Best Gold Coast Spots to Eat Mexican Foods

Hola amigos! Calling all Mexican food enthusiasts and fellow wanderers. If you love the flavours that make your taste buds dance, join us on a culinary escapade through the heart of the Gold Coast. Let’s explore the “Best Gold Coast Spots to Eat Mexican Foods” together.


From the perfect crunch of street tacos to the comforting warmth of rich mole, we’ve uncovered the ultimate spots where you can indulge in the authentic taste of Mexico right here on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re a Mexican traveller missing the familiar flavours of home or someone who can’t resist the allure of Mexican cuisine, this guide is your passport to a fiesta of mouthwatering delights. ¡Vamonos! 


Mexicali Bar Y Taqueria


Mexicali stands out as a gem in the vibrant Nobby Beach, usually bustling with locals seeking the best tacos on the Gold Coast. Indulge in favourites like the Moreton Bay bug taco, halloumi and bean, and crisp baja fish. Securing a spot on the balcony with housemade guacamole is highly recommended, especially before sunset. With abundant margaritas, beers, and cocktails, the $5 Taco Tuesdays and Jose Cuervo traditional Blanco with a Verdita Chaser are highlights, showcasing MexiCali’s expertise in Mexican culinary delights.


Hail Mary


In the quest for Hail Mary, tucked away in a laneway arcade off James Street in Burleigh, prepare for a rewarding adventure. Here’s a hot tip: if you narrow down your choices from their impressive taco range, include the squid and the premium beef brisket taco. Perhaps pair them with a mushroom quesadilla or jalapeno poppers. The venue, painted in vibrant hot pink, offers an extensive selection of cocktails, cervezas, margaritas, mezcals, and tequilas, making it unquestionably one of the finest Mexican restaurants on the Gold Coast.


Agave Rosa


A palate-dazzling experience awaits at Agave Rosa, a modern Mexican-fusion restaurant. While the menu boasts beautifully loaded tacos, the Asian twist on Mexican classics introduces delightful treats like scallop tempura, wagyu rump with miso butter and corn, yuzu miso with cauli tacos, and tuna sashimi tostadas. If it’s hard to decide between Mexican or Japanese? Why not have both?


Tupe-Aloha Bar and Grill


In the Southern Gold Coast, they are treated to the delights of Tupe-Aloha Bar & Grill. With $10 Monday Margies, $5 Taco Tuesdays, $1 wing nights on Thursdays, and a Friday happy hour from 3 pm to 5 pm, this tropical tiki bar brings Hawaiian vibes with a Mexican twist. Enjoy happy vibes and tasty eats without breaking the bank.


Bonita Bonita


Fresh and funky, Bonita Bonita elevates Mexican cuisine with coconut-marinated barramundi, chicken and chorizo quesadillas, and mushroom empanadas with white bean puree. Perfect for sharing, these curated dishes redefine Mexican dining. After dinner, explore the range of margaritas, tequilas, and mezcals at the Bon Bon bar.


Goodness Gracias


Goodness Gracias stands out in Palm Beach as the vegan Mexican joint of dreams. With a pink décor setting the tone, the menu features ‘duck,’ smoky chipotle jackfruit, and ‘chicken,’ in street-style tacos, burritos, and tostadas. Enjoy all the goodness without compromising on flavour.




From the creators of Tugun’s Caracara Cantina, Pablito’s at Sanctuary Cove is a colourful gem showcasing Caribbean influences. With a predominantly plant-based and gluten-free menu, Pablito’s offers over 50 tequilas, flavoured margaritas, and mezcals. It’s time to head north and savour the flavours at one of the Gold Coast’s best Mexican restaurants.


Caracara Cantina


Caracara Cantina is the go-to spot for boozy nights and diverse tequila experiences. Offering classic tasty tacos and a mostly vegan menu, it’s the perfect place for tastings, including pickled watermelon rind with chilli salt.


La Diosa Mexicana


In Surfers Paradise, La Diosa Mexicana defies the norm with its ‘al pastor’ tacos grilled on a vertical spit. Indulge in Lebanese-style flavours, cheesy fries, and burrito super bowls for a unique Mexican dining experience.

Costa Taco


This Palmy hotspot sources locally sourced, seasonal produce for its authentic menu. From melt-in-your-mouth birria beef to the best chilaquiles on the coast, Costa Taco’s success story began as a market stall and evolved into a must-visit eatery.


Beach Burrito Company


The Beach Burrito Company in Coolangatta brings a winning formula with simple, no-fuss Cali-Mex diner offerings. Dive into their famous original chicken burrito or explore tacos, salads, snacks, and cocktails while soaking up the Californian vibes.


Greenhouse Canteen


While not exclusively Mexican, Greenhouse Canteen is a plant-based favourite on the Gold Coast. With tacos featuring nut meat, Cajun jackfruit, and cauliflower, it provides a gluten-free Mexican dining experience for foodies with dietary preferences.


El Camino Cantina


Experience tasty Tex-Mex at El Camino Cantina with bottomless tortilla chips and fun frozen margaritas. Grab eclectic tacos and loaded nachos, and enjoy the Californian atmosphere without breaking the bank.


Lime Mexican Tapas Restaurant & Bar


Whether you’re looking for a fiesta or a casual bite, Lime Mexican Tapas Restaurant & Bar offers a massive shared menu and a tequila lounge for private bookings. Enjoy passion fruit margaritas and a $17-weekday lunch menu, including gourmet beef nachos.


Casa Mexicana


Casa Mexicana in Labrador embodies authentic home cooking with a low-key atmosphere and generous portions. Indulge in-house dips, comforting menu options, and loaded potato skins for a home-cooked meal experience.


California Tacos


A Burleigh neighbourhood favourite, California Tacos offers a fresh taco menu with options like panko crumbed fish and sauteed cactus. Don’t miss their colossal plate of nachos, and wash it all down with a recommended margarita like the Death Valley.


Frida Sol


Frida Sol’s modern Mexican menu offers a banquet option featuring seven courses. It includes peamole and corn chips, chimichangas, and garlic prawns. For a shareable experience, try the loaded beef empanadas and enjoy the vibrant offerings at Frida Sol.


Taco ‘Bout a Fiesta on the Gold Coast


Indulge in a vibrant tapestry of flavours across the Gold Coast’s Mexican culinary scene, from the hidden laneways of Burleigh to the bustling Nobby Beach. With diverse offerings, from vegan delights at Goodness Gracias to Caracara Cantina’s tequila adventures, each eatery promises a unique and irresistible experience, solidifying the Gold Coast as a haven for Mexican food enthusiasts. Dive into a world where bold colours, exotic ingredients, and culinary creativity come together for an unforgettable dining journey.