Gold Coast Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the Gold Coast is your playground. With its heart-pounding activities, from skydiving to jet skiing, this coastal paradise beckons thrill-seekers from around the globe. Dive into the pulse-pounding excitement awaiting you as we explore the top adrenaline-fueled activities on the Gold Coast.


Have Fun on the Water


Experience the rush akin to rallying but on the waves! Climb aboard a jet boat for an unforgettable journey. With the wind tousling your hair (and snug in a life jacket), you’ll embark on an open-top vessel, speeding across the water at up to 80km/h. That’s approximately 22 meters per second! Brace yourself for 360° spins and slick maneuvers while taking in breathtaking views of Surfers Paradise skyline and natural scenery. Check out Paradise Jet Boating or Jet Boat Extreme for this unique blend of thrills and sightseeing.



The activity is suitable for children aged four and above and occurs at Surfers Paradise & Main Beach departures. Pricing options include adults starting from $60 per person and kids from $42 per person, with family passes also available.



Spring Into the Clouds


Feel the exhilaration of being catapulted through the air at over 160km/h at Surfers Paradise’s amusement park. The Sling Shot ride launches you to 80 meters high with an acceleration of 6 g-forces, promising an adrenaline surge like no other. So, if you’re up for it, the park also features the ‘Vomatron’, which is sure to give you a sensation of weightlessness.


In addition, the attraction boasts a height requirement, mandating riders to be over 110cm tall to participate. Situated at 6 Palm Ave in Surfers Paradise, it offers easy access to visitors. Moreover, admission comes at a price, starting from $20 per person, ensuring an accessible experience for all interested patrons.



Climb of a Lifetime


Ascend one of Queensland’s and Gold Coast’s iconic landmarks, the Q1 SkyPoint Climb. Over 90 breathtaking minutes, journey to the peak of the Q1 Resort building in Surfers Paradise, reaching level 77. Accompanied by a guide, relish unparalleled 360° views of the lush Hinterland, city skyline, and the expansive 50+ km stretch of pristine beaches.


To participate in the climbing activity, individuals must meet specific requirements: they should be over 12 years old, at least 130cm tall, and weigh under 136kg. The activity occurs at the Q1 Resort and Spa Building, 9 Hamilton Ave in Surfers Paradise. Day climbs are available starting from $77 per person, but pre-booking is necessary to secure a spot.



Stunt Academy


Ever dreamed of performing Hollywood stunts? At Stunt Park, experience the adrenaline rush of high falls, rappelling, and samurai swordplay during half or full-day sessions. Whether you fear heights or not, Stunt Park promises an addictive release of excitement.


Children between the ages of 6 and 14 can participate in the Stunt Kids program, while those aged 15 and above can join the adult programs. Located at 7027 Southport Nerang Rd in Nerang, the facility provides a convenient setting for thrill-seekers of all ages. Prices vary depending on the program and duration, with half-day adult sessions starting from $299 and the full-day kids program priced at $140.



Ride a Rollercoaster


Another adrenaline-pumping activity on the Gold Coast to try is riding a rollercoaster. Experience the adrenaline rush at Dreamworld and Movie World. Feel the speed and height at Dreamworld’s Tower of Terror or conquer Movie World’s DC Rivals HyperCoaster, the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest, longest, and fastest coaster.



Moreover, Dreamworld in Coomera and Movie World in Oxenford offer thrilling experiences with specific requirements and offerings. To ride the attractions, visitors must meet height criteria, with a minimum of 120cm, and for the HyperCoaster, a minimum age of 7 is required. Both parks provide options for entry, including one-day passes for those seeking a single-day adventure or annual passes for frequent visitors looking to enjoy the excitement throughout the year.



Breeze the Bitumen


Race your friends on a 9hp go-kart at Slideways Go Karting World, just minutes from Dreamworld. This isn’t your typical karting experience; with speeds up to 70km/h, each moment at SGKW will surely quicken your heartbeat.


To participate in the go-karting experience at 232 Old Pacific Hwy in Pimpama, drivers must be over 120 cm tall, while passengers must be between 90 and 130cm tall. Pricing for the adrenaline-filled 10-minute races starts at $39.



Dive From the Sky


Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with a skydive at Gold Coast Skydive. Free-fall from a plane and land on the golden sands of Kirra Beach. If you prefer a controlled environment, try IFLY Indoor Sky Diving for a thrilling yet safe experience.


To skydive at the specified location on Coyne St, Coolangatta, individuals must meet an age requirement of 12 years or older. Moreover, the cost for a single jump starts at $330 per person.



In Full Flight


Try an exhilarating zipline tour at Mt Tamborine’s Tree Top Challenge. Zoom across Cedar Creek canyon at speeds of up to 70km/h and 70m above the ground, with permission to perform aerial tricks for a truly unforgettable experience.



Escape Room


Another adrenaline-pushing activity on the Gold Coast is Escape Rooms. Test your wits in meticulously designed escape rooms at Padlock’d and Escape Hunt. Work together to solve puzzles and beat the clock in an intense hour of excitement.



If planning a fun outing, consider visiting two exciting escape room venues in the Gold Coast area. Padlock’d in Surfers Paradise and Escape Hunt in Southport offer thrilling experiences for participants aged seven and above. However, it’s advisable to have at least one player who is 15 or older in the group.


Prices vary depending on the venue, with Padlock’d starting at $32 per person and Escape Hunt at $82 per person. Whether you’re seeking a challenging puzzle adventure or a unique team-building activity, these escape rooms provide an engaging and entertaining experience for all participants.



Gear Up for Thrills on the Gold Coast!


Wow, what a rush! We’ve reached the end of our guide to Gold Coast Activities for Adrenaline Junkies! I hope you’re excited and ready to take on the waves and skies of this epic destination. So grab your gear, brace yourself for the ride, and make unforgettable memories together!


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