Gold Coast Bars With Live Music

Experience the lively nightlife of the Gold Coast like never before with our guide to the best Gold Coast bars with live music. From soulful jazz ensembles to rock ‘n’ roll cover bands, the city’s music scene offers diverse performances for every musical taste. Join us as we explore the top venues where you can savour the perfect blend of cocktails, atmosphere, and live entertainment on the Gold Coast.


Steampunk Surfers Paradise


Steampunk Surfers Paradise is a unique and captivating addition to the vibrant nightlife scene on the Gold Coast. This eclectic bar and entertainment venue seamlessly blends the world of Victorian-era industrialism with futuristic elements. It creates an atmosphere that’s both visually striking and intriguing.


Steampunk Surfers Paradise offers an array of live music performances that cater to various musical tastes. From acoustic sets to energetic rock bands and everything in between, patrons can enjoy diverse musical acts that enhance the overall experience. The venue’s stage is often graced by talented local artists and occasional touring bands. It ensures that each visit brings something new and exciting to the table.


Beyond the live music, Steampunk Surfers Paradise is renowned for its extensive beverage selection. They have a well-curated menu of cocktails, craft beers, and wines that perfectly complement the industrial aesthetics of the bar. The interior design, featuring exposed gears, pipes, and vintage decor, creates a unique and immersive environment. These makes it an ideal spot for a night out with friends or a date night.


Open 7 Days from 11:30 AM until late, you can find Steampunk Surfers Paradise on Level 1 at 3113 Surfers Paradise Boulevard in Surfers Paradise.



Den Devine


Den Devine in Broadbeach is a captivating bar that draws inspiration from the vibrant music scenes of New Orleans, New York, and Chicago. For this reason, it creates an electric and distinctive venue where all your live music desires can be fulfilled. With its unique atmosphere, Den Devine immerses you in the heart and soul of music, offering an opportunity to savour some of the finest live performances available.



It comes as no surprise that Den Devine earned the prestigious title of ‘Best Music Venue on the Gold Coast’ at the 2023 Gold Coast Music Awards (GCMAs). To stay updated with their events and offerings, be sure to follow their social media channels and plan a visit for a night filled with music, libations, merriment, and laughter. Den Devine is your gateway to a musical journey like no other.



Stingray Lounge


Stingray Lounge is the epitome of style and eclecticism. It offers a unique coastal experience with a touch of Mexico that flows seamlessly into its vibrant atmosphere. In addition, it has a diverse selection of over 50 in-house Tequilas and a menu of mouth-watering Baja Californian snacks. It’s the perfect destination for a distinctive night out.


This captivating venue draws a rare blend of tourists and locals, creating a lively ambience reminiscent of coastal charm. Adorned with pop art accents and comfortable lounge booths, Stingray Lounge exudes a sun-kissed atmosphere that’s ideal for mingling and revelry. On weekends, resident DJs take the stage, ensuring that your nights are filled with dancing and memorable moments.


In Stingray Lounge, sophistication mingles with cheeky fun. It is the place where you can craft whimsical holiday memories to share with friends back home. You can find this captivating experience at 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise, and for inquiries or reservations, reach out to them at or give them a call at 07 5584 1243. Open seven days a week, Stingray Lounge promises to be the perfect choice among Gold Coast Bars With Live Music.



Soho Place


Soho Place is located in Broadbeach. It is a hidden treasure in plain view, offering an exciting discovery for those with a discerning eye. Accessible through the discreet red telephone box entrance, you’ll step into a windowless oasis where time seems to fade away, leaving you with an experience akin to a time-travelling adventure. Soho Place, a London-themed ‘small bar’ on the Gold Coast, provides an exceptional blend of music, ambience, and service.


From Tuesday to Sunday, Soho Place consistently features various live music performances throughout the week. They showcase some of the most outstanding and unique talent around. Adding a touch of sophistication, Soho Place boasts a selection of premium spirits, including their signature Belvedere Vodka, locally crafted beers, and inventive cocktails that perfectly complement the live music, creating an atmosphere as elegant as it is entertaining.



Aviary Rooftop Bar


This rooftop bar ensures your Sunday relaxation by offering an array of delights for your senses. Picture inventive cocktails, genuine Italian pizzas, and live entertainment from 4 to 8 PM each Sunday. Settle in, and you’ll have no reason to leave.


Aviary Rooftop Bar is one of the Gold Coast bars with live music. It is located atop the Mantra at Sharks Hotel and is an integral part of the Southport Sharks Precinct. As the elevator doors open, patrons are welcomed by a contemporary coastal aesthetic infused with a touch of whimsy. This makes it the perfect setting for a stylish and memorable outing. Enjoy the live music and the stunning views as you soak in the atmosphere at this unique venue.



Vinnie’s Dive Bar


Vinnie’s Dive Bar, a gritty dive bar in Southport, embodies everything one envisions when thinking of such an establishment. Its dimly lit, well-worn atmosphere exudes a genuine dive bar vibe. It is where patrons are always embraced with a sense of warmth and familiarity.


This dive bar is a haven for upcoming gigs. It predominantly caters heavy metal and grunge enthusiasts on the Gold Coast. The venue proudly amplifies the sounds of these genres. They eagerly await your arrival to join in the headbanging and revelry at Vinnie’s. Be sure to include Vinnie’s Dive Bar on your list of must-visit Gold Coast music venues to experience the raw energy and vibrant music scene it offers.



Discover Your Perfect Night Out with These Bars with Live Music on the Gold Coast!


Looking for the best Gold Coast bars with live music, offering everything from jazz to rock for the ultimate nightlife experience? Steampunk Surfers Paradise, The Cavill Hotel, Stingray Lounge, One50 Public House, Aviary Rooftop Bar, and Bine Bar & Dining are for you. Plan your nights out wisely and let these bars transform your evenings into unforgettable musical journeys on the Gold Coast.


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