Does the Gold Coast Have a Rum Distillery?

If you look up the definition of ‘pure bliss,’ you’ll find something like this. Relaxing after a long work day in a sunny recliner with an overflowing vodka tonic, G&T, or whisky. You’ll be pleased with all the distilleries on the Gold Coast, whether you’re a spirit connoisseur or a newcomer to the club. I have collected them all in one handy list for your drinking pleasure. It is so you can include them all in the bar cart immediately.


Get the finest Gold Coast rum in the city’s distilleries such as Capricorn Distilling Co, WildFlower Gin Distillery, Woodchoppers Inn, White Oat Distillery, Husk Distillers, Paneszki Artisan Distillery, Granddad Jack’s Craft Distillery, Tamborine Mountain Distillery, Clovendoe Distilling Co.


Capricorn Distilling Co


Capricorn Distilling Co opens every Friday to Sunday in Burleigh Heads. It is located near Burleigh Brewing and Wildflower Distilling in a trendy industrial bar environment. Tours and tasting are free. The London World Rum Awards of 2020 bestowed the title of World’s Best Spiced Rum on one of Capricorn Distilling Co’s rums. It’s something you should look forward to.



WildFlower Gin Distillery


People were eager to visit WildFlower’s own gin distillery bar when it debuted in March of this year. It is because they are renowned for their delectable botanical gin flavours. People could relax on their vintage couches while sipping on one of their innovative and award-winning concoctions. The chic area has an eccentric fit-out that lets you relax in old leather seats while sipping gin and taking in the distinctive decor.


Vintage collectibles such as typewriters, ancient phones, a piano, and a unique chandelier are scattered about the space. These add to the eclectic ambiance. The clever WildFlower Gin team is taking care of all your gin-related needs and providing gin-tasting and gin-making sessions. It is so you may discover the blend’s secrets and make your own special concoction.



Woodchoppers Inn


If you’re staying in Woodchoppers Inn and searching “distillery near me,” then try Against The Grain Distillery. It is Woodchoppers Inn’s in-house distillery that makes its own whiskey, gin, and vodka. Due to this, tourists and locals will have more reasons to visit this place for a sundowner, beer, and barbeque. You can find this inn in the central part of Mudgeeraba.


White Oat Distillery


When their favourite bars were closed due to the epidemic, three friends realised that drinking isn’t only about the flavour but also about who you’re sharing it with and how that ties to other spectacular moments. White Oat Distillery was founded as a result. A family-friendly facility that is open Thursday through Sunday and features food trucks, live music, and gin!



Husk Distillers


The opening of Husk Distillery would be the proof that rum was having a serious moment. This rum distillery in the Gold Coast is becoming more and more popular due to its iconic In Gin brand. The whiskey made at Husk Rum & Gin Distillery is made from freshly crushed sugar cane juice, which is different from molasses. This place is the distillery in Australia to produce paddock-to-bottle Agricole rum.


The lush property, located in the charming village of Tumbulgum, has 60 breathtaking acres of pasture land, sugarcane rainforest, and the distillery. You must try the indigo-coloured Ink Gin, which tastes as good as it looks, as well as their top-notch rums, such as the Spiced Bam Bam and Triple Oak Rum. To really appreciate these tastes, schedule a distillery trip. On tour, you’ll learn how the spirits are made from scratch, get a G&T upon arrival, and close with a rum sampling.



Paneszki Artisan Distillery


Every once in a while, I enter a room and instantly feel like I’m in a special place. That’s exactly how I feel when we enter Paneszki Artisan Distillery. This family-owned Polish vodka distillery takes pride in producing all spirits in small batches, using 100% raw ingredients, and you can taste the love and dedication in every drink. The elegantly constructed 1920s tasting area exudes intimacy, with soft armchairs, chandeliers, and dark curtains effortlessly blending to create a gorgeous space.


Their vodka has an unusually smooth and creamy flavour with faint hints of vanilla and citrus because of the combination of classic production techniques and contemporary flavours. It is not the inexpensive Smirnoff you used to enjoy in the clubs; instead, something truly exceptional is taking place.



Granddad Jack’s Craft Distillery


The first distillery to open in Miami in August of 2018 has won multiple awards for its spirit and just this year won the title of World’s Best Coffee Liqueur at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The area exudes a cool loft vibe with exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings, lush hanging plants, repurposed wood, and steel beams. I also have to mention the huge concrete slab bar, which begs you to get a stool and stay in for the night. Come in for some fantastic gin, vodka, or whisky, and don’t forget to bring your dog.




Tamborine Mountain Distillery


The Tamborine Mountain is just a short drive off the main path, and it epitomises natural beauty and rustic charm. It would be impolite not to stop at the renowned Tamborine Mountain Distillery while on a dreamy mountain journey. The boutique distillery produces the finest liquors, vodkas, rums, and gins, and its reputation has developed gradually as a consequence of over 300 outstanding international awards.


Explore the stunning Elizabethan Tudor-style building and stop by the little tasting room for a taste that is too delicious to miss at only $8 per tasting. You don’t have to miss out if you can’t get to the distillery; simply order your preferred beverage online and have it delivered right to your door. Winning.



Clovendoe Distilling Co


Clovendoe Distillation Company pioneered distilling on the Gold Coast. They are pioneers in the low- and no-alcohol movement and among the first distilling companies in the world to be owned and run by women. They specialise in distilling without alcohol. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free beer, consider Sobah, a local product.



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So, now that you have the best rum distillery list on the Gold Coast begin planning your next trip. Don’t miss the satisfaction of tasting different rum from Australian rum distilleries on the Goldie.


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