Can you swim with your dog at Biggera Waters?


Biggera Waters has several picturesque areas ideal for swimming. However, Biggera Creeks are best explored by hiring a boat, wandering from the creeks to islands and estuaries that make this Gold Coast suburb popular.


Can you swim at Biggera Waters with your dog? Yes, it is safe to swim with your dog at Biggera Waters dog beach because of its quiet, sheltered beaches and laid-back vibe. You can also swim safely with your dog at Quota Park and Quota Reserve at Biggera Waters.


Biggera Waters is a great place to escape the city’s noise, enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, and forget everything behind. It also has numerous fishing spots hidden among the mangroves, creek mouths, and rock walls. If you would rather have your fish already caught, enjoy one of the many cafes and restaurants that have recently opened up along this sunny spot. Below are some of the best places to swim safely with your dog at Biggera Waters.


Quota Park


Among the best places safe to swim with your dog at Biggera Waters is Quota Park. Tourists and locals also visit this place to have a walk, fish, roller skate, and ride bikes. You can also take your dog for a swim at Quota Park, as the beach area is dog-friendly. Aside from that, it’s a place to meditate and see the sunrise.


A pleasant wide flat footpath that is easy for pedestrians and cyclists to use together is located up from the beach. Additionally, the sand on the beach is fairly firm, making it simple to walk along. There are also no waves to worry about if you want to swim in the Broadwater.



Quota Reserve


You can also swim at the beach close to Quota Reserve, Biggera Waters. This place has free parking, a sandy shoreline, and nearby transport and shops, making it a convenient place to visit.


Also, a recreational park is next to Broadwater, with picnic shelters spread out along the boardwalk. It’s a perfect spot to come for a walk, have a picnic lunch, and relax in nature.


At the park’s northern end, there are two small play areas. Let your sprogs play on the playground while you enjoy the stunning views across the Broadwater. You should keep your dog on a leash at all times unless stated otherwise, and they are not allowed in any children’s playground areas.


Biggera Waters Have Secure, Calm Beaches To Swim At!


To sum it up, it is safe to swim with your dog at Biggera Waters because unlike the most popular beaches on the Gold Coast, this place offers quiet beaches and calmer waters. You can enjoy swimming here with your family and friends and even take your furry friend on a leash. Just make sure to abide by the safety rules of the beaches. You might also be insterested to know the answer to the question, “Are dogs allowed on the Gold Coast beaches?


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