Does Surfers Paradise Have Shark Nets?


If I were to swim on its beautiful beaches, I would first ask if there are shark nets at Surfers Paradise. Shark nets help reduce the number of sharks lingering in the area by entangling sharks who try to pass through.


Does Surfers Paradise have shark nets? Yes, most beaches on the Gold Coast have shark nets, including Surfers Paradise. So, there’s no need to worry about sharks in Surfers Paradise.


Knowing that there are shark nets around the area can help me enjoy the experience better and not worry about my foot being bitten by a 40-foot great white shark. Read on to learn more about shark nets at Surfers Paradise and other ways to avoid shark attacks today in Australia.


The Purpose Of Shark Nets


The city submerges shark nets at beaches to catch large marine animals like sharks. Doing this helps lessen the possibility of shark attacks on swimmers. Shark nets provide a physical barrier between swimmers and sharks. They also effectively reduced the number of latest shark attacks 2022.


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Other Ways To Be Safe Swimming In Surfers Paradise


Beachgoers are always advised to take precautionary measures to avoid being attacked by a shark. It is commonly referred to as being SharkSmart. One way to reduce the risk of encountering a shark is to swim between the red and yellow flags placed on beaches to indicate safe swimming areas.


The lifesavers look at weather and surf conditions and put flags in the safest spot for people to swim. Beach closures are occasionally necessary. It’s because of strong rips, blue bottle stingers, and jellyfish in the water.


Between the flags is the safest area to swim on any Gold Coast beach. The lifesavers at Surfers Paradise Life Saving Club will always be on the lookout for your safety while in the water.


You can only swim outside the flags if you are surfing or doing any activity where you will use a surfboard. The reason is that surfboards have pointy ends that could harm other swimmers, so they shouldn’t be between the flags.


Other ways to be SharkSmart are:


  • Avoid swimming at dawn or dusk
  • Swim with a fried and look out for each other
  • Reduce risk by avoiding diving birds and schools of bait fishing
  • Keep food scraps and fish waste out of swimming areas.
  • Swim in clear water away from fishers


Swimming At Surfers Paradise Is Safe


Overall, you can safely swim at Surfers Paradise as its beaches are equipped with shark control equipment like shark nets and drumlines. But make sure to always be SharkSmart!


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