Cosy Up For Winter On The Gold Coast

Some might describe the winter on the Gold Coast as “mild.” People from southern states think locals are silly for dressing warmly when the temperature falls below 20 degrees Celsius. But in reality, people on the Gold Coast feel the cold because they rarely experience temperatures this low. The locals are bundled up in their Ugg boots this winter on the Gold Coast and looking for every possible way to remain warm. So, here’s some ideas to enjoy the good times and the fuzzy feelings coming throughout the winter.


Fire It Up


If you’re an early riser, you might have seen the flock of large balloons suspended high, far above the Gold Coast on a winter morning. The Gold Coast’s year-round signature activity is hot air ballooning. But if you wish to see a pretty magnificent sunrise display, visit during the winter on the Gold Coast and observe how the sky is transformed at dawn by red, purple, and pink hues.


Be prepared for an early wake-up call, yet the reward is worthwhile. Epic Instagram photo opportunities including the 360-degree views spanning from the sea to the city and the rainforest.


If you’re looking for a soaring adventure on the Gold Coast, make sure to give Go Ballooning a try! When it comes to balloon ride tour agencies, they’re the cream of the crop. In fact, they’ve earned a perfect 5.0-star rating on Google from more than 2,300 reviewers!


Get A Warm Glow From Glamping


Some winter hinterland glamping is best if setting up a tent and building a fire with two sticks isn’t really your thing. Nightfall Camp is a trendsetter of the luxury glamping movement on the Coast. It’s in the picturesque foothills of Lamington National Park. There isn’t a porta potty in sight. But this opulent experience offers a luxurious outdoor quick escape where indeed everything is taken care of.


Enjoy a relaxing stay in your architecturally inspired safari tent, complete with a rotating fireplace to keep you warm. Curl up with an excellent book and relax in comfort. Take a leisurely nap in your king-sized bed or enjoy a long soak in the retro twin bathtubs that look out onto the vast hinterland.


If you wish to take your idea of camping to the next level, consider adding some delicious, home-cooked meals! Nightfall Camp’s talented team of chefs can prepare all your meals using organic produce sourced locally, and they’ll even cook them over the fire for an extra touch of authenticity. Check out their website here




Like A Warm Hug For Your Feet


The team at UGG Since 1974 will craft your boots in Miami utilising only the highest quality and warmest sustainable Australian leather supplies and merino sheepskin. It is a third-generation family business that is well-known for its excellent craftsmanship. A little piece of local knowledge: request an exciting factory tour and observe the skilled craftsmen at work.


Get a Sweat On During Winter on the Gold Coast


It sounds torture to drag our bodies out of our warm beds on a cold winter morning to exercise. So instead of working out for long hours at the gym, put on your socks, and do something a little more energising at Bounce Inc. in Burleigh. It is Australia’s largest indoor adventure playground.


You’ll have so much fun flipping, leaping, jumping, and springing across over 3000m2 of linked trampolines that you’ll overlook the fact that you’re exercising. Take your bouncing experience to the next level with a VIP membership! With access to weekly sessions, you can keep the whole family active and entertained all winter long.



A Toasty Tipple


A quick afternoon drink at one of our nearby distilleries will have you defrosting in no time. It is a simple way to stay warm when the temperature drops. Granddad Jack’s, a family-run distillery, has quickly established itself as a Miami hotspot.


Searching for a place to enjoy some delicious gin? Look no further than Granddad Jack’s. You can try three of their distinctive gin flavours here, take part in gin-making events, or just relax with your favourite beverage in the tasting room. Additionally, they produce their own liqueur, vodka, and whisky!


Visit Capricorn Distilling to check out this newly designed batch distillery if rum is your drink of choice. The coffee, pineapple rums, and spiced that they are famous for are a great place to start and will undoubtedly warm you to the core.



A Steamy Stage Show


Among the top trending entertainment hotspots on the Coast can be found well beyond the shimmering lights of Broadbeach, up a dimly lit stairwell: The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub. Since its debut in 2019, this steamy stage show phenomenon has drawn crowds with its hefty dose of aerials, acrobats, comedy, singing, dancing, and some seriously show-stopping costumes.


Slip right into a velvet booth along with your favourite beverage and watch the spectacle unfold. There are five shows to choose from, and they run daily except Mondays and Wednesdays. It might make you a little fired up.



Lunch By The Fire During Winter on the Gold Coast


Witches Falls Cottages, nestled in Tamborine Mountain, is a top pick for adults-only winter getaways on the Gold Coast. Bring a puffer jacket, and as you head to the hills for a relaxed, pace-long lunch, embrace the chilly weather.


Plan your trip to happen at the same time as Christmas in July, when the restaurant is transformed into a winter wonderland each month on a Saturday. The Witches Falls Cottages is the ideal accommodation if you wish to escape the cold weather.



The Gold Coast Is the Perfect City to Cosy up for Winter!


With its stunning beaches and warm weather, you’ll be able to cosy up and enjoy all the Gold Coast has to offer. From having lunch by the fire at Witches Falls Cottages to relaxing 360 views of the Gold Coast with hot air ballooning, there’s something for everyone on the Gold Coast. So why not make it your next winter getaway destination?


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