A Guide To Gold Coast’s Lifestyle

You’ve probably heard about people moving to the Gold Coast for its environment. I mean, who doesn’t want to live with great weather and perfect beaches nearby? I do! But what is life like on the Gold Coast?


What is the lifestyle in the Gold Coast? The Gold Coast has a serene and beautiful beach lifestyle. It offers a leisurely lifestyle to tourists and locals, there are many shopping options to choose from, and transportation is easy.


If you wish to know what the Gold Coast is like to live, then you’re in luck. I’ve saved you time by doing the research myself. Let’s dive right in! 


Gold Coast Transportation


A first-rate public transport system makes getting around the Gold Coast quite simple. To get you where you need to go, there’s no shortage of buses, trains, and trams. The network typically runs on schedule. Moreover, the distance to Brisbane City is under an hour. In other words, big-city benefits without the rush hour!


The tram (light rail) and the bus are the primary modes of public transportation on the Gold Coast. The city’s 16 stations make up the metro. More than 60 bus routes are available in the city and every day, buses run at a minimum of once every 15 minutes.


Gold Coast Culture




The openness and friendliness of its locals may be what separates the Gold Coast from other places. No matter where you go, you’re always welcomed with a smile and a warm hello. Whether you’re out shopping or picking up the mail, it seems people here are always up for a conversation.


Food & Drinks


The Gold Coast is home to a world-class dining scene. It doesn’t run out of flourishing cafés, passionate start-ups, and restaurants whose goal is to compete with the top eating spots. You have to try their seafood, coffee, acai bowls, cocktails…the list goes on!




The retail and fashion industries are thriving on the Gold Coast. At the upscale Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, stroll along the promenade, or get a stylish deal at Harbour Town Premium Outlets. Shop in style. You can also support regional products and purchase affordable fresh and seasonal goods at local markets.




On the Gold Coast, something is always going on. Several festivals are held annually to celebrate anything from culture and art to food. You can also find live music featuring both local and international talent year-round.


Gold Coast Weather


Quick fun fact: the Gold Coast experiences 300 days of sunshine a year! What’s more, winters are milder than in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. When it gets hot and humid, you can take a swim at one of the coast’s gorgeous beaches (deep waters are 15 minutes or less away). I don’t know about you, but the weather alone makes the Gold Coast lifestyle sound so inviting!


Gold Coast Environment


If you’re a chill person, the Gold Coast lifestyle is perfect for you. With surrounding lush greenery, everyone appears to just take it easy. No dressing up for mere brunch or a swim. Unlike in other big cities, you can definitely be laid back here.


Gold Coast Education


The International Education Association of Australia has chosen the Gold Coast as the best regional student destination in the country. It’s the most affordable student city, with average living and educational costs 40% less than those in Sydney or Melbourne. Bond University, for one, enables students to take courses more quickly by operating on a three-semester calendar.


Gold Coast Careers


Though the Gold Coast is a fairly small city, there are plenty of opportunities to find employment and advance your career here. You won’t have a hard time finding work that allows you to make the most of the Gold Coast lifestyle. Startups also thrive here because of the attractive location, lower than average wages, and reasonably priced real estate market.


Gold Coast Leisure


You can balance your professional life with the countless recreational possibilities available when you have an enviable outdoor lifestyle and plenty of natural beauty to explore. The city’s various attractions won’t bore you at all! You can try sports, rainforest tours, water activities, theme parks (including huge ones like Warner Bros and Sea World), nightlife, etc.


A few things you might wanna try:


Beach Activities 


You can go swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, cruising, fishing, and whale watching. You can also have surf lessons or play beach volleyball with your friends. 




Enjoy the spectacular views while on tour. Ride a segway, join a tour, or even go on a bushwalk. Explore national parks, mountain villages, vineyards, farms, waterfalls, ancient rainforests, etc.!


Trails and Challenges


If you’re the active type, you might want to try out trail walking, the treetop challenge at Tamborine Mountain, and muddy obstacle courses like Raw Challenge. You can also play sports like basketball, rugby, baseball, motor racing, horse racing, and hockey.

Aerial Activities


I love this one. There’s nothing like soaring above the golden coastline! You can certainly do that by ziplining, skydiving, parasailing, or riding a hot air balloon. Helicopter and biplane tours are available as well. Just be sure that you don’t have a strong fear of heights!


Other Interesting Stuff


Would you like to give yourself some ax-throwing experience? Maybe you’d like to have a go at some not too common activities. Why not see for yourself if you’re into range shooting or standing 270 meters above sea level (SkyPoint climb)? You’ll be surprised at how many thrilling activities you can do on the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast Home Life


I know of many family-friendly cities in Australia, but when you consider everything, the Gold Coast is far outperforming the rest of the country. Affordability is one reason. No matter how much money you make, being able to support your family while enjoying an amazing lifestyle is a dream!


Gold Coast Wellness


There are many available health and wellness programs on the Gold Coast too. They help you practice an active, healthy lifestyle. You can also do yoga and meditation with potential new fitness buddies or just by your lovely self. 




What can I say? The Gold Coast lifestyle is pretty awesome. You can pretty much find anything you want or need in this part of Queensland. Living within your means while enjoying a full life is possible here. Whether you’re about to join the neighborhood or only considering this place as your new home, you’re welcome anytime!