Father’s Day Date Ideas On The Gold Coast

Celebrating Father’s Day on the Gold Coast is more than just an annual event. It’s a cherished opportunity to honour the incredible fathers who fill our lives with love and guidance. It is the day to go above and beyond, showing appreciation for all their sacrifices and wisdom. With its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant energy, the Gold Coast offers the perfect backdrop to create unforgettable memories. So, dive into these handpicked Father’s Day date ideas designed to help you express your appreciation and make this day a remarkable chapter in your father’s journey.


Car Enthusiast


Is your dad a car enthusiast? If the answer is yes, then the Gold Coast Motor Museum is the perfect place to immerse him in a world he’ll truly appreciate. The museum, founded by brothers Carl and Grant Amor, pays homage to their late father, Denis. Their father ignited their shared passion for cars. From classic models of the 1900s to contemporary vehicles, each one has been meticulously restored, creating an environment that will captivate your dad with a sense of nostalgic wonder.


And why not extend the experience into a full day? Consider treating him to a delicious meal at Stanley’s Barn Restaurant & Bar, conveniently located on the property. This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of reliving his car-related dreams amidst a collection crafted with love and dedication.



Beer Lover

Another item in our list of Father’s Day date ideas is beer. If your dad has a fondness for both beer and staying updated on the latest brew trends, then plan a visit to Precinct Brewing Co. in Miami for a unique Father’s Day beer-tasting experience. This established brewery crafts all of its beers from scratch on-site, boasting an impressive selection of 16 (and counting) distinct brews. Whether your dad prefers ales or lagers, there’s a perfect choice for every palate.


Adding to the charm, they’re generously offering complimentary Father’s Day Brewery Tours, complete with a complimentary beer for your dad. Their menu is thoughtfully curated to complement the range of brews. It is an ideal spot to indulge in hearty flavours while sharing stories. As well as creating new cherished memories with your dad. So, gather around for a leisurely session, raising pints to the past and the future on this special Father’s Day outing at Precinct Brewing Co.



Spa Day


Even if he doesn’t mention it, when stress levels soar, the important man in your life might be in need of a bit of respite. Set aside an hour or two, free from the kids, and surprise him with a visit to Soak Bathhouse. This urban retreat is tailored to offer him a moment of pure relaxation. With indoor and outdoor communal mineral baths to soothe tight muscles, hot spas, invigorating cold plunge pools, a steam room, and a traditional dry cedar sauna, he’s in for a truly rejuvenating experience. After his time at Soak Bathhouse, he’ll emerge feeling renewed, invigorated, and ready to tackle the rest of the day alongside the little ones.




The Wild


If your dad is a wildlife enthusiast who enjoys interacting with adorable, huggable, intriguing, or crawly creatures, seize the opportunity to make his Father’s Day extra special. Treat him to a memorable day by gifting him brunch at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.


This sanctuary offers a delectable three-course brunch dedicated to him and allows him to spend the entire day immersed in the company of wildlife. From participating in captivating shows to enjoying the sanctuary’s unique natural offerings, he’s in for an unforgettable experience. Secure a spot for your dad in a place where the wonders of the wild come alive – a Father’s Day celebration he’ll cherish.





We all recognize that type – the one who never skips a game on the weekend and proudly sports his team colours. For such a dad, we have an exciting surprise in store. Treat him to an unexpected adventure with tickets to the thrilling double header: Sharks vs. Storm and Eels vs. Panthers at Cbus Super Stadium on September 3rd.


To elevate the experience, consider arranging a personalized drop-off and pick-up service, giving him the VIP treatment he deserves. And why not slip some extra cash into his wallet for a couple of beers and a classic pie? It’s bound to be his ultimate sporty Father’s Day. (Remember, kids under 15 enjoy free entry!)


Axe Throwing


Another excellent item in our Father’s Day date ideas list is axe throwing. For the dad who believes he’s experienced everything, here’s an opportunity to show him otherwise. Delight him with a thrilling axe-throwing session at Lumber Punks in Miami. For an added touch of unity, don coordinating family flannels and receive expert guidance on mastering the art. By introducing axe throwing to his repertoire, you’re sure to guarantee a session brimming with enjoyment and shared laughter. And remember, this experience is not just fun but also incredibly trendy at the moment!



Experience A Father’s Day to Remember on the Gold Coast!

As you search for the ideal way to celebrate your dad, remember that it’s not just about the activity itself. It is the sentiment and love behind it. Whether it’s an exhilarating adventure, a tranquil escape, or a delightful culinary experience, every moment shared is a gesture of gratitude.


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