Contest Winners

The Gold Coast, Australia's PlaygroundEnter For a Chance To Win a 3 Night, 4 Day Hotel Getaway

One Random Winner Will be Drawn Every Month and Will WIN an Amazing 3-Night, 4-Day Hotel Getaway on The Gold Coast.

Each month, we will also draw one random winner of a $100 Hotel Savings Card that can be used when you next travel. The $100 value can be added to the balance you have in your account.

You can increase your chances of winning by getting additional entries in the competition by sharing the competition on social media and other activities.

You will only be responsible for personal expenses including but not limited to food, beverages and transportation….





What is included in the vacation package I’ve won?

The three-night hotel room for two people is complimentary. For example, say it’s a $250 a night hotel room, that is included free. The only costs you will have are personal expenses such as your flights or car travel and food/drinks etc.

Do I have to attend a timeshare presentation?


What if I want to take my children on the vacation?

Some of the hotels can accommodate up to two children included in the package but not all hotels will be able to accommodate children without there being an extra charge.

Can I book a hotel in my city for a weekend?

The user must reside at least 100 miles or 160 kilometers away from the destination resort of choice or choose a different resort offer from the available destination options.

How long have I got to use the vacation or does it expire?

The vacation must be activated within 7 days of receiving the email awarding you the vacation. Once activated, you have 18 months to book your exact travel dates and take the vacation. The booking needs to be made 30 days in advance of when you plan to travel.

How can I redeem my vacation?

You will receive an email with details of the vacation you’ve won. You have 7 days from receipt of the email to activate the vacation by paying the taxes and fees. If you do not activate the certificate within 7 days of receipt, the certificate will be void.

Once this is done, you will get an email receipt and links to confirming the vacation is activated and there is nothing further required until you want to make the reservation.  You have 18 months from the receipt of this email to search for dates and choose from participating hotels based on availability.  The process is all online. 

Can I cancel after the vacation has been activated and/or dates confirmed?

When a vacation is activated and or the dates booked, it is FINAL & NON-REFUNDABLE.  Once dates are confirmed with the incentive no changes will be allowed. Cancellations after dates are confirmed will result in forfeiture of the activation fees.

How are you able to offer so many of these vacations?

Through our connections, who have contracts with the world’s leading hotel chains, and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms.  We help fill empty rooms which the hotels, resorts turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property and future bookings. 

Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs. They might miss out on the room fee, but they already didn’t have that in the first place, at least now they have the opportunity to gain a customer for their in-house restaurants, room service, their casinos, an extra day stay, future bookings, etc. The benefit of why our program works so well is the fact that it’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Our customers win because they receive an awesome vacation. The resorts win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their establishment that they otherwise would not have been able to get and they also have a new client that may book with them in the future. 

Do I get to choose the hotel or does the company decide on the hotel?

Great Questions we are glad you asked as this is one of the benefits that set us apart. You get to decide on the hotel you would like to stay at based on the dates selected and hotel availability at that time.