Family Friendly Surf Clubs with Playgrounds on the Gold Coast

Family vacations on the Gold Coast are all about sun, surf, and sand, but when you add family-friendly surf clubs with playgrounds into the mix, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. The stunning beaches of this Australian coastal paradise have always been a magnet for families, but what sets the Gold Coast apart are the surf clubs that go the extra mile to cater to kids of all ages. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of these family-friendly surf clubs with a special focus on the playgrounds that turn a day at the beach into a full-fledged adventure for the little ones.


Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club


This surf club in Currumbin is family-oriented and offers a kids’ club during the weekend. It has a bistro, deck, and bar with stunning views of the coastline. It is also worth noting that Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club has a nearby park with a playground. This makes it an excellent choice for families looking to combine beach activities with playtime for the kids.


Currumbin’s magnificent surf club is virtually an oceanfront paradise. This surf club offers a dining experience reminiscent of savouring a meal on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship. While perusing the menu, consider indulging in the delectable Seafood Share Plate; it’s so tempting that you might want to keep it all to yourself. Following your sumptuous meal, ascend the stairs to the left as you exit, and be captivated by the breathtaking vista of the southern Gold Coast from the vantage point of Elephant Rock lookout.



Tallebudgera Surf Club


The Tallebudgera Surf Club, affectionately known as the ‘Talle Surfy’ to locals, is another one of the Gold Coast’s surf clubs that boasts a delightful playground. Nestled within the serene surroundings of Tallebudgera Creek and Palm Beach, it’s an idyllic destination for a post-morning sun session.


Enjoy a leisurely lunch on the expansive deck, and if you’re fortunate enough to visit on a Sunday, follow the enchanting sounds of the live band and partake in some dance moves on the deck. Families will especially appreciate that children dine for free on Thursdays. It is why it is a budget-friendly choice. Moreover, the presence of a fantastic playground right at the club’s entrance ensures that kids have plenty of additional fun.



Mermaid Beach Surf Club


The Mermaid Beach Surf Club is designed with families in mind, offering a host of family-friendly features. Children are well taken care of with the indoor playground, ensuring they stay engaged and entertained while parents can relax and enjoy their time. A special treat awaits families on Mondays when kids eat for free, making it a budget-friendly option for dining out.


Beyond catering to kids, the club also offers a variety of dining specials throughout the week. One such highlight is Parmi night on Thursdays, where you can enjoy internationally inspired culinary delights. Additionally, the club opens its doors for breakfast on weekends. It allows families to kickstart their day with a delicious meal in a tranquil beachfront setting. The Mermaid Beach Surf Club is truly a place where both children and adults can create cherished memories and relish a delightful dining experience.



North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club


If your ideal leisurely afternoon involves a laid-back bike ride leading you to a surf club by the water, then North Burleigh is the perfect choice for you. This surf club has a fantastic beachfront location and a nearby park with a playground for kids. You can enjoy a meal or a drink while keeping an eye on the little ones as they play.


North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club is nestled at the northern tip of Burleigh Heads, right at the conclusion of The Esplanade. It offers an exceptional setting for a sunset rendezvous, along with ample opportunities for people-watching. On Friday and Sunday afternoons, you can groove to live music, and when paired with a delectable Seafood Tasting Board, it’s a challenge to discover a more enjoyable and memorable experience.



Palm Beach Surf Club


The Palm Beach Surf Club is located on the southern Gold Coast and is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. There’s a park with a playground adjacent to the club, making it a great spot for families.


Sitting practically at the water’s edge, the Palm Beach Surf Club offers ample room to relax. In fact, it has a generous outdoor deck adorned with shaded umbrellas and a spacious indoor seating area. This location ranks among the finest places to witness a breathtaking 180-degree sunset view over the ocean, creating a truly magical atmosphere.


Moreover, the menu is outstanding, featuring an array of delectable options. Notably, the Palmy Parmi stands out as a definite crowd-pleaser, and you can complement your meal with a wide selection of fine beers, wines, and cocktails.


Also check out Palm Beach’s nearby surf clubs.



Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club


Located at the southern end of the Gold Coast, Coolangatta Surf Club has a nearby park and playground for children, making it a great choice for families. Just steps away from the sandy shoreline, the Coolangatta Surf Club invites you to indulge in relaxed dining. You can also gaze upon a magnificent 5-star vista of the shimmering ocean while doing so. As you savor your meal on the balcony, the soothing sounds of waves crashing nearby will serenade you.


Moreover, the club is open for both lunch and dinner. They offer a menu replete with a variety of steaks, seafood, and salads. What’s more, it’s a haven for families, with special attention paid to catering to children’s tastes and preferences.


Once your meal is complete, take a leisurely stroll along the foreshore parklands. In there, the kids can release their pent-up energy at the playgrounds thoughtfully scattered along the walkway. It’s the perfect way to combine a delightful dining experience with some family fun and a picturesque beachfront setting.



Tugun Surf Life Saving Club


Among its peers, Tugun Surf Lifesaving Club stands out as a serene hideaway, discreetly nestled just to the south of Currumbin, and perched right on the sandy shore. Unsurprisingly, it treats patrons to expansive, panoramic ocean vistas. The deck is an idyllic choice for a leisurely lunch while you observe passersby below.


In addition, Tugun Beach Park is close to this club, and it has a playground area for kids. You can relax at the club while your children have fun nearby.


Tugun Surf Life Saving Club is open from 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM for lunch and from 5.30 PM to 8 PM for dinner, Tugun is a true gem for those who appreciate the charm of a local treasure.

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In a nutshell, the Gold Coast offers a delightful blend of sun, sand, and surf, and its family-friendly surf clubs with playgrounds are the perfect embodiment of this laid-back coastal lifestyle. These clubs provide a gateway to some of the most stunning beaches in Australia. At the same time, they ensure that families have everything they need for a memorable day out. With safe and engaging playgrounds for the kids, delicious dining options, and breathtaking views, these surf clubs create an all-encompassing experience for visitors of all ages.


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