Is There a Family Restaurant in Broadbeach With Good Food and Live Music?

Visiting the Gold Coast is unlike any trip. You get to enjoy spectacular views while shopping, taking a sip of coffee, or eat at a family restaurant in Broadbeach. Unique markets and crafts await you as you walk along pristine beaches. If you’re in Broadbeach, you’ll witness more of the city’s thriving arts–live music is one! Have some delicacies while listening to good tunes as I take you through the best Broadbeach Restaurants with live music.


Is there a family restaurant in Broadbeach with good food and live music? Gold Coast Miss Moneypenny’s is among the best family restaurants in Broadbeach, with delicious foods and live music. Other Broadbeach family-friendly restaurants include The Cuban Bar & Lounge Dining, and The Vault Bar & Tapas.


Best Family Restaurant in Broadbeach With Good Food and Live Music


The Cuban Bar & Lounge Dining


The Cuban Bar draws inspiration from the raucous island of Cuba. It blends the fiery flavors of South America and Spain to Broadbeach’s stunning new beachside development, The Oracle.


Family restaurants Broadbeach The Cuban introduced the Gold Coast to a new thrilling eating experience. It is renowned for its cool cocktails, flavorful food, and stimulating ambiance. 


If you’re dining alone, there’s no need to worry. Their servers are all friendly, helpful, and attentive. You can rely on them to guide you on which delicious cuisine or drink is right for you. You can try their plentiful calamari and mushrooms or nachos with lamb and vegetables! Grab a rum punch and immerse yourself in Cuba’s vibrant culture.



Miss Moneypenny’s Broadbeach


I particularly like Miss Moneypenny’s at the top of my kid friendly restaurants near me list. It is another notable one among Broadbeach Restaurants with live music.


At the base of the five-star Avani hotel on the Gold Coast Highway stands Miss Moneypenny’s, a Noosa favorite. Miss Moneypenny’s offers a classy dining experience thanks to its Modern Mediterranean food and architectural style. 


Miss Moneypenny’s Broadbeach also has The Rimini Area. This place has a luxurious, spacious private dining room perfect for events, weddings, business gatherings, and cocktail lessons. What’s more, they have vegetarian and gluten-free options!




The Vault Bar & Tapas


The Vault Bar & Tapas is among the fun places to eat in Gold Coast because it offers live music while you’re dining. This restaurant is located beneath the Phonecian Resort in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.


The Vault Bar & Tapas is a classy establishment with jazz-era inspiration and robust flavors. Take a seat at the bar and unwind with one of the numerous rums, whiskeys, handcrafted cocktails, and cognacs available. 


There is something for everyone to enjoy on the tapas menu. They have a mix of small plates with flavors from across the globe, from Asia to North America. They have an outdoor setup. Plus, they are open until late at night! If you love art deco and alfresco, this spot is perfect for you.



Let’s Review


Live music is one of the coolest things you can do in Broadbeach. The awesome Gold Coast suburb has plenty of entertaining and creative activities. Are you already picturing yourself serenaded by jazz tunes while having a sumptuous dinner (like me)? Put any of these family-friendly Broadbeach restaurants with live music on your list now. I believe you won’t regret it!


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