Can Children Swim Paradise Point Gold Coast?

If you’re planning to take your kids on holiday at Paradise Point, you might wonder, “Can children swim in Paradise Point Gold Coast?” Leaving your kids behind on holiday will only make you uneasy, so bringing them along is the best idea.


Can children swim in Paradise Point Gold Coast? Yes. Children can swim at Paradise Point child-friendly places like Jabiru Island Park and Paradise Point Park.


On a warm day, the Broadwater is a calm and inviting place to swim, and it is a popular spot for those who wish to relax at the beachfront. There is a safe swimming area with nets if you prefer. Jet skis and boats are also popular here.


Can Children Swim Paradise Point Gold Coast Jabiru Island Park?


Children can swim at Jabiru Island Park at Paradise Point. The picturesque waterfront family playground known as Jabiru Island Park is just behind a soft sand beach at Paradise Point. Make sure to bring a bucket, swimming gear, and spade because the beach slowly dips down to an enclosed, netted swimming area.


From the parking lot, take the walkway that leads under the bridge, where you’ll find a 330-meter (wheelchair-accessible) boardwalk. This boardwalk passes several preserved mangroves to an eyrie for sea eagles. This area comprises the Phil Hill Environmental Park. It is a famous fishing site that views the Coomera River (officially called Coomera Fish Habitat Area).


Jabiru Island features four electric barbecues and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. The playground is shaded by Casuarina trees and offers covered outdoor picnic tables. Jabiru Island has a boat ramp from which kayaks or boats can access the scenic Coomera River, Coombabah Creek, or nearby Coomera Island.



Can Children Swim Paradise Point Gold Coast The Paradise Point Park?


Paradise Point Park is a beautiful public space located in the Northern part of the Gold Coast. The park is known as one of the hidden gems of this suburb and is a favourite place for locals to go for some peace and quiet.


The Paradise Point parklands sit alongside the Paradise Point Esplanade and provide an excellent area for those looking to relax and enjoy a day with their friends and families.


Not only will you be able to enjoy the gorgeous park set in a serene location, with excellent facilities and breathtaking views, but you’ll also get to enjoy the sight of Sovereign and Ephraim Islands. These islands are made up of beautiful mansions and super yachts across Broadwater.



Your Dogs Can Swim At Paradise Point Parklands, Too


Would you like to know if your furry friend can swim there too? The answer is yes! Take your dog for a walk at Paradise Point Parklands and let him take a dip at the beach. Paradise Point Parklands is a 24-hour dog-friendly beach in Paradise Point, Gold Coast.


This place is located at 48 The Esplanade, Paradise Point. I love this place because it allows dogs to paddle around and swim together with other dogs. There’s plenty of room for everyone, too.


If your furry friend doesn’t like swimming, take him to a nearby dog off-leash exercise area on Paradise Point instead. Let him run around, play, and socialize with other dogs.


Swimming At Paradise Point Beach


Can children swim in Paradise Point Gold Coast? Yes, Paradise Point beach is a perfect place for kids to swim. Enjoy its calm waters on a sunny day, and take your dog for a dip at a nearby park or let him exercise at a nearby dog off-leash exercise area.



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