The Finest Cafes in Surfers Paradise

Did you know Surfers Paradise boasts a coffee scene as lively as its waves? Here, you’ll find beachside brews kissing your taste buds with a hint of sea breeze. Also, you’ll find chic urban cafes crafting the perfect espresso. I’m telling you, this sunny place is a haven for every coffee connoisseur. Join me as we explore the finest cafes in Surfers Paradise! ☕


ESPL. Coffee


Situated along the lively esplanade, just opposite the Gold Coast’s iconic sandy stretch, ESPL beckons with breathtaking views that make it a must-visit—especially for early risers catching the sunrise. Whether strolling along the coast with your furry companion or grabbing a pick-me-up before the workday hustle, you can relish in million-dollar vistas for the cost of your morning macchiato.


The unique combination of ESPL’s specialty blend sets their coffee apart, which is available for purchase. Moreover, they use MILKLAB, an Australian barista-designed milk that elevates your espresso experience. Complement your cup of joe with a freshly baked twice-baked sourdough almond croissant, crafted daily at a nearby local bakery.


Lot 1 Coffee


Another coffee spot in our list of the best cafes in Surfers Paradise is Lot 1 Coffee. While a morning surf offers a refreshing start, a cup of coffee from Lot 1 immediately afterwards will sustain those invigorating vibes throughout the day. The welcoming team prepares specialty coffee using Arabica beans, including five percent Robusta for an extra morning boost. Located just two blocks south of the Surfers Paradise sign, this trendy café offers an all-day breakfast menu. They have acai bowls, French toast, and smashed avocado for those seeking additional fuel.


Stairwell Coffee


Nestled in the confines of Asian Alley, Stairwell may be no larger than a pastel green cubby house. Still, it features two standout elements: it offers an excellent locally-roasted blend and plays soulful tunes intermingled with bootleg jazz.


This spot is perfect for those seeking tranquillity or bringing their four-legged companion. If hunger strikes, the jaffles are a satisfying choice, and they are served with a side of Pringles and pickles.


Olive Coffee


Step into this vibrant café, bathed in natural light and adorned with plants. In this place, you’re encouraged to linger and relish every last drop of your latte seven days a week. Olive Coffee, a quaint boutique establishment, proudly serves locally roasted Social Espresso coffee. In addition, they offer a delightful breakfast menu. It includes mouthwatering bagels crafted here on the Gold Coast by UE Bagels.


Paradox Coffee Roasters


The excellence of a great coffee hinges on the quality of its beans, and Paradox Coffee Roasters, with their conscientious approach, source and roast their own. Their dedication to quality, traceability, and sustainability, combined with the chic industrial ambience inside The 4217, a former bus depot, will certainly add a spring to your step.


A visit to their flagship cafe promises the finest coffee in Surfers Paradise. You might find their coffee the best along the entire east coast. Whether you opt for a blend or a single origin, the knowledgeable team can expertly guide you through flavour profiles. Here, emphasis is placed on knowledge and customer experience, with the team convening weekly for cupping sessions led by head roaster Yogesh.


Bumbles Cafe


One of the best-kept secrets in Surfers Paradise is Bumbles on Budds Beach. Just a brief five-minute stroll from the bustling heart of the town, you’ll find yourself in a tranquil corner of the neighbourhood. You’ll probably be holding a high-quality cup of coffee.


Additionally, the cafe offers a delightful view of the sandy riverside beach and exudes charm with its bookshelf-lined walls and twinkling fairy lights. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, complemented by the amiable staff and the regular stream of locals dropping in for their daily caffeine fix. If the scenic views tempt you to linger a bit longer after finishing your cup, consider taking advantage of Bumbles’ bottomless bubbly brunch, which starts at 10.30 am every day.


No Name Lane


Discover No Name Lane in the heart of a vibrant culinary hub beneath the Oracle Towers in Broadbeach. Here, the service is swift and friendly. Moreover, the coffee, sourced from Brisbane-roasted Black Sheep, is extracted perfectly—smooth and robust.


This destination offers some of the finest breakfasts on the coast. Moreover, the interior exudes a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere. The food menu strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetics and flavour. The laneway is alive with the buzz of locals enjoying brunch.


Hand Coffee


Among the finest cafes in Surfers Paradise is Hand Coffee. When you stumble upon Hand Coffee and savour their Industry Beans coffee, a touch of Melbourne may cross your mind. However, the warmly welcoming atmosphere, making you feel like a longtime friend, will quickly remind you that you’re unmistakably on the sunny Gold Coast.


In addition, this cafe is situated beneath a stairwell between Envy Hotel and McDonald’s in Niecon Tower, Broadbeach. This gem is just moments away from Kurrawa Beach, too. Grab your coffee and one of Burleigh Baker’s locally-baked pastries, and relish them by the ocean.


Elk Espresso


In addition to our list of the best cafes in Surfers Paradise is Elk Espresso. The excellence of Elk Espresso is evident in their cappuccino, situated in the dining precinct of the Oasis Shopping Centre in Broadbeach.


If you ask locals about the best coffee on the Gold Coast, Elk will probably be at the top of their recommendations. This local institution is positioned along the main road, parallel to the beach. It has an interior that blends industrial vintage with coastal greenhouse aesthetics. It’s the ideal spot to flip through a newspaper leisurely, observe life around you, or enjoy the surf view while savouring your brew.


The coffee staple here is Single O. But Elk Espresso consistently introduces variety by featuring roasters from across Australia weekly. It is to ensure that even the most discerning palates return for more.


For those with kids, there’s a playground conveniently located across the road, offering a perfect opportunity for them to burn off some energy afterwards.


Madame Mitchell Coffee


The finest coffee in Surfers Paradise may not always be in a traditional café but rather in a mobile caravan. Catering to the crowd during the weekday, Madame Mitchell Coffee is a mobile pop-up coffee shop, a concealed treasure located at the corner of Ferny Ave and Elkhorn. Visit for top-notch espresso, delightful baked treats, and a cheerful splash of pink to add vibrancy to your day.


Sip Some Sunshine in These Surfers Paradise Cafes Today!


Surfers Paradise is a haven for coffee enthusiasts like myself. It boasts a vibrant café culture that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. From the iconic beachfront establishments offering panoramic views to cozy hidden gems tucked in lively laneways, the coffee scene here is an eclectic blend of ambience and rich, aromatic brews. Surfers Paradise cafes promise an unforgettable experience for every coffee lover, whether you crave a laid-back morning ritual or an afternoon pick-me-up.


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