Can You Take Dogs to Mt Tamborine?

If you wanted to ask, “Can you take dogs to Mt Tamborine?” I guess you’re planning to have a trip with your mutt in this beautiful place. Wine aficionados will also love Mount Tamborine, not to mention its beautiful tourist spots to explore.


Can you take dogs to Mt Tamborine? Yes, Mount Tamborine has many pet-friendly places to offer, and there are many fun activities to do with your furry friend in this Gold Coast town, too. There is one place you cannot take your dogs and that is Tamborine National Park as dogs are prohibited to enter.


Below are some ideas you can consider if you’re visiting Mount Tamborine soon.


Explore Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery


No need to search for “dog friendly adventures near me” because I got you. If you’re into wine and you don’t want to leave your pooch alone at home, take him with you at Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery.


Before tasting the winery’s unique flavours, take your dog to the tables in the front garden area, which is part of Mount Tamborine’s Gallery Walk route. Then, enjoy the rest of the day, understanding wine from the winery’s staff as well as the history of the place.


You can head to the restaurant after trying a few glasses of wine. If you prefer, you can have a first-class lunch here while taking in the expansive views of the surrounding mountain scenery and sipping on a simple cup of coffee. Pick up a souvenir or a couple of souvenirs from the gift shop after you’ve gotten your fill of divine food.


Stay at Cedar Creek Lodges


You can give your dog a well-deserved rest from the city by making a reservation at Cedar Creek Lodges on Tamborine Mountain. Your mutt will be able to relax and recharge, surrounded by beautiful scenery.


The two-bedroom, completely self-contained creek lodges are pet-friendly. Private balconies with fantastic views overlooking Cedar Creek are a must-have for a home away from home.


Dogs are allowed in the restaurant and outdoor dining area, which is among the dog friendly restaurants Mount Tamborine has. Also, owners are welcome to take their pets on walks along the nearby bushwalking trails as long as they keep their leash on .

Dine At Pippin Took 2


Pippin Took 2 is a dog-friendly restaurant that serves French-inspired dishes. It is located at 21-23 Southport Avenue, Mount Tamborine. Ross Howell, co-owner and chef, opened the first Pippin Took 2 in Brisbane and managed it for 12 years before relocating to the hinterland.


A courtyard with a firepit and 200-year-old oak trees surrounds the charming 30-seater, creating a cosy dining atmosphere. The harvest from the Mount Tamborine area is used in the French menu.


Swim at Pet-Friendly Cedar Creek Falls


Cedar Creek Falls is undoubtedly the most popular and well-liked waterfall on Tamborine Mountain. You can go down the 86 staircase to get to the swimming hole or take the spectacular lookouts that overlook the cascading rock pools.


Car parks are filling up quickly at a famous swimming hole. Remember that this is a National Park, so only park your vehicle in the approved areas to avoid paying a costly fine.


So, Can You Take Dogs To Mt Tamborine?


Yes, it’s okay to take your dogs to Mount Tamborine. But, follow the rules in the area you’re planning to visit. Unfortunately, you can’t take your dog inside the Tamborine National Park. 


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