Gold Coast Coffee Spots with a View

Get ready for a coffee adventure with a view on the Gold Coast! We’re diving into the world of “Gold Coast Coffee Spots with a View,” where your daily caffeine fix comes with a side of epic scenery. From chill lakeside spots to beachfront vibes, let’s spill the beans on where to grab your cuppa with a killer view!




This restaurant is situated overlooking Surfers Paradise beach. It offers abundant people-watching opportunities and the perfect ambience for enjoying one or two cups of coffee. Over the past year, Sandbar has undergone a significant transformation. It is so diners can seamlessly transition from breakfast to lunch and from coffee to cocktails.




Café Catalina


In Southport, Café Catalina presents a captivating panorama of the glistening water and the opulent yachts that adorn the horizon. It creates an atmosphere of refined tranquillity. The sight is not merely a feast for the eyes but a symphony for the soul. It offers a glimpse into a world of maritime luxury that might otherwise appear distant.


Beyond the visual allure, Café Catalina stands out for its culinary offerings. It provides a gastronomic experience that harmonizes seamlessly with the breathtaking surroundings. Their menu boasts delectable eats ranging from delightful breakfast options to satisfying lunches, ensuring every visit is a culinary adventure.


Yet, Café Catalina goes beyond catering to the human palate; they extend their hospitality to include our four-legged companions. The cafe also recognizes the importance of furry friends in our lives. So, they offer a charming treat known as the “puppychino,” specially crafted for the delight of your beloved doggo. It makes Café Catalina a dog-friendly cafe on the Gold Coast.



Custard Canteen


This Gold Coast cafe with a view is strategically positioned by one of the Gold Coast’s most exquisite beaches – Tallebudgera Creek. Moreover, it excels in delivering an extraordinary coffee experience. Custard Canteen is a pet-friendly establishment that allows you to extend the joy by taking your furry companion for a leisurely stroll along the beach after your caffeine fix. And if your sweet tooth beckons, don’t resist trying their iconic Portuguese Tarts.



The Salt Mill


The Salt Mill is renowned for its unparalleled selection of acai bowls. It takes pride in providing some of the finest coffees in a quaint setting just a stone’s throw away from Currumbin Beach. Despite its modest size, this establishment radiates a wealth of character and is cherished by locals and visitors from distant suburbs. It’s a space with a soulful charm that extends far beyond its physical dimensions.



Lakeview Espresso


Lakeview Espresso is another spot on the Gold Coast for coffee if you’re craving to see a scenic view. It is renowned for crafting a formidable iced latte and offering the epitome of breakfast indulgence. Revel in these delightful offerings while gazing over the tranquil lake, often accompanied by the charming presence of playful pups (who are, incidentally, more than welcome to join you for breakfast).




Dune Café


Dune Café offers a serene escape where you can witness paddleboarders gracefully navigating Currumbin Creek in this hidden paradise. Tucked away within the remarkable park surroundings (which are truly extraordinary) and in close proximity to the dog beach, Dune Café beckons with its delicious breakfast options and an ambience that exudes laid-back vibes. It’s the ideal locale to savour not just one but perhaps three cups of coffee.





This cafe in Currumbin continues to impress with its beachfront allure. It consistently delivers excellence. Situated adjacent to Currumbin SLSC and serving up invigorating coffees until 2 PM, Kinship provides an ideal setting with the entirety of Currumbin Beach sprawling at your feet. Moreover, it’s the perfect locale for a family outing, allowing the little ones to frolic freely in the expansive surroundings.



Tarte Beach House


A recent addition to the scene, Tarte Beach House brings the same excellence from Tarte Burleigh to the picturesque Creekside spot on Currumbin Alley. While offering the familiar brew you’ve come to adore, this locale boasts one of the most spectacular views on the Coast. Consider indulging in a paddleboard session before returning for a delightful refuel. It is especially true if a strawberry muffin top is on the tempting menu.





Rafiki By The Sea has rightfully earned its status as a local institution for many compelling reasons. The residents can’t seem to get enough of its charm—whether it’s the welcoming atmosphere for our four-legged friends, the exceptional coffee (complete with a tempting side cookie), or the home to flavour-packed seasoning that allows you to bring a hint of the good life into your own kitchen.



Unveil the Gold Coast’s Spectacular Brews and Views


In the dynamic tapestry of the Gold Coast, these coffee spots serve as purveyors of exceptional brews. Also, they are gateways to breathtaking vistas. From hidden gems by the lakeside to beachfront havens, each sip becomes a sensory journey. It makes these coffee destinations with a view an indispensable part of the Gold Coast experience.