When Is The Best Time To Visit The Gold Coast?

Visiting the Gold Coast is always fun, but picking when is the best time to visit the Gold Coast is another thing.  Picking the right time of the year will guarantee you enjoy your trip and get the best value for your money. The first consideration is what sort of activities you will want to do. For example, will you be on the beach and swimming every day?


When is the best time to visit the Gold Coast? Generally, December to February is the best time to visit Gold Coast, Australia. Summertime will allow you to enjoy surfing, swimming, and many water activities on the Gold Coast. Meanwhile, March to May is the best time to visit the Gold Coast if you’re opting to visit theme parks and other attractions.


Let’s consider what you’ll need to consider when planning your trip to the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast Climate


The Gold Coast’s sub-tropical climate doesn’t get too cold or too hot. Mind you, too hot or too cold is all relative to your tolerance to either.  Where you live will determine the weather you would like on your holiday. The odds are on your side as the Gold Coast has approximately 283 days of sunshine yearly. With those odds, you’ve got to be unlucky to get washed out of your fun in the sun.


The Gold Coast has great weather most of the year. However, you don’t want to just jump on a plane and come to the Gold Coast without considering the weather, rain, prices, crowds, etc. Let’s unpack everything so that hopefully you’ll have a great holiday.


If you’re looking for hot weather, visit during summer between December and February. The periods from September to November and March to May are nice weather and will not be as hot. If you want to be part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, then summer is the time to visit if you like crowds.


Another consideration is that summer is generally the rainy season, which can be a problem. Rain storms will come and go but be mindful that during this time, you can have a week or more of rain, which can spoil your holiday. You should check the forecasts when planning your holiday and perhaps not book six months in advance as you’ll be guessing about the weather.


The coldest months on the Gold Coast are June, July, and August. During these times, temperatures drop to a minimum of around 8 degrees and a maximum of 20 during the day. If you don’t mind temperatures like this, you’ll not have to battle the crowds as they don’t descend on the coast until summer.


Gold Coast Events


The Gold Coast is known primarily for its beaches, but in reality, many significant events now call the Gold Coast home.  If you’re a fan of these events, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but if not, you will want to stay away during these times. 


The two main events that will impact tourists if they aren’t visiting specifically for these are schoolies week and the Gold Coast 600 V8 motor racing festival. 


Gold Coast 600 V8 motor racing festival


The Gold Coast 600 V8 motor racing festival takes place in October. At this time, the Gold Coast is a mecca for petrol heads and those who come to enjoy the festival and the activities surrounding an event like this. Surfers Paradise experiences massive interruptions to traffic and general day-to-day activities for two weeks before and a week after. 


The event is a tremendous boost for tourism and exposure for Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast. Still, for those who aren’t motor racing fans, the crazy noise and congestion are probably a good reason to stay away this weekend.


Schoolies Week (or two)


The month of November sees disruption due to schoolies week or two weeks. Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach should be avoided like the plague. During schoolies, week kids from all over Australia who’ve graduated year twelve descend on the Surfers Paradise for a week or ten days of nonstop partying, day and night. Unless you’re one of them, be sure to find something else to do during this period. Many permanent residents leave the coast during this time and return when the madness is over.

Personal Expenses


Finally, one very important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is the variation in costs at different times of the year.  If you’re visiting a tourist city like the Gold Coast, the cost varies significantly from the off-season to the peak season. For example, during the hotter months between November and January, prices of accommodation and just about everything else is nearly double what it is during the cooler months. In addition, you’ll have long lines everywhere you go if you holiday in the hotter months. You’ll love summer if you don’t mind waiting and enjoying the charged atmosphere of crowds. Let’s review what we’ve covered so that you can decide when to plan your visit to the Gold Coast.


So, When Is The Best Time To Visit The Gold Coast


First, decide on what you can afford to spend on your holiday. Do you need to come in the low season, or can you afford to spring for the high season, assuming you’d prefer the high season? Next, do you want hot weather or prefer cooler months? 


If you can afford either the high or low season but would like warm to hot weather, then come between October and March. If you prefer the cool to colder months, then April through August is the best time for you to plan your trip.


Remember to avoid the schoolies weeks in November, and if you are not a motor racing fan, then also avoid the Gold Coast 600 V8 motor racing festival in October. 


Check out the events on the Coast so you don’t miss an event that interests you. For example, the Broadbeach Music festival and the Sanctuary Cove boat show are on in April and May. If you’ve got any interest in boating, then the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show makes for a great day and is a beautiful opportunity to see unique boats in one place. 


So there you have it, you are now armed with the information you need to book your Gold Coast holiday and have a fantastic time.