging umbrellas also make for attractive photographic subjects when lit up.


Expect an abundance of delectable skewers, spring rolls, dumplings, and baos, as well as your choice of noodle and rice dishes and larger plates to share. The cuisine is Asian fusion with an emphasis on street eats.




Currumbin Vikings SLCS


Set your GPS to a local favourite, Currumbin Vikings Surf Life Saving Club, when hunting for outdoor dining on the Gold Coast but without fuss and fanfare. You will not require an outdoor seat to feel as though you’re almost dining above the crashing waves and squeaky soft sand because every table has unobstructed views of the coastline.


You’re here for the classic surf club experience and the million-dollar views, not the plain and practical interiors. Come for pub-style lunches like fish ‘n’ chips and chicken parmigiana, partnered with Queensland’s favourite classic schooner of XXXX, or a cold local craft beer.



Relax and Dine in these Alfresco Dining on the Gold Coast


Relax and dine in these alfresco dining on the Gold Coast. With stunning views of the ocean, you can enjoy a delicious meal while appreciating the waves crashing against the shore. Whether you are searching for a fun night out or a romantic dinner for two, these restaurants have you covered.


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