Discovering the Most Scenic Bike Paths on the Gold Coast

Imagine the wind ruffling your hair, the sun shining on your face, and the rhythmic hum of your bike tires on the pavement. In our quest for the perfect ride, we’re delving into the Gold Coast’s most scenic bike paths, where every turn is a postcard-worthy view waiting to be discovered. From leisurely family rides to heart-pounding challenges, let’s pedal our way through the landscapes that make the Gold Coast a cyclist’s paradise.


For Family Fun


Burleigh Heads Cycling Path


Whether you’re looking for a casual ride or introducing the little ones with training wheels, kick off your biking adventure at Burleigh Hill. Enjoy the smooth ride, feel the coastal breeze on your face, and embark on a relaxed family morning cruise. For an added challenge, follow the trail all the way to Miami and treat yourself to a nutritious brunch at BSKT to recharge before your return journey.



Main Beach to The Spit


People living in the Northern Gold Coast have an ideal cycling route for families. If you have older kids or you prefer a leisurely solo ride, explore this mix of bike paths and bush tracks. It starts at the Southport Surf Life Saving Club. Follow the track to The Spit wall and back for an enjoyable hour and half ride.



For Your Crew


Currumbin Valley Adventure


Gather your friends for a cycling excursion covering 20km of the Gold Coast’s finest routes. Begin along the Currumbin Track, cruise along the beach, and venture into the beauty of the Gold Coast Hinterland. This ride seamlessly combines coastal and hinterland landscapes. Conclude the day with a couple of brewskies at Balter Brewing Company—just remember, no drinking and riding!



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Springbrook Exploration


Springbrook provides various tracks, sceneries, and lengths. Select your preferred route; we recommend the full coastal ride starting from the beach, passing through Robina and Mudgeeraba, leading to the picturesque climb through Springbrook. Explore the stunning rainforest before descending back down.



For the Active Go-Getters


O’Reilly’s Rainforest Challenge


For those seeking an active challenge, the 70km ride with a 2.5-hour incline awaits. Convince your friends with the promise of vineyard stops along the way. Begin at Canungra township or reduce the distance by starting at Lamington National Park. Cap it off at O’Reilley’s Rainforest Retreat Rooftop Bar—just remember to drink responsibly.



Mount Tambourine Adventure


Similar to Springbrook, Mount Tambourine caters to various fitness levels. Take on the 43-kilometre loop around the mountain with your active friends. Brace yourself for a challenging climb starting at Canungra township. Then, reward yourself at the top with a visit to antique stores, sweets, and a cuppa—because it’s downhill from there.



For the More Experienced


The Hinze Dam Challenge


Is a 60km ride on the Gold Coast your ideal day out? Don that lycra, clip in the cleats, and gather your crew. Starting at Little Nerang Dam, this breathtaking ride includes waterfalls, and wildlife. In addition, a pit stop at Murwillumbah for coffee also sounds good. Then, conquer the stunning Hinze Dam on your way back home. This challenging ride is not for beginners—consider yourself warned.



Cycle Through Gold Coast’s Scenic Bike Paths


In conclusion, the Gold Coast is a haven for cycling enthusiasts seeking breathtaking landscapes and diverse terrains. From family-friendly trails along Burleigh Heads to the challenging routes of O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, every path reveals a unique facet of the region’s beauty. Embark on these scenic bike paths to elevate your cycling experience and immerse yourself in the captivating natural wonders that the Gold Coast has to offer. Whether you’re a leisure rider or an avid cyclist, these routes promise an unforgettable adventure through some of Australia’s most picturesque landscapes.


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